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Alpha Rococos Become the Champions of the Bravo Champions in 11-1 Thrashing
Day 18: Bravo Champions (5-0-0) vs. Alpha Rococos (1-2-0)
The Champions were five games into their tourney and were looking to continue their unbeaten run. The Rococos lost their first two games but had narrowly won their last game against the Delta Planes, boosting morale for the players. That being said, the Champions were still the heavy favorites, having averaged 10.2 goals per game compared to Rococos’ 6.7 goals per game.
Starting Lines:
Walter II – Danny White – Collin Brown
Chet Ubetcha – Emil Harmaajarvi
Pooks Halloway – Edward Williams – Jimmy Wagner
Thierry Parent – Axel Meszaros
1st Period:
The game started off fast-paced, with the Champions having a multitude of shots. Tim Demmer scored the first goal for Bravo after 2:21, with an assist by Jim E. Russell. It took five minutes after this for the Rococos to find a breakthrough, courtesy of a goal from Pooks Halloway, assisted by Jimmy Wagner. This opened the floodgates for Alpha, with a goal by Eric Hudson coming just 38 seconds later, the assist from Yompy Stearf. A mere 6 seconds after the second, a third goal was scored for the Rococos by Harry Howes, assisted by Paul Atredies at 8:33. One minute later, Chris de Siren scored the team’s fourth with assists credited to Vladimir Pokozov and Shane Rinne. Rinne himself got a goal at 11:59 in the period, assists going to Hudson and de Siren. It only took another 30 seconds for the Rococos to find a 6th of the night. The goal was scored by Aron Nemeth, assisted by Andrei Kostitsyn and Lucas Leclerc at 12:27. At 13:37, Wagner scored and got his second point of the night, along with Halloway for the assist. Yet again, it only took 30 seconds to find the back of the net again when Halloway scored, assisted by Wagner and Edward Williams, who is a promising, young center with supreme vision. The team saw the period out by scoring one more goal at 18:13 from Paul Atredies, assisted by Harry Howes. Despite the 9 goals scored by the Rococos, they were outshot by the Champions. It took terrific goaltending by John Curtis to keep the scoreline one-sided. 

Shots: Champions 29-18 Rococos
Score: Champions 1-9 Rococos

2nd Period:
After that behemoth of a first period, you would think the scoring would calm down, but 1:03 into the second, Halloway grabs his fourth point of the night and seals his hattrick, with a magnificent assist by Edward Williams, who threaded the puck through all five opponents on the ice. The Champions head coach could only shake his head and applaud the brilliant effort by Williams. Rococos’ 11th and final goal was scored by Paul Atredies, with assists credited to Love Beck and Stearf at 10:16 in the second period.

Shots: Champions 42-35
Score: Champions 1-11 Rococos
3rd Period:
While there were no goals, there was one notable moment. At 12:39, Edward Williams attempted a between-the-legs goal that really rejuvenated the crowd and lifted everyone’s spirits in Quebec City. The two points from Williams and the ridiculous skills displayed in the third period must be helping the player’s draft stock for the upcoming SMJHL Draft on Saturday, January 18. The crowd was certainly loving him today, chanting his name multiple times throughout the game.

Total Shots: Champions 49-48 Rococos
Final Score: Champions 1-11 Rococos
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Pooks Halloway (AR) – 3 goals, 1 assist
2. John Curtis (AR) – 48 saves
3. Paul Atredies (AR) – 2 goals, 1 assist

[Image: falcons2.png]  [Image: uk.png]  Edward Williams  [Image: uk.png]  [Image: renegades.png]
[Image: Aephino_Wasty_Pro_AmTourney.png]
[Image: cAxsuvN.png][Image: cAVF6C6.png]

This S52 SMJHL Draft Prospect Tournament started off with not a bang but a KABOOM. The Charlie Angels and the Alpha Rococos competed in an 11-9 shootout that would ultimately favor the Angels.

The first period contained most of the action, with half of the goals scored there. The Rococos flew out the gate with two goals in four minutes from Love Beck and Pooks Halloway. But it would take just two more minutes for the Angels' Steve Harrington to score and bring them back in it. Paul Atredies would immediately answer with one more for the Rococos. But the Angels were unsatisfied with that answer, and would go on to score seven unanswered goals extending into the second period. These would include a second for Harrington, and two for both Jacob Rizzo and Paddy Kane-Reilly. Rococo goalie John Curtis would be replaced by Jason Voorhees during that stretch, but it wouldn't make any difference to the Angels offense.

The second period would go to the Rococos who, determined to stay in the game, would score four more in a total team effort. They would nearly score five, but one would be overturned on review. The Angels would enter the third period with just a one point lead.

