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PGS S52 Game 73: Scarecrows vs Falcons
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                                            St. Louis Scarecrows         Scarecrows          VS        Falcons      Detroit Falcons

It’s another classic rivalry between the Scarecrows and the Falcons. Scarecrows going into this game will try to refine their touch with only a single win out of their last five games with an overall record of 8-5-1. Falcons on the other hand had an impressive 9 game winning streak earlier this season but in their last 2 games against Anaheim and Carolina, they have lost but still have a really solid overall record of 9-5-0. Only one point separates each team apart so this should be an excellent opportunity for either team to climb up in the standings. 


Scarecrows come out of the gates, soaring past the falcons, with only 28 seconds in, forward James Ronlain picks the puck off the defender and scores for his 7th of the season, defender Guy O’Shea who blocked the initial shot from, forward Ruslan Zaporozhets couldn’t recover in time and the game starts 1-0 early. However that wouldn’t stop the Scarecrows from putting anymore pressure, 1:33 later, Falcons dump the puck deep but forward Sasha Dangelchek retrieves it quickly and lobs the puck over the blue line and caught by forward Alex Reyer who quickly takes it and skates in the neutral zone and entering the Falcon’s terrority with a surprising quick snapshot, it passes the goaltender for his 2nd of the season and to make it 2-0 with barely two minutes in. At 7:41 into the first period, the Scarecrows would score again, an offensive draw in the Falcon’s zone for the Scarecrows seem all what they needed as they quickly set up and forward Aron Hernadivic scores, his 2nd of the season and from the pass from centerman Trey Nets for a fast 3-0 lead. The Scarecrows would continue to pile shots on Falcon’s goaltender, Oleg Igorevich Burov with a total of 18 so far. Falcons struggle early as this game seems to be slipping away.

SHOTS: STL 18 - DET 10


There wouldn’t be much action by goals, but things start to get chippy between both teams. Even Scarecrow’s goalie, Elizabeth Doyle took a slashing penalty midway through the period. Between the two teams, the Falcons took better chances on the PP but they couldn’t seem to get it past the net as the opposing goalie, Elizabeth Doyle would stone them every single chance. 

SHOTS: STL 23 - DET 26


Going into the third, Detroit seemed reckless and lost, forward Khabib Nurmagomedov took his second penalty of the game and the Scarecrows would score on the power play defender, Flash Gordon shoots a hard laser through traffic and it gets deflected in by forward James Ronlain for his 2nd of the game and his 8th of season, midway through the period. The Falcons would continue to take penalties for the rest of the game but the Scarecrows couldn’t capitalize. It seemed like the game was over but one last quick rush by the Scarecrow’s first line added more to the score, forward James Ronlain collected his 3rd goal of the night for the hat-trick and 9th of the season to finish off the game. Goaltender, Elizabeth Doyle shuts the Falcons offense with a shutout with 29 saves. This is a 1st out of 3 game series for both teams in the next couple days. The Falcons will surely look past this game and figure it out against the Scarecrows next time. 



  1. [b]James Ronlain (3G)  Scarecrows [/b]

  2. [b]Elizabeth Doyle (Shutout)  Scarecrows [/b]

  3. [b]Ruslan Zaporozhets (3A)  Scarecrows [/b]

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Can I just write "oof" three hundred times and have it count as my comments?
1. Detroit certainly had a hard time offensively this game. Saint Louis had fifty one shots on goal while Detroit only had 29. Being out shot by almost double is a sure way to tell that something is not going well for you. Saint Louis had a very tough defense that was quick to shut down any offensive attempts by the Falcons, mostly by forcing turnovers. Power plays were another big area of offensive weakness for the Falcons, converting zero of their six power plays. It seems that Saint Louis was just as comfortable on defense with four people as it was with five.
2. Defense was also something Detroit lacked in this game. They let Saint Louis get close to the goal for shots almost twice as much as they were actually able to shoot themselves. The Falcon in goal, Oleg Igorevich Burov, did very well, but after fifty one shots throughout the game, some of them were bound to go in. Something that the Falcons will need to work on going forward is shutting down the inside and taking away shooting angles. The way they let Saint Louis take so many uncontested shots shows that the Falcon defense needs some tightening up and discipline.
3. Overall, this was a pretty rough game for the Detroit Falcons. While they have had a fairly good start to their season, games like this really show how young the team is. This lack of experience can make the team swing from one of the best groups out there to being a group of guys that look like they have no idea whats going on and this is all due to the consistency that experience brings. It may be easy to judge a team based on a loss like this, but this was an early season game with a team full of rookies. As the rookies rapidly grow, you can expect the results to get better and better just as quickly. Detroit is a team that you will want to look out for towards the end of this season and they are definitely going to be hot come next season.

