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S51 WJC Bronze Medal Game - DACH vs. British Isles

Game Starts 7pm EST
Countdown if EST isn't your timezone

Welcome to the pre-game show of this seasons’ WJC bronze medal game between team DACH and team British Isles! We’re all looking forward to an exciting and competitive game this evening as we decide who takes home the bronze.

How Did They Get Here?
These two teams ended up on opposite ends of the standings in Group A. Team DACH had some ups and downs in the first half of the round robin games but then turned on the jet engines to take home six(!) games in a row and climbed all the way to #1. Team British Isles on the other hand had the very opposite experience. They started off strong and were hovering around the middle of the standings for a good while but then they lost their six(!) last games and quickly tumbled down to last place.

This meant that the British Isles had to play an extra playoff round before the quarter finals to prove that they are worthy of a medal. And what an impressive round it was! Team British Isles demolished team USA in the first round, winning by an impressive 7-1 lead by their two 4-point scorers Abel Skinner and Tom Fiddler. And let’s not forget Bobby Bobcalf who scored a hat trick in the same game! They later beat team World in the quarter finals but could not break Sweden in a hard-fought semi final game where they only lost by one.

Team DACH had, as mentioned, a bye for round 1 of the playoffs and could take a breather as they waited for whom amongst the prospect teams would face them in the quarter finals. It ended up being team Prospects NA and oh my did team DACH come out with the plan to utterly destroy any confidence the prospect team had gained this tournament. DACH won the game 9-1 and I think the only reason they didn’t break double-digits is because they started feeling bad for the prospect’s netminder. Team DACH met their match in team Canada during the semi final but also this semi final game was decided by a single goal.

Head-To-Head Record
During the round robin team British Isles and team DACH faced each other twice. And as if the hockey gods had planned this medal game from the start, they each won one game. This means we’re up for the deciding game of the tournament for these two teams. Not only for the bronze medal, but also to see which team gets the winning record.

Stats from the two games these teams faced each other:
[Image: lYeZgVn.png]

[Image: kenvald.gif]

[Image: YztPk3T.png] [Image: B4x6AQm.png]

This mfer made charts

[Image: Ominous.PNG]
[Image: nokazoa.gif]
Sigs by: Wasty, Turd Ferguson, Geck, and Me
First SHL Goal:
[Image: first_goal.PNG]

[Image: mK0RvNX.png]         [Image: ktJ2jTl.png]
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Everybody loves charts!

Game is on schedule to begin in 5 minutes!
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Warm up your F5 keys!

Starting Line-Up for Team British Isles

Kenny Creller - Tom Fiddler - Bobby Bobcalf
Jack Wilson - Abel Skinner

Starting Line-Up for Team DACH

Ricky Bobby - Daniel Bischoff - Alexander Wachter
Ursin Zimmerman - Danila Zhernov
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[Image: cxELZxP.png]

Aaaaaand we’re off! Tom Fiddler wins the initial faceoff for the British Isles and they immediately move the puck into DACH’s zone.

There are some beautiful passing plays back and forth between the British forwards...

...but there was one pass too many and Ursin Zimmerman is able to intercept and turn on the counter attack!
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[Image: cvQSs18.png]

The puck gets dumped into the British zone.

Elizabeth Doyle picks it up behind the net and ships it off towards Fiddler.

BUT WAIT! Alexander Wachter caught up to Fiddler just as the pass arrived and they’re fighting for the puck with Doyle still out of her net!
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The British Isles can breathe a sigh of relief as Fiddler wins the battle and sends the puck to an icing.
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[Image: Z5MSj0d.png]

The puck is dumped into the DACH zone by Rhys and he gives chase!

Nolan McMahon gets to the puck first but with a rushing Rhys coming at him he doesn’t have much time to react. He sends it around the boards.

Martin Nemo catches it in his glove, puts it down on the ice and sees an open Thomas Vanice!

The British Isles made a terrible substitution not expecting the instant counter which opened up the ice for a breakaway! Martin passes the puck to Thomas...

Offside by an inch! Thomas was a little too eager when entering the zone.

[Image: olppRxa.png]

Ursin has the puck in his defensive zone. He’s looking to start an attack and passes the puck to PEAKAY SOUPAN! The Brit intercepted the puck in a dangerous position!

We see shots from The Stingray that misses the net before Fergus Callaghan gets the first shot on net of the game! It wasn’t too hard for McMahon to handle but he leaves a rebound...

The puck is cleaned up and the danger has passed for DACH.

[Image: ZbkUVjt.png]

Team British Isles have this game under control so far. Not giving anything to team DACH.

We see another dump-in from DACH as they’re trying desperately to gain some offensive possession. But yet again the Brits pick it up and swiftly moves it out of their own zone.

[Image: hZ4EIXH.png]

They enter the DACH zone with great control and set up for another attack!

Tom Fiddler gets a shot off!

Blocked by Zimmerman!
Kenny Creller gets the free puck and slaps one towards the net!

Blocked AGAIN by Zimmerman! What a guy!
But team DACH just can’t get their hands on the puck as Fiddler picks the puck up and shoots it again…

This time the puck goes through the defense!

Right into the stomach of McMahon who covers the puck.
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More than a minute later and we’re STILL in DACH’s zone. The puck has just barely visited the British Isles’ zone in the last minute and a half.

Faceoff taken by Mitchell van der Heijden and Tom Fiddler.

Mitchell wins the faceoff and he tries to slow down the game by keeping it in their own zone to set up for an attack.

The puck reaches Cal Labovitch in the neutral zone and they’re AGAIN having trouble cleanly entering the British zone.
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The puck bounces around between skates and sticks, back and forth between the neutral and British zones.

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