In the third, the Angels would score to extend their lead. This would force out Voorhees and bring Curtis back to his spot in front of the Rococo net. Things seemed to be turning around, and the Rococos would tie it up off great passes from Jimmy Wagner and an assist and second goal for Halloway. The game would wrap up with a goal from Kevin Trabs and the finishing touch on a hat-trick from Kane-Reilly to seal the win for the Angels.

The three stars would all go to Angels player, but that hardly tells the whole story. First star to Kane-Reilly for his key hat-trick and assist. Second star to Harrington for his two goals and an assist in a dominant first period. Third star to Rizzo for his two goals and two assists.

The Rococos played hard, and special mention should go to Halloway for his two goals and two assists, and Wagner for his goal and three crucial assists.

[Image: Ar7rBpm.png]

Day 4: Charlie Angels (2-0) vs Foxtrot Trottyfoxes (0-0)

Day 4 of this SMJHL Prospect Showcase in Quebec City brings us a matchup between the Charlie Angels and the Foxtrot Trottyfoxes.  Joe Simpson would start this game in net for the Angels but beat the rest of his team to the dressing room when he was pulled just 16:22 into the game after allowing 4 goals on 11 shots.  3 of those goals came from Choaran Shan tallying a hat trick just 7:04 into the game.  Seeing their starting tender head out early didn’t inspire the Angels to tight up defensively as they allowed another 2 goals before the period ended.  The Trottyfoxes ended the period with 6 goals on 13 shots giving them a ridiculous shooting percentage of 46%.  The Angels put 21 on net and only 2 found twine.

The Angels came out strong in the second with Paddy Kane-Reilly potting his second goal of the game 16 seconds into the period.  Julian Kiveski then added one before Foxtrot answered back putting the score at 7-4.  The Angels continued their push adding 3 more goals 2 of those coming off beautiful passes from Bentley Boogie for his second and third assists of game bringing his tournament total to 7.  The second period ended with Foxtrot scoring 2 with a goal from the Angles Trabs sandwiched in between.  Incredibly the Angels are only down by one heading into the third with the score 9-8.

Again the Angels came out strong scoring just 46 seconds into the final frame.  Foxtrot right winger Tomass Veinbergs would be his team’s best player in the third scoring 2 including the game winner.  Foxtrot largely dominated play outshooting the Angels 17-7.  Kane-Reilly did his part to will his team on scoring with 5 minutes left to complete his hat trick.  The late push turned out to not be enough as Foxtrot defeats Charlie with a final of 11-10.  Jerry Huuveri stopped 36 of 46 in the win while Skyler Stevens kept 28 of 35 out in relief.  Shan, Kane Reilly ll and Veinbergs are your first, second and third stars.

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[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png][Image: wu5MVvy.png]
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The Delta Planes had started off terribly in the Season 52 SMJHL Prospect Tournament by dropping their first three games and had just been blown out by Foxtrot in their first game of a home and home series.  With an average age of 67, it was no wonder the team could not get things going.  Center Ethan Duncan was asked about his play and he replied, “It has just been downright awful, but watch out.  Tonight will be special.  I feel good and this team is feeling loose and we’re ready to win.”

The Planes began the night flying around the Foxes with 3 quick goals in just over two minutes and eventually broke out to a 5-1 lead just 5:45 into the game and had chased already chased Sam Lowery.  The Trottyfoxes began to claw their way back, but the Planes had other ideas.  With just under 4 minutes to play, defenseman New Player made a great pass down low to Ragnar Skallagrimsson who deflected the pass home for a hat trick!  Then the rout was on.  With 1:17 to go in the first, Duncan sprung Skallagrimsson in on a breakaway and the team never looked back.  By the time the first period was over, it was 7-4, Skallagrimsson had 4 goals and Duncan had piled up 3 assists.

The second and third periods were far less action packed, but center Miles Metcalfe picked up a goal and an assist and A Jobin hung on for his first win of the tournament, stopping 37 out of 42 shots.  The final score was Planes 9, Trottyfoxes 5.

Sam Lowery grudgingly made his way back into the net just one minute into the third after Foxtrot’s backup goalie snapped his stick after giving up his 4th of the night.  He was not made available to the media for comment.

Stars of the Night:

FIRST STAR: Planes - Ragnar Skallagrimsson – 4 goals, 1 assist
SECOND STAR: Planes - Miles Metcalfe – 2 goals, 2 assists
THIRD STAR: Planes - Ethan Duncan – 0 goals, 3 assists

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They Came as Three…
A tale of the three players on the Delta Planes who shocked the world.
Day 17 game recap.

[Image: 0glnSZK.png]

With the start of the s52 Prospect Showcase many waited with held breath to see how this year’s crop of players from around the world would perform. The players were eager to show off their skills and impress any SMJHL scouts and GM’s who were certainly watching the showcase closely as we near the prospect draft.

