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Analyzing every game I have had so far! (First two seasons!)

I was curious to see how much I have improved as a player and therefore decided to take a closer look at my games over my Juniors career so far.

In my first season, Season 49, I joined as a waiver create and joined the Lethbridge Lions, who have since changed names. I was pretty happy with my team choice and love the guys on the team. I joined midseason so I was a bit behind and ended up being kinda weak for that first season but still, let's take a look.

Game 1: My first game was a tough one. I ended up being -3 and did nothing special of sorts. I lost my only face off. I only saw the ice for 7:21.

Game 2: Well that was immediately a tiny bit better. I only was -1 this time around and I actually WON my first face off. Hooray. 12 minutes on the ice is also a better time.

Game 3: Similarly, I went -1 again, but this time I actually did some stuff. I had my first shot in the game, as well as a hit. I also blocked a shot. I ended up 2 out of 4 on face offs.

Game 4: The first game where I ended up with a neutral point score at 0, I also had a shot in the game.

Game 5: I did absolutely nothing all game. I only played for 7 minutes too.

Game 6: I became more confident in my abilities, shooting the puck three times, but still no points. -1 on the day again as well.

Game 7: Man this was a really rough start for me. Still no points or anything.

Game 8: Another 0 game, but this time I had 3 hits in the game. That is something I guess?

Game 9: Another shot blocked for me, at least not a complete waste of a game.

Game 10: 10 games played, still 0 points. Another shot in this game, eventually one has to go in right?

Game 11: A shot, a hit and 2 penalty minutes. That's a new one!

Game 12: Man, my luck is running out. It cannot be! FIVE shots in this game and yet still nothing to show for. Come on man!

Game 13: Ayyyy my first point! Finally. I scored an assist and got a +1 for the day. I also had a shot in the game.

Game 14: Absolute 0 across the board, sad.

Game 15: Second absolute 0 across the board in a row, and all of that after my first point!

Game 16: -2 for the day but at least I had a shot this time. I am also slowly starting to see more minutes, now up to 13.

Game 17: A hit but nothing else, another -1 day as well.

Game 18: There we go! Another point, again through an assist. -1 still anyway, but I am happy with my point. A shot in the game as well.

Game 19: -1 on the day, 3 shots though and a blocked shot.

Game 20: It took TWENTY games but there it is. My first freaking goal! Could not be happier with this. I only needed one shot today too but it happened. Let's freaking go!

Game 21: Another shot and hit, but not much else to show. -1 on the day.

Game 22: -1 day and nothing else to show for.

Game 23: It took less games this time but here is another goal. Fantastic. Two shots in this game and three hits. I am getting rowdy now that I am scoring goals.

Game 24: -2 is tough, but I had four shots and 2 hits again. At least I am doing stuff now.

Game 25: A shot in the game and nothing else.

Game 26: -1 and 2 shots, well I have had worse games to be honest.

Game 27: My best game yet! What a game. I scored a goal and got an assist. That also means I got the first star in this game as well. First time I got two points in a game. I got 2 penalty minutes and had four shots.

Game 28: Two shots and two hits, nothing else to do.

Game 29: -1 and a shot, oh well. Where is my next point?

Game 30: What a ridiculous game. Hooray! Another new best game. Only the second star this time but there is so much to show here. I scored another goal, and got two assists this time, three points in a game! 3 shots and a hit in the game as well. First game where I played over 15 minutes as well!

Game 31: Another assist! Now I am on a roll. -2 on the day is not great but two shots and a hit as well.

Game 32: No points but 3 shots and 2 hits in the game.

Game 33: An assist again, this is a really good roll for me. Three games in four games with pints. A shot and a hit as well.

Game 34: ON FIRE. Another game with a point. A goal scored and then I also had 3 shots and a hit, 2 penalty minutes in the game.

Game 35: +1 on the day, 3 shots and a hit. Not a bad game, even without a point.

Game 36: -1 and 2 shots and a hit.

Well, that was the last game of the first season. While I started out very slow, I really started to heat up towards the end of the season and really made an impact as a player. It made me feel a lot better about my season and I felt confident heading into my second year. In my 36 games, I ended up with 5 goals and 7 assists in the end. Though that basically also means I had 5 goals and 6 assists in the last 20 games of the season, which seems a lot better already. I had a -19 on the season which is not great. I also had 6 penalty minutes, got 24 hits, shot the puck 53 times for a percentage of 9.43% and averaged 11.60 minutes per game. 4 of my points came on the power play. One of my goals was a game winning goal and I was the first star once, second star once. Not a bad start to my career!

Game 1: Well the first game wasn't great yet. -1 on the day, but two shots. Suddenly playing 22 minutes though, this should be good.

