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PGS S52 Game 125: Anaheim Outlaws vs Anchorage Armada

[Image: Outlaws2.png] vs [Image: Anchorage.png]
Outlaws 4-3 Armada

Tonights game features two tough teams as the Outlaws took on the Armada

First Period

Both teams got extremely physical to start the game as we get our first penalties about a minute into the game. Both teams were awards matching minors as Stan Hanson of the Armada and Nicholas Owens pf the Outlaws each received two minute penalties. The team played four on four hockey which nobody able to hit the back of the net. Seven and a half minutes into the first we get our first goal, as Rhys Pritchard of the Outlaws get his seventh goal of the season. However, this lead wouldn't last long as a few minutes later the Armada answers back with a nifty move by Daniel Bischoff as he scores his 14th goal of the season, tying the game. A minute later we get our first power play of the game as Stan Hanson of the Armada gets called for interference. That penalty is killed off and we are back to 5 on 5 hockey. With a little bit more than three minutes left in the first Rhys Pritchard of the Outlaws gets called for roughing and the Armada get their first power play of the game. The Armada make the Outlaws pay for their costly mistake as Ulrik Bergstrom snipes it into the back of the net and the Armada get their first lead of the game making it 2-1. The first period ends with the score 2-1 Armada.

Second Period

Clearly the Outlaws are starting to get frustrated as they amp of their physicality. With about a minute into the second Jacob Riley of the Outlaws gets called for high sticking. However, that penalty gets cleared without many problems. Four minutes into the second Stan Hanson of the Armada gets called for a slashing minor penalty. The Outlaws tried their hardest to get the game tied but had no luck, that penalty gets cleared and we are back 5 on 5. The rest of the period was quite even with both teams getting chances to score but with eight minutes left in the period the Armada got their crucial third goal with Berry Blue getting his fourth of the season. This brought the Armada up 3-1. The third period ends with the score of 3 to 1 in the Armada's favor

Third period

The Outlaw coaches must have had some choice words to their players as they seemed to have woken up in the third. The Outlaw's fired shot after shot as Taylor Johansson gets his first goal of the season a minute into the third bringing the game within one! The Outlaws were not done there as they continued to get shots off. Four minutes into the third Stan Hanson of the Armada caused a super costly penalty as he gets called for goalie interference. The Outlaws knew this was there chance to tie the game and they do! Kevin Robinson gets his eleventh goal of the season and ties the game. They do say 3-1 is the costly lead in hockey and this game is no exception. The Outlaws were not done there as they continued to press the Armada's goaltender and with less than three minutes left in the game Bale of the Outlaws fires the game winner as the Outlaws complete their comeback and win the game!

This was for sure an exciting game with the final score 4-3 in the Outlaws favor

3 Stars
1 - Kevin Robinson (ANA)
2 - Daniel Bischoff (ANC)
3 - John Forfeit (ANA)

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Comment 1 - Unsung Hero: 
Top line Anchorage Center Mitchell van der Heijden did his level best to keep his team in the game. With an astounding 22:11 of ice time, van der Heijden went 26 of 35 from the faceoff dot (75%) and set up many possessions for Anchorage. He notched two assists, one on the first goal in the first period tied the game at 1-1 and then again on a second period goal that gave Anchorage a 3-1 lead. He also had two shots on goal and a +1 rating as he tried to create chances down the stretch. A late faceoff win allowed Anchorage to pull the goalie for the extra attacker but it was to no avail.

Comment 2 - Goalie Clinic:
Despite taking the loss, Anchorage goalie Ian Venables put on quite the display.  If not for a late flurry of activity in the third period by Anaheim, Venables may have been able to win the game.  Allowing 4 goals on 44 shots, Venables had a respectable save percentage of nearly 91% (0.909).  His linemates also blocked 6 shots for a total of 50 shot attempts. He faced a ridiculous 18 shots in the 3rd period and allowed three goals, but it’s hard to hang this one on Venables. On the other side of the ice the rest of the team only mustered 18 shots on goal and scored 3. If the offense for Anchorage had been more aggressive offensively they probably could have scored a couple more and secured the win.

Comment 3 - Player Showcase - Daniel Bischoff:
Picking up second star honors even in the loss, S51 MVP Daniel Bischoff continues his high-flying ways. Leading the Anchorage Armada with 22:36 of ice time, Bischoff managed to score a goal and assist on another while taking 5 shots on goal and laying two hits.  He finished the game with a +1 rating and went 3 of 7 in the faceoff dot which is pretty respectable for a winger.  Clocking time at even strength, on the power play and on the penalty kill Bischoff is a do-it-all player for Anchorage but unfortunately tonight he wasn’t able to quite do it all.

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First IIHF Goal - S51 WJC Game 7 vs Canada: 2. Prospects NA , Eric Hudson 1 (Ethan Duncan 1, Zoltan Topalo 2) at 17:01
First SJHML Goal - S52 Game 7 vs Anchorage: 9. St. Louis Scarecrows , Eric Hudson 1 (Yamamoto Mitsuharu 3) at 2:20
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Wow that is one interesting game. I think the obvious talking point here is 44 shots for Anaheim. Lord Jesus were they trying to kill Venables? They absolutely wore him down until they could start getting pucks in by the third period. Clearly the Outlaw game plan was a full on blitzkrieg that the Armada couldn't hold back for long and it worked. 2 shots and 0 goals for Anchorage in the third against 18 shots and 3 goals for Anaheim. If you can absolute dominate one third of the game I suppose you can chill a little bit on the way there. Anaheim is running on a season GD of 1 so apparently that's how they like to play it. And being in second place it looks like they've found their niche. So long story short if you get a lead on Anaheim you better bury them all the way in the ice or it will come back to haunt you.

