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Wasty 2/16
(This post was last modified: 02-14-2020, 09:08 AM by Wasty.)

[Image: mmNsc0e.png]
[Image: MIsYlu9.png] @Tomen
[Image: ftsSb49.png] @Nokazoa
[Image: 9y84nQY.png] @Jepox

[Image: WastyMauldin.gif]
[Image: vlPUU9v.png][Image: ammBPLt.png][Image: rnZeas5.png][Image: yxDRdI8.png]


Fire as always

[Image: sfOMki5.png]

two face lookin ass

[Image: smHhkeF.png][Image: ZbOi9VK.png][Image: E980fLG.png]

[Image: OT0KcdD.png][Image: WIQTAbH.png]


[Image: Ominous.PNG]
[Image: nokazoa.gif]
First SHL Goal:
[Image: first_goal.PNG]

[Image: mK0RvNX.png]         [Image: ktJ2jTl.png]

Hi, Wasty, thank you for your submissions. Your signatures have been graded by a panel. Values and comments were privately submitted by a panel of 6 graders, and have been aggregated below. The comments are selections from anonymous comments made by the graders in regards to what caught their eyes, potential improvements, or other things that factored into their decision making.

Amazing job here, can tell lots of effort was put into this one. Nice work, Wasty.
Great text work, very nice transition from Knights to Pride on the jersey.
looks like avicii at a mardi gras parade
Stop it
5 / 5 - 1.25M

Very creative with the text here, but somehow the hair looks almost too sharp for my taste.
Favorite of the bunch. Cool interaction between the render and text.
That S wrapping around the render is gorgeous. Home run once again.
Really like your render work here. You pushed the limited with the sharpening and it really makes this sig pop for me. The text is awesome how you curled the 'S' around his neck. Nothing wrong here as lighting also makes this work tremendously.

[Julio note: grading has taken so long because I spunked on my keyboard when I saw this one.]
5 / 5 - 1.25M

Watched the video of how you created this masterpiece. Really enjoyed the work on the jersey/cut itself. Only thing I could maybe say is focus more of the lighting towards the middle of the sig but I like what you were going for here.
Classic waste management.
Too good once again, you make my job very easy.
5 / 5 - 1.25M

The area around the render's head looks also overly sharp for some reason, but I do like the text and the overall composition.
Very nice color. Love the icy blue on that smaller text.
While monochrome sigs are hard to nail, you killed this one.
I don't know what you did using topaz on the cut's face here but it looks cool so great job. Text makes this standout.
5 / 5 - 1.25M

Total payout: 5M

[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: egAspOO.png]
[Image: carpy48.gif]
all sigs made by me + special thanks to @Wasty

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