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LordBirdman x2
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First attempt getting into Gimp, please bare with me as I try to improve.  Any Gimp users out there willing to let me ask you questions please let me know!
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: dNBDu6B.png]
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Thanks @Wasty for the sig!

Signature 1: 1/5 User demonstrates a basic level of photoshop (or any other photo manipulation software) and has the necessary elements required in a signature. The signature includes a photo, background and text. 250k

Not a bad first attempt, you hit everything required. Background, added a logo on, text, cut out. Not much more you can ask out of GIMP. Of course if you pick up photoshop it'll greatly improve your results especially after a few tutorials.

Signature 2: 2/5 User demonstrates a baseline knowledge of the tools within photoshop and shows some understanding of lighting, depth, flow, and other artistic elements. User has shown they have surpassed the beginning levels of photoshop. 500k

Better choice of render in my opinion, looks like you also colored in the jersey and the logo looks good for a start. Some artistic elements added and now you're at a 2/5. Hope to see you make more and develop.

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