The Delta Planes looked to do well and were excited to finally get on the ice in the SHL...
and then we get to these studs, Miles Metcalfe, Aakko Makinen and Ryan Hoople. Deciding to completely throw the showcase for a loop, chose to take steamy shits all over every team, including their own, using their own ability and seizing the opportunity while leaving the Delta Planes by the wayside to make one of the most impactful lines a prospect showcase has ever seen. We will touch upon their performance over the entire showcase (trust me you wanna stick around and see this insanity), but for now we will talk about what happened on Day 17 of the showcase:    

The Echo Ofthevoids had to feel pretty good coming into this match. The Delta Planes had a record of 1-4 in the five games they played up to this point in the showcase. Not a great showing, but individuals had already started to notice the play-making abilities of Metcalfe, Makinen and Hoople. Star prospect goalie for the Echo Ofthevoids, Frans Eller was looking to make a hell of a showing and this looked to be a potential shutout given the team records in the showcase so far. Then chaos showed up, towing in these three absolute psychos. 

SIX SECONDS IN AND THEY STRIKE! Aakko “Return of the Mak” Makinen puts it in behind Eller who was still getting a last second drink of water from his goalie bottle. Two minutes later another one from Miles Metcalfe with assist from Mak-man and Hoople. Followed by one more from Makinen at 9:23. Ofthevoids sensing this was a runaway train with no brakes had to stem the bleeding, answered back with a goal from Ethan Price at 11:07. It was too little, too late, the trio had bloodlust in their eyes and started checking their own defenseman to take over the puck. After the Hoople put a fourth goal in net at 12:49, Eller took his helmet off and threw it down the ice, broke his stick on the net and then flipped it over. While storming off the ice and into the locker-room he was heard yelling back at the coach, “Yea?!? Well put some other sorry fucking bastard into the net then, I’m not fucking dying for a prospect showcase!” So following Eller’s instructions the Echo Ofthevoids coach put in backup Ryan Aaron in net. 

With their bloodlust satiated in the 1st the trio of Hoople, Metcalfe, and Makinen decided to take it easy by only scoring one more time…. EACH. When they decided they were done another Delta Planes player was finally able to touch the puck and even got a goal, Frederick Wanesly! Putting the game at 8-1. In the last second, literally, 19:59 of the third, Ofthevoids Jonathan Blair was able to score a goal as most of the Planes team was already heading off the ice. Final Score 8 - 2 for the Planes. 

Many of the Delta Planes players did not show exuberance or even excitement, instead they felt unneeded and exhausted from having to battle their own teammates for puck possession. Thinking they were too good for “small time SMJHL media” we were unnable to get an interview with any of the trio. We were able to hear from Defenseman Valentín Kalashnikov who had this to say about the game.

Quote:“I mean where do I begin, holy shit they are so scary like relax I’m on your team I was going to pass it to you anyway please calm down. 
They wouldn’t listen to me! I am not easily scared but trust me those men are killers, I would know.”
[Image: FatTestyBullfrog-small.gif]

Well there you have it! Day 17 of the SMJHL prospect showcase was a one-sided contest due to the insane line of Hoople, Makinen and Metcalfe. Don’t go thinking the game was a fluke these three came to win the whole damn thing, for themselves. Out of the 61 goals scored by the Delta Planes in the showcase, 36 of them came from the trio, none of which boasted a +/- under +25. If any of them shot at the net it had a 35.84% of getting in. Absolute Prospect Showcase insanity! If I have to tell you the three stars of the game, you simply weren’t reading.
  • --Man with Jaw on Floor, SMJHL prospect beat writer.

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     Platoon    Timber
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Game 20: Alpha Rococos vs Bravo Champions
Wagner Hat Trick Lifts Alpha Over Top of the Table Bravo in 8-7 Offensive Slugfest Featuring Top Offensive Prospects

[Image: usa_today_9755508.0.jpg]
Jimmy Wagner turns to celebrate with Pooks Halloway after taking the lead with his third goal of the game

January 15, 2020 – Quebec City
The prospect tournament standings get a little tighter today, as the Alpha Rococos upset the Bravo Champions in an offensive slugfest. The game started hot, as the Rococos won the opening draw and Edward Williams pressed the Champions’ zone immediately. He found a streaking Jimmy Wagner who left a drop pass for Axel Meszaros and the lamp was lit 8 seconds into the game.

[Image: UvMVHYN.gif?w=607&ssl=1]

Just like that, the floodgates were already open. Bravo struck back just two and a half minutes later as their high powered offence led by Walter II caught Alpha in a shift change. Walter cleanly handled the three on two presented to him, found Collin Brown in front of the net, and the game was already back to even.

