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PGS S52: Game 3 Detroit vs St. Louis

Falcons Detroit Falcons v.s. St. Louis Scarecrows  Scarecrows

Preface: This was the first meeting between these two fierce rivals in season 52.  With the announcement of a winter classic as well as an alumni game happening later in the season, both teams were looking to come out of the gate swinging to get a game advantage in the series.  This was the first game of the season for both of these teams and the officiating was strict with a total of seven penalties called.  The refs were not letting the boys get away with anything out there.  

First Period
The first period was a high scoring period featuring both teams' special teams units. It wasn't even two minutes into the game when the officials called Joakim Ohlund of the Falcons for a roughing penalty.  The Scarecrows capitalized on the ensuing powerplay scoring a goal nearly twenty seconds later (Ruslan Zaporozhets' first goal of the year, assisted by Flash Gordon and James Ronlain).  

Seven and a half minutes into the game, Danny Marston of the Scarecrows was called for a charging minor.  As Edward Williams of the Falcons carried the puck from behind the net, it was very clear that Marston took more than 5 strides to make the hit.  Williams was uninjured, and made the Scarecrows pay by scoring a powerplay goal moments later, tying the score at 1-1 (goal assisted by Frederick Wanesly and Jmac NCheese).  

Nearly fifteen minutes into the first period, the Scarecrows were able to establish zone pressure and prevent Detroit from making a line change.  A slick pass to Trey Nets from Aron Hernadivic in the slot provided too good of an opportunity to miss for St. Louis, making the score 2-1.

Thirty second after the Scarecrows scored, St. Louis defenseman Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette was caught hooking Cal Labovitch as he sped past him at the blueline.  The Falcons needed only nine seconds of this powerplay to score as Joakim Ohlund caught a beautiful pass from Paddy Kane Reilly that led to a breakaway goal.  2-2.

The Falcons scored 2 goals on 3 shots while the Scarecrows scored 2 goals on 19 shots.

Second Period
The second period was increasingly scrappy as a combined four penalties were called.  Neither team was able to capitalize on special teams despite the frequent chances this period.  However, Ruslan Zaporozhets was able to win a faceoff in the Falcon's zone to Danny Marston who promptly fired it in the net giving St. Louis a 3-2 lead.

Shots: 12 (Detroit) to 7 (St. Louis)

Third Period
The game started to slow down by the third period.  It was the period with the fewest number of combined shots (9 for the Falcons and 7 for the Scarecrows) and the fewest number of penalties called.  

With only 35 seconds left in the game and an empty net for Detroit, Luke McMaster won a faceoff in St. Louis's zone, passing it back to Cal Labovitch who took a shot.  Doyle was able to stop the shot but coughed up a rebound, giving Khabib Nurmagomedov a chance to shoot.  Doyle made yet another spectacular save but coughed up another rebound, giving Guy Oshea an open net to shoot and score.  This would tie the game at 3-3 and take us into overtime.

Fatigue for both teams was showing in overtime, as the Falcons registered 2 shots on net to the Scarecrow's 0.  No goals were scored and the game went to a shootout.

The first round of the shootout was fruitless for both teams, with Khabib Nurmagomedov missing the net and Ruslan Zaporozhets shooting into the chest of the goaltender.  

It was a similar story in the second round of the shootout with Kaarlo Kekkonen missing the net for the Falcons and Trey Nets of the Scarecrows making a weak shot for an easy save.

The third round of the shootout produced two more saves by each goaltender, as did the fourth round.  

The fifth round however, featured a game winning highlight reel goal by Borys Franciszek of the Scarecrows, making the final score 4-3 St. Louis.  

Three Stars of the Game
1 - Ruslan Zaporozhets (STL) (1 goal, 1 assist, +1)

2 - Cal Labovitch (DET) (0 goals, 2 assists, +1)
3 - Trey Nets (STL) (1 goal, 0 assists, +1)

[Image: Wartooth.png]

On the Bright Side:

In a heartbreaking shootout loss to their biggest rivals, Detroit fans have a lot of positives they can take away from this game. First off, special teams. Their power play clocked in at a healthy 40% on the night, and their penalty kill a stellar 66%. Special teams have been a little touch and go for the young Falcons this year, so seeing some improvement on that front has to feel good! Speaking of young Falcons-- rookie goalie A Jobin keeping them in a game that they were outshot 33 to 26 in by posting a .909 S%. Jobin was one of the best players on the ice tonight, and someone you can point to when the media asks how DET pulled out a point. Lastly I want to highlight the work of Detroit's first line right wing Kaarlo Kekkonen! Despite not appearing on the score sheet, they posted 4 shots, 3 hits, and a +1! They were all over the ice tonight, and since they're sitting top of league scoring, it's safe to assume that they'll get back to burying those shots soon.

[Image: texas_hit.gif]
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Take a look at this massive bit of body contact by James Ronlain. This got the Scarecrows crowd up in arms wanting some good ol' fashioned fisticuffs in retribution! He finds Cal Labovitch streaking up the wing and trying to chip the puck around him, and firmly deposits him down on his own ass. There was a slight concern for injury on the play as Labovitch was slow to get up, but he did eventually pop back up and make his way over to the bench. It's body contact like this that definitely gets the blood flowing into your extremities!

[Image: Lexz.gif]

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother.

