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Activity Check #300!!!

Jack Kanoff Falcons Falcons

[Image: 5431d8425b59cefdfe542dbee39c74db.png]
[Image: jackkanoff.gif]

Nour is pretty hot ngl

Patric Twist - Newfoundland Berserkers

[Image: Patty.gif]
[Image: Capture.PNG]

Colt IV

[Image: CamNosreh.png]

GOD McZehrl

Panthers Panthers Panthers

[Image: McZehrl.png]

Challenge Cup Wins:
S18 - Riot Seattle Riot (with Chris McZehrl)*
S23 - Wolfpack New England Wolfpack (with Chris McZehrl)*
S27 - Dragons Calgary Dragons (with VLAD McZehrl)
S34 - Rage Manhattan Rage (with VLAD McZehrl)
S37 - Jets Winnipeg Jets (with VLAD McZehrl)
S46 - Stampede Buffalo Stampede (with GOD McZehrl)*

*first ever Challenge Cup of Franchise History

Four Star Cup Wins:
S24 - Whalers Vancouver Whalers (with VLAD McZehrl)
S39 - Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (with GOD McZehrl)

SHL Hall of Fame Members:
S24 - Chris McZehrl Platoon Panthers Dragons Riot Wolfpack *
(GP: 764 | G: 322 | A: 461 | P: 783 | +/-: +109)
S40 - VLAD McZehrl Dragons Riot Rage Stampede Jets Wolfpack *
(GP: 653 | G: 333 | A: 361 | P: 694 | +/-: +141)

*1st Ballot Hall of Famer

kekkonen Falcons Renegades

[Image: MJ7oFkM.png]

[Image: dankoa95.gif]

Nat Emerson Platoon

[Image: emerson.png?width=267&height=148]

Creller Panthers Kraken

[Image: Creller.png]

Sasha Dangelchek - Scarecrows

[Image: danglechek.png]

Andreas Stacks - Anaheim Outlaws

Kata Vilde Dragons

[Image: Hm4IZqs.jpg]

[Image: TuTJgAxh.jpg]

+3 forreal

[Image: g7VtVXX.png?1]

[Image: Z8YSDad.gif]

[Image: crutchfield.gif]

Scarn 3 TPE

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]

[Image: ohmEd0h.png] [Image: czechup.png]
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

gimme my SHIT

[Image: fLv9204.gif]

UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard | [Image: DrbPYHV.png][Image: spectersupdate.png] | UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard


[Image: 6Xj1IWG.png]

Player Page || Update Thread || Signatures

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Thomas Bathory Panthers

[Image: TqPRsIf.png]

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