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So yeah tried to record myself making a sig last night at work. Don’t mind my co-worker half way talking and the random jump cut somewhere towards the end when my phone stopped recording cause of storage issues. I already had a premade JC’d render but I plan to record me doing a jersey change one day. Anywho this is probably a really shitty video but people were asking to have me do it. Probably could’ve had a better angle but I don’t have the space. You live and learn and next one will be better.

Oh yeah here’s the finished sig;
[Image: mmNsc0e.png]

[Image: WastyVili.gif]
[Image: vlPUU9v.png][Image: ammBPLt.png][Image: rnZeas5.png][Image: V9MXpXR.png]


How the hell do you keep getting better at these

That sig is amazing! Great work, Wasty!

[Image: Capt_Blitzkrieg.gif]
Thank You Carpy, Weretarantula, Geekusoid, Leviadan, sköldpaddor, Turd Ferguson, and rum_ham for the Sigs.
[Image: Niz2wua.png] | [Image: egAspOO.png]

Goddamn this is sick


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pride syndicate Raptors Czechia

these two team sigs are crazy

[Image: MJ7oFkM.png]

[Image: dankoa95.gif]

Very very nice

[Image: g7VtVXX.png?1]

[Image: Z8YSDad.gif]

[Image: crutchfield.gif]

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