[Image: Boyle.GIF]

Alpha would jump out after that to a 3-1 lead off goals from Paul Atredies and Wagner, but the tournament's leading scorer Walter II would get hot. Danny White got him his 8th of the tournament with 5 to go, and then his 9th after Alpha had gotten a 4th on the board from Shane Rinne. By the time the horn sounded at the end of the first, 7 goals had been scored, and 5 players had multiple points. Alpha was up though, 4-3.

Intermission adjustments were both very impactful, and not at all impactful. Alpha again scored early, as Wagner deked over the blue line and set up a Thierry Parent to make a beautiful saucer pass that found Pooks Halloway his team leading 7th in these first 5 games. The teams buckled down after that though, and the coaches finally got the teams to clean up the turnovers. A mountain of shots were blocked by Alpha and Not Nictox briefly stood on his head to keep Chris de Siren off the score sheet twice. Bravo eventually would find their way back into the game off a long possession deep in the second period, as an exhausted Rococos line caved and Jack Kanoff found the twine for his 9th, evening up his race with Walter II. Bravo seemed to have all the momentum when the second finally ended, they were still down a goal, but the tides were turning.

It took less than 30 seconds in the third period for those tides to reach shore. Walter II found his 4th point of the game as he hit a streaking Danny White with a stretch pass to tie the game up, and Bravo would take the lead over a downtrodden Alpha team as Bradley Barkov found his first goal of the tournament and became the 15th different player to score for Bravo across their 8 games so far. Halloway and Wagner would not be denied though, and their attitude on the bench trying to motivate their peers paid off as Wagner tied the game at 6 when Halloway forced a turnover with the forecheck and quickly found his new friend to clean up the 2 on 1. Chris de Siren finally got his point soon after, as he fed Rinne his second of the game and Alpha took back the lead, 7-6.

The back and forth offensive slugfest would continue though, and Bravo found more scoring from their third line, as Destro MacGregor set a perfect screen on John Curtis to give us another tie game, 7-7.
More goals would be needed to break this tie, of course, and with 5 and change left in the third, Jimmy Wagner rotated into the empty slot, got the dish from Halloway one last time, ripped his renowned wrist shot past Not Nictox. Slamming the door once and for all.

[Image: 9ivGNMB.gif]

After 5 more minutes of desperate and scoreless play from both teams, the Rococos completed the tournament sweep of the now 5-3 Champions, tightening up the title race immensely. Alpha moves to 3-2, and control their own destiny moving forward into the second half of the event.

Stars of the Game:
1* - Jimmy Wagner (Alpha), 3G 2A
2* - Walter II (Bravo), 2G 2A
3* - Pooks Halloway (Alpha) , 1G 2A

Alpha – Wagner 3 (4, 5, 6), Rinne 2 (3, 4), Meszaros (2), Atredies (4), Halloway (7)
Bravo – Walter II 2 (8, 9), Brown (4), Kanoff (9), White (9), Barkov (1), Telker (8)
Alpha – Williams 2 (6, 7, 8), Wagner 2 (7, 8), Halloway 2 (4, 5), Beck (3), Meszaros (1), Pokozov (5), Parent (2), de Siren (2), Antinen (3)
Bravo – Walter II 2 (10, 11), White 2 (9, 10), MacGregor (6), Sulfurgold (5), Telker (6), Vatipaa (4), Demmer (6), Weber (8), Actual (7)
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?Bravo Champions vs. Charlie Angels?
Day 7 of the SMJHL Prospect Showcase

Welcome back to Quebec city for the 7th day of the SMJHL Prospect Showcase, where the Bravo Champions will take on the Charlie Angels. The Angels are on the second half of a back-to-back after mustering a respectable 2-2 record playing 4 games in 6 days. The Champions, on the other hand, are playing just their second game of the showcase and are coming in hot off a 9-3 win over the Foxtrot Trottyfoxes. Will fatigue take it's toll on the Angels? Will the blistering 9 goal offence of the Champions be a one time fluke? Let's find out!

1st Period

The Champions came absolutely flying out of the gate with Chet Ubetcha and Sven Svenson burying goals within the first 20 seconds. It wouldn't be long before the Angels responded, getting the Champions on their heels with a run of excellent team play and sustained pressure. At 6:29 into the period, Ziggy Tambo would take advantage of a Champion's defensive zone turn over and pass it off to Jacob Rizzo for hist first of the game off the one-timer. Around the half way point of the first, Tambo and Rizzo would connect again-- each recording an assist on a Vince Chalut goal to even up the game for the Angels. The rest of the period was back and forth until Jack Kanoff scored an absolute back breaker when he completed the tic-tac-toe play from MacGregor and Demmer with only 37 seconds remaining. The period ends at 3-2 for the Champions.