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[Image: NR2hsa8.gif]
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Falcons are happy to have battled all the way to end despite taking 20minutes to show up to the game. If anything, the fact that they were tied 2-2 after the 1st period is a huge win for them already and an extremely disappointing moment for St. Louis. A. Jobin honestly deserves one of the 3 stars for keeping them in the game as well as he did. Letting in 2 goals isn't exactly much to speak of normally but neither goal could be entirely placed on the Falcon's goaltender as the first was a rebound that should have the scoring man tied up and the 2nd being a result of a turnover in the defensive zone and some pretty passing.

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Comment 1: Special Teams Showcase - The first first period saw 3 of the 4 goals get scored on the powerplay and none of them took very long. Detroit took the first penalty at 1:51 and St. Louis scored at 2:18. St. Louis took a penalty at 7:25 and Detroit cashed it in at 8:21. Towards the end of the period St. Louis took another penalty at 15:20 and Detroit made them pay at 15:29. That didn't take long.  The tying goal in the 3rd period was not scored on the power play, but just 10 seconds after a penalty expired, so Detroit still had a lot of momentum. 

Comment 2: Unsung Hero - He didn't end up one of the stars of the game, but Edward Williams did everything in his power to keep Detroit in the game.  In 15:55 of ice time he scored the opening goal on the powerplay, spent time on both the PP and PK and went 13/18 on faceoffs, a remarkable 72%. Doing his best to hold possession for Detroit. He also had two shots on goal and a hit late in the 1st period that led to a turnover and shot attempt for Detroit. His -2 rating doesn't do justice to the impact he had on the game. It was more positive than the numbers show.

Comment 3: Goalie Clinic - Despite 6 goals being scored in the game, both goalies performed rather well, which might be expected in a game that went to overtime and a shootout. Detroit goalie A Jobin did his best to win the game. Making 30 stops on 33 shots for a .909 save percentage and stopping 4 shots in the shootout before surrendering the game winner. St. Louis goalie Elizabeth Doyle picked up the win by making 23 saves on 26 shots for a 0.885 save percentage, which included 2 critical saves in the overtime period to get her team to the shootout. She stopped 3 of the 5 Detroit attempts in the shootout (the other two missed the net) to seal the win.

[Image: EricNCSU.gif]
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First IIHF Goal - S51 WJC Game 7 vs Canada: 2. Prospects NA , Eric Hudson 1 (Ethan Duncan 1, Zoltan Topalo 2) at 17:01
First SJHML Goal - S52 Game 7 vs Anchorage: 9. St. Louis Scarecrows , Eric Hudson 1 (Yamamoto Mitsuharu 3) at 2:20
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This fiercely contested rivalry did not disappoint here, with an evenly contested game that came down to the wire. The turning point must have come at some time while the teams were in their locker rooms between the 3rd period and overtime, or between overtime and the shootout. After surrendering a gutting goal to Guy O'Shea with just 0:35 on the clock, St. Louis was able to rebound and play a clean overtime period defensively, allowing Detroit just two shots. Even then, it's tough to see what had St. Louis feeling like they could hang with this Detroit team that was outplaying them late in the game. After a grinding overtime period, the two teams went to a shootout. That's where Elizabeth Doyle, who has to be the player of the game in this one despite allowing 3 goals in regulation, was an absolute stalwart for St. Louis. She allowed none of Detroit's attempts and held them off just long enough for Boris Franciszek to sneak one past A Jobin and give the Scarecrows the W.

[Image: xOtrQ61.gif]

Comment # 1 Game 3 (132 words)
The true unsung hero of this game, even though he ended up with a Loss is Goaltender A. Jobin of the Detroit Falcons. In the first period alone, the Scarecrows scored two goals on the power play. One a little after the two minute mark, and another 15 minutes an 30 seconds in on the power play once again. Jobin made a total of 17 saves on 19 shots in the first period alone. The Falcons only had three shots on goal, two of which ended up in the back of the net. The second and third period of the game, Jobin made 7 saves in each. The game ended up in a shootout with Jobin stopping 5 shooters in a row, but still lost the game when Borys Franciszek netted one.

Comment #2 Game 3 (168 Words)

The rivalry was hot tonight between the Detroit Falcons and the St. Louis Scarecrows. One of the first games of the season, both teams were ready to rock and roll. This was a back and forth game in the first period with, both teams exchanging goals. No discipline could be found on either side, with 3 out of the 4 goals being scored on the power play. Both teams were 100% on the power plays after the first period which is a pretty impressive feat. The second period featured a total of 4 penalties, but the penalty kill came up strong on both sides. The only goal scored was at even strength by the Scarecrows. With the end of the game in sight, the Falcons pulled A. Jobin from the net and Guy O’Shea was able to find the back of the net to the Tie the game with a man advantage. Overall, 5 of the 6 goals (not including the shootout) were scored on the man advantage.

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Nour is pretty hot ngl

Stat Pack Breakdown

Struggling Penalty Kills
Both teams struggled to find their groove on the penalty kill in this early season contest. St. Louis got in their own way as they conceded five penalties and allowed two of their three goals allowed on the penalty kill, while the Falcons only allowed one powerplay goal, did so on three penalty kills which gives them and equally poor penalty kill percentage as both teams had at least a 60% penalty kill. Both teams will need to focus on improving as the season continues on into the later stages and eventually the playoffs.

[Image: ml002.gif]
Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
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