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Activity Check #302

Gabriel Wong Platoon

[Image: 53381_s.gif]

[Image: 49370_s.gif]

[Image: ehkPJY1.png]

1. Team Canada , Benjamin Wong 1 (Jay McDonald) at 8:49
first ever Canadian Olympic Goal

Schieck pride

[Image: PRedauw.png]
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Jack Tanner (D) - [Player Page] [Player Updates]
[Image: PRedauw.png]

[Image: mH3z832.png]

[Image: Beaver.gif]
One sig is tweed's and the other was a karlssens/Copenhagen collab

AC | Bank | Claims

#1 overall seed (and Champ) in Showdown tournament. Showed Keygan why. Twice.

Ray Bork pride

CURRENT: pride Uk raiders | ALUMNI: Knights Germany
[Image: G6sDxwn.png][Image: WIwz4zs.png]
[Image: 0CCyraH.png]

Hugh Jazz Steelhawks


[Image: Jagger_Fouquette.png]

Player Page
Update Page

First WJC Preseason Shot 13:48 of 2nd period - Shot by Jagger Fouquette

Dragons Atlas Rush

S52 "A" Alternate Captain of the Calgary Dragons
"GM" - Former Prince George Firebirds General Manager
"C" - Former Captain of the Halifax Raiders
S48 Brandon Holmes Trophy Recipient - Top Defensive Forward

[Image: DALqz4Z.jpg]
FirebirdsScarecrowsraidersCanadaDragonsBlizzardStars - Platoon
Mr. Whisk(e)y
Man With the Moustashe
Owner of Pr%f Cocktail Lounge
Atlas Rush Player Updates
Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite

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