2nd Period

The Angels' dynamic duo connected again as Rizzo potted his second from Tambo and Wolf Weiss to even the game just 1:12 in. This kicked off a flurry of offence that would fly in both directions of the ice. Danny White of the Champions would pick up his first goal of the game off the fast break just under 5 minutes later. Two minutes after that, Jack Kanoff blasts his second home for the Champions from Mac Weber and Nate Telker. The Angels were not going to stand for it, as a mere 11 seconds later, Jonathan Berger would score off a quick passing play by Erlingsson and Harrington. After a short video review to check for goaltender interference by Harrington who went hard to the crease, the goal stood. Not to be outdone, Svenson would restore the Champions 2 goal lead off a Luke Kuzel stress pass. Perhaps tired from all the scoring, the game would finally slow down for a few minutes as each team settled into solid defensive play. But this is a prospect showcase, so this responsibility would not last long. At 18:15 into the period, the Angels would narrow the lead to one again as Erlingsson took advantage of a Rocco Berni saucer pass. This once again started the shooting gallery, as 26 seconds later a Nate Telker slap shot would take a lucky bounce off the seat of Sulfurgold's pants to increase the Champions' lead once again. A minute later, with time ticking down, Erlingsson would knock home his second of the game for the Angels, thanks to a nifty play behind the net by Bentley Boogie. At the buzzer, the Champions led 7-6.

3rd period

For the first time tonight, we waited longer than a minute to see a goal. The Champions Tim Demmer would break the silence at 5:59 as he split the defence for his first of the game. The Angels would then mount a come back off their most dynamic trio of the game. Jacob Rizzo would record a pair of back-to-back goals to complete the hat trick-- both assisted by Tambo and Weiss. The game was tied with just over five minutes left. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for the Angels. The Champions would shut down the game from there. Walter II and Weber would record goals within the next two minutes to put the game out of reach-- only to be capped off by Demmer's second of the game from Ubetcha and Hellquist with 30 seconds left. 

Final Score
Bravo Champions 11 (2-0-0)
Charlie Angels 8 (2-3-0)

[Image: cup3.gif]
[Image: cAxsuvN.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png] [Image: twitter.jpg]

Day 11: Foxtrot Trottyfoxes (8) vs. Echo Ofthevoids (7)
    High scoring game today with the Foxtrot Trottyfoxes facing off against the Echo Ofthevoids. The Trottyfoxes scored first at 6:20 in the first period with a goal from Tomass Veinbergs. It was his sixth goal of the tournament, and it was assisted by Luke Niemi and Jaska Seppala. Not long after, at 13:51, Luke Niemi gets another point in the form of a goal, assisted by Jaska Seppala. It seemed like the Trottyfoxes were going to dominate the game, but the Echo Ofthevoids weren't giving up yet. Miro Slapskinnenen scored at 17:03 on a shot assisted by Ethan Price and Martin Nemo. Only 47 seconds after that, Echo tied up the game with a goal from Ethan Price assisted by Vladimir Khristorozhdestvensk. Another goal shortly after, scored by Shlapp Shaht from a pass by Ambacas Cuddles, put Echo up 3-2 going into the second period.

    Foxtrot must've gotten a big pep talk in the locker room, because they came on the ice for the second period looking fierce. A minute into the period, Jaska Seppala scored his third of the tournament on a pass from Luke Niemi. Seppala scored again at 14:07 assisted by Brad Smith. Finally, Wilhelm Schumacher closed out the second period with a goal assisted by Casper Harnstrom and Alex Reyer. This put Foxtrot up 5-3 going into the third. 

    This game went back and forth all night long, with neither team willing to give up. Miro Slapskinnenen of Echo opened the period, scoring just 17 second into third, assisted by Ethan Price and Tomas Grygera. After a few minutes of Echo dominating play, Shlapp Shaht scores at 2:09 to tie the game, 5-5. Vladimir Khristorozhdestvensk with another assist. But Foxtrot doesn't give up. Wilhelm Schumacher scores his second of the game, and of the tournament, to give his team the lead, 6-5. Casper Harnstrom and Fergus Callaghan had the assists. At 11:12, Jaska Seppala scores his third (but not final) of the night! 7-5. His hat trick was assisted again by Luke Niemi, and Tomass Veinbergs. Not to be outdone, Shlapp Shaht scores a goal and gives himself a hat trick as well with assists coming from Gregory Stiemsma and Micro Yskarov. 7-6. 30 seconds after, Ethan Price ties the score up again with only 4 minutes left in the third period, assisted by Jukka Timonen and Ambacas Cuddles. 7-7. Just as the game seemed like it was going to go into OT, with 7 seconds left, Jaska Seppala scores his fourth of the night to win the game. Again, assisted by Luke Niemi. 8-7

    It was a nail-biter of a game all night. No one knew who was going to win until the final seconds. The three stars of the game were Jaska Seppala and Luke Niemi of Foxtrot and Ethan Price of Echo. It's pretty clear that putting Seppala on a line with Niemi was a good idea. The two combined for 11 points in this game. Ethan Price and Shlapp Shaht were really good for Echo tonight as well. 

