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C - Santtu Räsänen - Update Thread


Your current build uses 408 TPE, 17 short of the 425 Junior Cap. You currently have 80 TPE banked. Your S53 Cap is also at 34/40.


[Image: KlusteR.gif]

Chiefs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

[Image: EbSl82f.png]   [Image: 3j3edy5.png]

Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Geekusoid and @Turd Ferguson for the signatures!

IIHF Primetime - Sweden vs Austria (+1TPE)
S53 Showdown 5 (+1TPE)
AC Check 316 (+2TPE)
S53 Finals Predictions (+3TPE)
S54 Mock Draft (+4TPE)
Weekly Training (+5TPE)
S53 IIHF Predictions (+7TPE)

Old TPE: 488
Gained TPE: 23
New TPE: 511

+5 TPE | Shooting Range +1 (9 -> 10)
+4 TPE | Hitting +2 (7 -> 9)
+8 TPE | Speed +1 (11 -> 12)

[Image: KenitohMenara.gif]
Free Agent Signing - Anchorage Armada
First SMJHL Point - vs Carolina Kraken
First SMJHL Goal - vs Newfoundland Berserkers
SMJHL Season 53 All Star

Updated!! Your bank is at 86.

[Image: BadWolf221B42.gif]
Thank you @King @"Flareon4043" @Jearim 

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