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An Embarrassment That Could Have Been Catastrophe:

There's no doubt about it: this was a garbage game for Detroit. A 5-0 loss to a rival is nothing short of deeply embarrassing, but with that said I think there's a couple of factors here that kept the game from being a complete and utter catastrophe. For one, despite 51 shots against and 14 minutes on the penalty kill, Burov maintained a .902 S% for the Falcons. It takes passion and dedication to the game to be battling for every puck in a blowout loss. Burov is a true team player showing some much needed veteran leadership on an inexperienced Detroit team. Secondly, as I mentioned above, the Falcons played 14 minutes on the penalty kill! Discipline is a reoccurring issue for this team, as penalty trouble continues to be a factor. If it weren't for penalty killers stopping 6 of 7 chances, this game could have been far, far uglier. Special shout outs to Sutherland, NCheese, and Sulfurgold for each playing over 6.5 minutes on a solid PK.

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Special Team Opportunities Missed

As much as the game appeared to have been dominated from head to toe by the Scarecrows, the Falcons weren't without their own opportunities as this was a powerplay filled game. The difference remained the overall compete level and skill level on the offensive end of things where St Louis was able to score at will most of which 5on5 and of course getting a hat trick from James Ronlain. Detroit had the 2nd period for themselves as they were able to enjoy 4 separate powerplays that ended with a donut. Chances are when that kind of opportunity came and passed, they became unraveled and took their own share of unnecessary penalties leading to a bigger hole to climb from in the 3rd.

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The Kalakar Award (Awarded to the best player)
I believe Elizabeth Doyle had earn the honors to take home the Kalakar Award after her dominant performance between the pipes. She saved all 29 shots she faced, completely blanking out the Detroit Falcons shots as they were unable to find the twine over the course of the entire game. Doyle finished the game with a 1.000 save percentage and improved to an overall 8-4-1 record to finish things off. She had several big saves all throughout the game, including a massive second period that featured a big surge from the Falcons who outshot the Scarecrows 16 to 5. If not for the masterful performance by Doyle, the Scarecrows could have been in a lot of trouble this game, but here they are.

The Jack Kanoff Award (Awarded to the most Physical Player)
In a game featuring the man himself, Jack was mediocre with 1 hit and 2 shots blocked overall in 17 minutes and 25 seconds. His lackluster performance would ultimately go unnoticed, however, on the other squad was an absolute tank by the name of Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Leb. On this night the only thing longer than his name was his penis and boy was he swinging it everywhere. The man had a fantastic performance with 3 hits and 4 blocked shots as he was essentially the Berlin Wall recreated but in the SHL. He was all over the ice with several big, momentum changing hits, one of the bigger ones being the one on star rookie Cal Labovitch early in the 2nd period.

The Gabriel Johnson Award (Awarded to the most useless player)
This game’s Gabriel Johnson award goes to Ttam Renkrac. In 5 minutes and 38 seconds they did absolutely nothing, putting up 0’s across the board. The more confusing part? They also got 48 seconds of power play time and 1 minute and 43 seconds of penalty kill time. Similarly, his dynamic duo James Brown had a solid 1 shot blocked in 11 minutes, they had a respectful number of minutes played, but with only 1 stat to show for it, it was a disappointing performance to say the least. This would not be Ttam's first time being showcased on the Gabriel Johnson panel and it would be safe to say he might be on his way out if the Falcons can find another defenseman in the upcoming draft.

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Nour is pretty hot ngl
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Warrior of the Game: Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, D, STL - 2 PIM, 3 hits, 4 blocked shots, 15:25 TOI, 5:02 PK TOI

While he won't be a major offensive weapon, Lespineau-Lebrunette is a grinder that any team would love to have. The league leader in hits added three more to his total tonight, and sacrificed his body on many occasions by blocking four shots, two of which were on the penalty kill. Even when winning big like the Scarecrows did tonight, it's not easy to keep up that level of play through an entire game when you're constantly out there at a disadvantage, as Lespineau-Lebrunette was in this game with five minutes of penalty killing duty. His only real blemish was a high-sticking penalty in the second period that allowed the Falcons to get eight shots on goal in a power play, but Elizabeth Doyle and the Scarecrowd defense proved up to the task and they killed the penalty without a score.

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