    Foxtrot outshot Echo 55-48. Both goalies, Jerry Huuveri (FT) and Frans Eller (EO), played pretty well considering the amount of shots they received. Both had a save percentage of around 85%.

    Foxtrot comes out on top tonight in a well-fought, high-scoring battle against Echo. It's been great to see all of these prospects' skills and talents being showcased in this tournament so far.

Charlie Angels Showcase Impressive Talent with 11-8 Win over the Echo Ofthevoids.

As the second day of the Prospect Tournament comes to a close in Quebec City, the Echo Ofthevoids are still feeling the effects of a devastating 11 to 8 loss at the hands of the Charlie Angels.  The game boasted great offensive prowess with both teams combining for a total of nineteen goals. 

A breakdown of the game period by period will show how the game was never a close one, with the Charlie Angel’s maintaining at least a 3 goal lead consistently throughout regulation.

1st Period
These two teams wasted no time getting on the score sheet, registering a combined four goals within the first two minutes of the first period.  The first goal of the game was scored twenty seconds into the period by Charlie Angel Viktor Erlingsson who received a beautiful pass from Samuel Mains on the rush. 

The Echo Ofthevoids responded with two back to back goals eithin a minute of each other, scored by Thomas Grygera and Shlapp Shaht. 

After these two goals, the Charlie Angels scored five straights which contributed to the final score of the period being 7 to 4.

2nd Period
The second period may have produced less goals but did not produce any less excitement from these two teams.  The shots for each team were evenly distributed at twelve for each team. 

The Echo Ofthevoids struck first two minutes in the period with Shlapp Shaht scoring his second of the game and the tournament off of a laser beam from the top of the circle.  This momentum was not held long as the Charlie Angels would score three times in the second period, impoving to a four goal lead at 10-6.

3rd Period
The third period started off with Jacob Rizzo of the Charlie Angels scoring a quick goal off of a breakaway set up by Wolf Weiss two minutes into the period.  The Echo Ofthevoids would have a short lived rally, scoring two goals late in the third, but it was too little too late. 

Final Score
11 to 8, Charlie Angels taking the lead and all three stars of the game. 

Jacob Rizzo scored a goal each period as well as assisting on two additional goals, giving him a five-point game and the first star.  The league should expect to see big things from this young man throughout the tournament.

TSPN Prospects Tournament Recap: Game 23
Alpha Rococos (4-2-0) vs Foxtrot Trottyfoxes (3-5-0)
The second half of a home and home saw the Trottyfoxes outplayed by the Rococos for the second game in a row. First period action began with a nifty pass to the slot from Trevor Johnson at the point into the waiting hands of Casper Harnstrom where he netted his third of the tournament, and the game's first, goal. The Trottyfoxes continued a great offensive press well into the first period when a mix up on the offensive zone blue line caused a three on one with Chris de Siren netting his fourth of the tournament. With a flash of the stick Yompy Stearf backhanded a pass to Vladimir Pokozov who managed to psyche the defense out and get a pass to de Siren who scored stick side on Sam Lowery. Shortly after that Paul Atredies scored his fifth of the tourny on a beautiful pass from Love Beck that managed to needle through a pair of densemen's sticks from center ice to catch the winger. Near the end of the first the Trottyfoxes managed to tie it up with a hard slapper up the slot from Harnstrom which Wilhelm Schumacher managed to tip into Jason Voorhees' five hole.
The second period started off with the quickest goal to start a period of the tournament thus far, at 0:04 seconds Chris de Siren managed to dump a knucklepuck toward Lowery which bounced awkwardly toward the netminder and over his stick at the last moment giving the American his second of the evening. It began what would end up being a poor period for Lowery and Jerry Huuveri as well. Just over a minute and a half later de Siren managed his third of the evening after a mix up by Foxtrot gave the puck up to Shane Rinne who managed to storm into the slot and pop a shot off that hit Lowery's mask causing the netminder to lose concentration on the puck. Quickly de Siren managed to smother the net with a flurry of shots and that began the downward spiral for Foxtrot.
For the Trottyfoxes it became an all too familiar feeling, with the memory of the thrashing they took in the first period of the last game fresh in their minds at this point. Back to back goals like this became the M.O. for the Trottyfoxes as the scoring continued with Huuveri now in net. Not more than a minute later Axel Meszaros managed a beautiful wrap around goal when he skated into the offensive zone and made a brilliant move to outmaneuver the defense and score on Huuveri. Along with Meszaro's goal the Rococos managed to score again with de Siren netting his 4th of the game while the Trottyfoxes have two goals scored by Lligma Broomstick.
By the beginning of the third the score lay at 6-4 in favor of the Rococos. Things didn't look up for the Trottyfoxes though as quick succesion goals near the midway point broke the Trottyfoxes back, with de Siren scoring his fifth of the evening near the end of the game. For de Siren, it was a great showing of the skill that's been scouted as of late. When TSPN caught up with the young winger he felt the best part of the evening was the team's work toward winning the tournament. "Don't get me wrong it feels good to score a hat trick during the prospects tournament, but you know at the end of the day this is about the team and showing the scouts in those bleachers what we can do." The third line winger may not feel at home not on the top line but that hasn't bothered him; "Wherever I'm playing, no matter the line, I will do what I can to work hard and make sure we win."
The Rococos play the Charlie Angels next while the Trottyfoxes face the Ofthevoids.
3 Stars
1 - Chris de Siren (AR)
2 - Vladimir Pokozov (AR)
3 - Shane Rinne (AR)

