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S52 WFT #3 - happy valentine's day cutie pies, tell me about your player's love life

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Happy Valentine's Day to my fellow SHLers... LOVE is in the air! For this WFT, write 25+ words or create a graphic all about your player's love life right now. If you don't want to write about your own player's love life, write about another SHL player's! Deliver us the gossip, write about their trials and tribulations, tell us their Valentine's Day plans, discuss whatever stability or instability they may have... 25 words minimum so we don't need a full erotic novel (though we don't not need one, I guess). As always, feel free to be creative as you like on this one.

Members who complete the task (either written or graphic) will receive 1 capped TPE, and some members who go above and beyond will be selected as participation+ members and rewarded with 1 bonus uncapped TPE.

Deadline: Sunday, February 16th at 11:59PM ET

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Armada Inferno norway

Lallo Selman is the best player ever and he is also the best boyfriend ever. I love him a lot. Dallo Seloff(?) is the best relationship in the league. Fight me.
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As a single dad, Mike Izzy is cognizant of being a good role model for his son #A-Rye... which is why Mike Izzy wears rubbers when he bangs groupie sluts. 'Never going raw' is good parenting 101. - Happy Valentines day.

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It's rare that you can see love blossom in a locker room, but I have to say, Lallo Selman and Daniel Bischoff look so damn cute together. Our National team is knit even tighter thanks to these two. Hopefully we won't see any couple fights during IIHF tournaments...

As for Markus... he'd rather not talk about it.

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Chiefs Monarchs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

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Kholin has no time to waste about love interests. He spends all his time and energy on the ice even if it doesn't really show if you look at the current standings. Besides, Valentine's Day died the day he allegedly killed his Russian girlfriend.

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Mitchell van der Heijden is single and ready to mingle. He's never really had a serious girlfriend, let alone had a kiss before. The 17-year-old just wants someone to settle down with after he retires.

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Specters Wolfpack Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

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rip dangel #AD26
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Slap McShotty is recovering from the recent betrayal of Example Sheets Add-on.xlsx. He's a sensitive soul, and their love was so smooth you could spread(sheet) it. However, Slap excels at rebounding, so I don't doubt he'll be back on the market soon to =index(Babes!MR6:MS9, match(max(Hotness!MR6:MS9), Hotness!MR6:MS9, 0)). After all, his "assets" are rumored to be =large(SHLPlayers!L3:ET420, 1)

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With a last name like Lockhart, Leo has endured his fair share of bad joked and punny cards on Valentine's day, but it's still one of his favorite holidays because Valentine's day also happens to be his birthday. He's only come to love the holiday more since he's been in a very serious relationship. Valentine's day/birthday plans always depend on whether or not the Pride is on the road, but I'm sure this one will be another one for the books.

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Tibuk has elected not to do much this Valentine's day. After last years steamy 8 night stay in Thailand Tibuk has elected to tone it down this year in anticipation of many celebrations from Chicago's upcoming Challenge Cup victory. Time to start icing down the boys now.

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Tibuk Soonika - G - Chicago Syndicate | Update Page

For Valentine's Day, I have written a love poem for my dearest @aaronwilson

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'd lower my passing
To 40 for you

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Al Kayhall is excited to announce that the rumors of him having a Swedish girlfriend is true, though he understands the disappointment many women around the world might feel.

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My player's love life at the moment is non-existent so I will be spending this Valentine's day along with my single friends. Hopefully next Valentine's day he will have a Valentine but only time will tell what happens this time next year.

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Thank you @Turd Ferguson for the player signature and @NeonLime for the player card avatar

There is only 1 person that the Dream has time for and any love for and it's the Velveteen Dream. No one will be able to compare so why bother wasting time trying to find someone as amazing as myself to love.

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Since arriving in Kelowna, Noah Nystrom has been courted by many of the girls in town. At a recent game, a sign found in the crowd had "Be my Valentine Nystrom?"

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Dom Montgomery's love life is going great. He is feeling more stable than ever in all the relationships he has, but Valentine's Day holds a special place in his heart for Leo Lockhart, since it's his birthday. He makes sure the holiday doesn't overshadow the vastly more important date which is Leo's birth date, but he does like to add some flowers and chocolate to the mix.

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