Game 2: There we go! First point of the year. An assist to start out with. -1 on the day, with 2 penalty minutes isn't great. 3 shots are good.

Game 3: Another great game. Two assists in one game, two shots +2 on the day, that is a pretty good day if you ask me. Third star as well!

Game 4: Not much to show for in this game but at least I was +1 with a shot and two hits.

Game 5: -1 with two penalty minutes, three shots, three hits. Can't quite get this season going yet.

Game 6: It's getting worse again. -2 with a shot, not a great game at all. Why am I struggling?

Game 7: Big fat zeroes on the board except for shots, where I took four somehow.

Game 8: -1 on the day, but two shots, two hits and a blocked shot!

Game 9: -1 again, with two penalty minutes and only one shot. A game to forget about.

Game 10: Finally a goal! Not sure why I was struggling for so long again. +1 on the day too with a shot and a hit.

Game 11: -1 on the day with just one hit and nothing else. Bleh!

Game 12: -1 with a shot and a hit. Again I am still struggling.

Game 13: Four shots, finally at least I did better there, but besides an additional hit, not much else.

Game 14: There we go, another goal. I was due! 3 shots helped as well.

Game 15: Two in a row! Another goal for Vanice and a record high six shots for me.

Game 16: An assist, so three games with a point in a row. 2 penalty minutes and 3 shots as well.

Game 17: The streak ends, with a game just with a hit and a blocked shot.

Game 18: BOOM! What a game. A goal and two assists for the three point game. Still just +1 on the day. 3 shots in the game. What a nice game. First star!

Game 19: Another goal, +2 on the day. 4 shots and 2 hits. Not a bad day.

Game 20: 4 shots on the day and a hit.

Game 21: 4 shots again but this time I also had a point! An assist this time and +1 rating.

Game 22: Another assist, two in a row. Starting another streak? Also had three shots again but cannot find the back of the net.

Game 23: Streak sadly over again. 2 penalty minutes, two shots, 1 hit, 2 blocked shots. -1 on the day.

Game 24: -2 on the day and only 2 hits, nothing else. Forgettable game.

Game 25: There is a point again, another assist. Only had 1 hit but two penalty minutes.

Game 26: An assist again, another mini streak started. +1 on the day too. Had a hit and blocked shot too.

Game 27: Streak ended again, cannot get a good one going. Four shots and a hit.

Game 28: Not bad, only a game break and back to scoring. An assist in this game with even +2 rating, very good. Two shots and two hits on top of it.

Game 29: Absolute zero across the entire board. What an awful game from me.

Game 30: Two hits and two shots, but beyond that nothing.

Game 31: Finally another goal! It hasn't been a great season for goals, so I am happy any time it happens. Two shots and two hits.

Game 32: +1 on the day, a shot and a hit.

Game 33: Game not found? I guess the box score is broken.

Game 34: THREE GOALS! What a day for Thomas Vanice. Three goals in one game for the first time. First star of course. Only needed four shots and had three hits as well. What a day!

Game 35: And another goal! On a roll now. -2 on the day despite it. Two shots and two hits.

Game 36: Big zero besides one hit.

Game 37: +1 but besides that I did absolutely nothing.

Game 38: Two shots and two hits. Not terrible.

Game 39: +1 again, with a record six shots, and a blocked shot too.

Game 40: TWO goals this time, another first star performance, I can do it in small bursts apparently. +1 on the day and a new record 7 shots in the game. I had a hit too. Great fantastic game by me.

Game 41: Three shots and two hits, didn't do anything besides that.

Game 42: -1 on the day, two shots and a hit on the game.

Game 43: Three shots and a hit, decent game.

Game 44: Same game as before, three shots and a hit.

Game 45: Another goal! -2 on the day despite the goal, came in two shots as well.

Game 46: Entirely zero across the board, what a disappointing game.

Game 47: -2 on the day and zeroes across the board. ANy time I think I am heating up, I get worse.

Game 48: Four shots and two hits, at least I am trying to be better again.

Game 49: An assist! Well it's a point at least. Two shots as well.

Game 50: Another assist! 2 penalty minutes and a shot and a blocked shot as well.

Well that ends my first full season. Not terrible but overall it could have been better I think. What did I end up with? In 50 games I ended up with 13 goals and 13 assists. That's actually pretty good! But so many of my goals just came in small bursts. It's a tough situation. I had 14 penalty minutes, 45 hits, 110 shots on the season. That's an 11.82% shot percentage. I played an average of 20.15 minutes. 6 of my points came on the power play. I had two game winning goals and one game tying goal. I was first star three times, second star once and third star once. Not a bad follow up season!

I will end this here for now and might return to do the rest later. This was fun!

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