Chris de Siren - S52 Anchorage Armada | S53 Calgary Dragons 19th Ovr Draft Pick 

[Image: qc4SnW8.jpg]

Day 13: Foxtrot Trottyfoxes (4) vs Charlie Angels (5)
A relatively modest finish by the standards of the S52 SMJHL Prospect Showcase, with a minuscule nine combined goals from the Trottyfoxes and Angels.

1st Period
The first period got off to a hot start, but on this day - unlucky Day 13 - the goalies seemed to be up to the task. The period saw a total of 33 shots, with the Trottyfoxes (16 shots) and Angels (17) going back and forth. Despite some of the best goalie performances of the showcase, it took just 3:12 for Vince Chalut to find net, ripping one right past Jerry Huuveri. The Trottyfoxes struck back just a minute later, as Ale Beru snuck one past Skyler Stevens of the Angels. Both goalies were able to settle in a bit from there, with shots flying back and forth but no further goals. Just when it seemed we might be in the midst of a low-scoring affair, Paddy Kane-Reilly reminded us that those are boring with a wicked one-timer off of a Dusty Bender pass. Both teams got a few decent looks after that, but neither could find net again in the first.

2nd Period
After catching a quick breath, the two teams headed back out on the ice. Early on it seemed as though the Angels may have needed a bit more time in the locker room, however. The Trottyfoxes struck on a Luke Niemi goal just 2:10 into the period, and then, exactly 3 minutes late, Niemi was back in the thick of things with an assist on a Jaska Seppala shot that zipped right through Stevens' five-hole. The Angels seemed to be laboring through the period, having surrendered their lead and contributed zero shots. Then, out of nowhere, Wolf Weiss hit a streaking Joshua Devonshire with a beautiful pass to set him free in space. Huuveri must have forgotten that the Angels were allowed to possess the puck as Devonshire had no problem getting the puck past him on the breakaway. A suddenly reinvigorated Angels team then applied some further pressure, and Bentley Boogie was able to deflect a Dusty Bender wrister into the back of the net, helping the Angels recapture the lead. The Trottyfoxes would ultimately look back on this period as the reason they couldn't get the win, out-shooting the Angels 11 to 3 but gaining no ground on the scoreboard.

3rd Period
This game was every bit as tight as it looked for the majority of the third period. Neither team had much success breaking through until Ale Beru grabbed his second goal of the game on a rebound from a Brad Smith shot, trying things up. The game remained quite tense until the Angels found themselves with a lengthy possession, applying pressure and getting off shots. After a Huuveri stopped a handful of attempts, Steve Harrington swung the puck to Erben Kasius at the point and Kasius buried a ferocious slap shot to give the Angels the lead, and ultimately the win.

Three Stars
1 - Paddy Kane-Reilly II
2 - Ale Beru
3 - Joshua Devonshire

[Image: tMDNHOc.png]

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Day Eight of the Prospect Tournament Brings the Best out of the Angels
Ladies and gentleman we had yet another barn burner on our hands in only the eighth day of competition at this season's prospect tournament. This is Chip Daniels with CBFM Sports here to give you a recap on all the exciting action.

First period: The best looking team in the tournament, aptly named Charlie's Angels, kicked off the scoring very early on. That early scoring was only a glimpse of what was to come as the goal scored by Dusty Bender and assisted by Erben Kasius and Chris Cerullo really seemed to spark the offensive magic in the arena. It was either that or the goal celebration by Cerullo where he feigned smoking a joint of some sort. The rest of the period featured five more goals, two for the Angels and three for the opposing Delta Planes. The star of the period was a bit of a surprise, as the Planes' Salomon Frosty grabbed both his first goal and first assist of the tournament. Score: 3-3.

