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SMJHL S52 PT 3 - Perfect Player

If I were create one perfect player, that would honestly be really easy. I wouldn’t have to look too far and I wouldn’t have to do so much soul sacrificing to combine different people.

For the hands, I would take the hands of none other than the legend Ambacas Cuddles. His passing and puck handling skills are unmatched. There’s a reason that Ambacas Cuddles is an SMJHL all star in his rookie season. His passing and puck handling are beyond his years.

For heart, I would also pick none other than Ambacas Cuddles. Ambacas has a really big heart. Not because of his amazing intangibles or anything, but because that dude is big as fuck he’s like 7 foot 9 how would he not have the biggest heart in the league.

Lastly, for grit, I would choose, you guessed it, Ambacas Cuddles. Ambacas is a big, mean motherfucker. He gets in the corners, blocks shots, and lays people out. He really does it all.

[Image: Trella.png]
[Image: teddy.gif]
[Image: image0.png]
crutch,May 30 2018, 10:44 PM Wrote:don't worry, it's just trella, all bark and no bite

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