Second period: The second period is where you could see the Angels sort of take hold of the game. Their assist maestro, Bentley Boogie sure had his passing gloves on as he fed both Bender and Cerullo for goals. Those two assists were Boogie's 10th and 11th of the tournament in only eight games. A late goal from the Planes' Aakko Makinen may have put a scare into the Angels, but that scare was not very long lasting. Score: 6-5.

Third period: As said previously, it wasn't very long lasting as the Angels came out in the third and scored three unanswered goals within the first 10:47 of play. Two of those goals scored by Kevin Trabs less than a minute and a half apart. From then on, things did end up getting a little spicier as the Planes got goals from Ryan Hoople and Ragnar Skallagrimsson, but it ended up being too little too late. Angels goaltender, Skyler Stevens shutdown any further offensive rushes and earned a victory for the first time in the tournament. 

Final score: 9-7, Angels win.
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Day 27 - The Planes take on the Champions
Game Link
Day 27 featured an action packed match between the Bravo Champions and the Delta Planes. This game would not disappoint as the audience was treated to a high scoring match between two red hot teams. 

First Period
The first period would feature a total of 5 goals as Delta kicked off the game with a goal 4:55 in. Aakko Makinen would score his 12th goal of the tournament with assistance from Ryan Hoople with his 10th Assist and Wayne Ontarioboi with his 4th. It would not take long for Bravo to respond as Nate Telker would find the back of the net for the 9th time in this tournament. The 2 would go back and forth once more with Ryan Watson scoring his 1st goal and Nathaniel Burden scoring his 6th before Danny White would put one past the netminder to put the Bravo Champions up 3-2 heading into the 2nd.

Second Period
Most of the damage would come in the 2nd period where Bravo put up a whopping 6 goals to Delta’s 1, going up by a score of 9-3. The scoring would start off with Squid Actual scoring his 5th, however the play would go under review quickly after Nate Telker was suspected of going offsides before the goal, however, upon further review, the goal would stay up. Tim Demmer and Danny White (2nd of the game) would go on to score goals before Delta responded with a goal of their own, courtesy of Ragnar Skallagrimsson. The Champions would then live up to their name as they once again put up 3 goals to end the period. 

Third Period
Delta would enter the 3rd period needing a miracle comeback down 6 goals and after being outshot 34-30. However any chance of that would be shut down as the two would trade goals twice highlighted by Burden’s third goal of the game as the Champions would win 11-5!

First Star
Nathaniel Burden would take home 1st star honors with a hat trick, scoring his 6th, 7th and 8th goals of the tournament.

Second Star
Squid Actual would take home 2nd star honors with 3 assists in all 3 periods.

Third Star
Finally, last but not least, Danny White would be honored as the 3rd star as he scored 2 goals and got an assist in the first 2 periods.

Welcome to Game 3 of the SMJHL Prospect Showcase! This game was lower in scoring, but didn’t lack its fair share of excitement.

The Echoes came out strong in the first period, striking at 9:52. The play all started from the blue line, with Gygera cycling up top, distributing the puck down the boards to Ethan Price. Price saw Miro Slapskinnenen tearing down the slot and caught him backdoor for the pretty bang bang play. 1-0 Echoes!

The Echoes continued their push in the opening stanza, with Jukka Timonen launching a wrister from the point that was deflected by a PeaKay Soupcan attempt that was nearly a high stick. Mattias Teller buried the rebound in the crease at the 13:52 mark of the second. This gave the Echoes the 2-0 lead.

The Rococos were not done, however. They went into the locker room to assess their strategy, and came out swinging in the second. Pooks Halloway struck with a beautiful off the rush goal five hole on the goaltender at 1:15 of the second. Assists to Edward Williams and Jimmy Wagner.

The Alpha bois weren’t done yet – they were gonna tie things up, and do it quickly. Vladdy Pokozov found Antti Antinen for a quick wrister, and the rebound was buried by Chris de Siren to knot up the game at 2 only 2:35 into the second.
The Echoes rallied back, striking before the midway point of the game. This goal went to Mohammad Cuddles at 9:46.

It wasn’t until the third when the Echoes really put this away, tallying three strikes from Price, Cuddles and Teller. The Rococos lone 3rd period strike was from Antinen.

It was a strong goaltending performance by Eller, stopping 52 of 55 shots and boasting a .945 save percentage. John Curtis probably would like a do-over, with .824 save percentage.

Tonights Three Stars –
1 - Frans Eller (EO )
2 - Mattias Teller (EO )
3 - Mohammad Cuddles (EO )

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