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1. The turning point of this game has to be the Outlaws' second goal of the game. The score was 1-3 Armada, the home team was cruising and looking dangerous, and the second period ended. The team looked to be in good spirits and the crowd was certainly fired up. The second intermission must have spurred a terrific speech by Anaheim's coach because when they took the ice in the final period, there was a different atmosphere in Anchorage. Within the first minute, Nicholas Owens had a huge hit on Augustus Wang, shortly followed by a shot from Pritchard. The shot was saved, but 20 seconds later the Outlaws found the back of the net. The team began to rally as the Armada's heads slowly dropped, causing them to score two more goals, including a game-winner with only two minutes remaining.

2. The unsung hero of this game goes to Mitchell van der Heijden. He's been starting on an exceptional line this season with the two Dannys (Daniel Bischoff and Danny White) on either side of the centerman. Van der Heijden put in an incredible shift versus the Outlaws, but it was not talked about because his team was on the receiving end of a comeback. Mitchell had two assists for the night and he also won 26 out of the 35 faceoffs he took; he really didn't put a skate wrong all night. Furthermore, van der Heijden currently sits with 19 goals and 17 assists for the season, quietly having a phenomenal season, while all the accolades are sitting with Kaarlo Kekkonen, who is stealing the show.

3. The highlight of the game falls on Bale's shoulders. His game-winning goal to make it 4-3 to the Outlaws silenced the crowd as his team was thundering their sticks against the boards. Quick passes by John Forfeit and Nicholas Owens allowed Bale to find himself in plenty of space. He took on both defenders and split the difference, finding room to squeeze past the duo. Bale held onto the puck, faked the shot forehand and finished with his backhand. Bale has perhaps struggled for the minutes he has wanted this season, as he started this game down on the third line for the Outlaws. But with his 15 minutes of ice time that night, he made the most of it. His first shot was blocked, but his second and final shot of the night made him the man of the moment.

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The Kalakar Award
The Kalakar Award is given to the player who was the biggest difference maker on the ice and did it all for his team just like how Kal did it all for the SMJHL when he did the audits and still continued to sim. I believe Nicholas Owens deserved it the most out of anyone on the ice due to the fact that he had the best all around game. He showed some serious puckhandling ability and a fantastic feel for the game that helped him net 2 assists. Defensively he had 2 hits and 2 blocked shots, really emphasizing the all around game. It will probably be one to remember for the young man and hopefully the first of many performances like this one

The Jack Kanoff Award
The Jack Kanoff Award is awarded to the player who best exemplifies excellence on the defensive end of the rink mixed with strong physicality. The Kanoff award of the game goes to Nicholas Owens as well as for reasons similar to the ones stated above, he truly had a strong defensive game with 2 hits and 2 blocked shots. His blocked shots had help set the tone moving forward in the game  and potentially even set up the Outlaws for the win. Owens was truly a difference maker tonight  and I’m excited to see what he can do moving forward as this was one performance to remember.

The Gabriel Johnson Award
The Gabriel Johnson Award is given to the player who (similar to the man himself) is absolutely useless. This game’s Gabriel Johnson award goes to...Salomon Frosty. Frost had an INCREDIBLE 43 seconds on the ice today, doing absolutely fuckin’ nothing. He just came on the ice, watched someone take it down and shoot it, and then got off for the rest of the game, absolutely depressing. Similarly, his teammate Lando Norris had 4 minutes and 44 seconds of ice time and also had 0s all across the board as he was unable to do anything in the game. Situations like these are truly unfortunate, but also subject to ridicule which is exactly what’s going on at the moment.

[Image: FXVCiND.png]

Unsung Hero: Ian Venables, G, ANC - 40 saves on 44 shots

The Armada came out of the locker room in the third period with a 3-1 lead, and proceeded to completely collapse. Even if they were playing more conservatively to try and close out a lead, getting only two shots on goal in a period - one by Ryan Cvitkovich in the fourth minute and the other by Daniel Bischoff in the eighth minute - is absolutely unacceptable. Despite this, it could have been so much worse, as Ian Venables made 15 saves on 18 shots in the final frame, including three great stops on the Outlaws power play before eventually giving up the game-tying goal to Kevin Robinson. Despite the loss, when a goalie faces 44 shots in a game, the onus is on his team to make mid-game adjustments to reduce his load, and with Anaheim putting their highest number of shots on net in the third period, the Armada did not adapt to reduce the barrage on Venables and it ultimately cost them when Bale put his eighth goal of the season past the exhausted goalie on a shot off the wing.

Least Valuable Player: Stan Hanson, RW, ANC - 1 hit, -1, 4 minor penalties

Hanson is an energy guy for the Armada, but he needs to do a better job keeping his game in check and staying out of the penalty box, taking four trips to the sin bin for hooking, interference, slashing, and goalie interference, in that order, albeit one of them was countered by a Nicholas Owens penalty for elbowing. On the three power plays where Hanson was in the box, Anaheim had eleven shots on goal and eventually scored the game-tying goal on the last power play. Hanson absolutely owes his penalty killers, especially the goalie Ian Venables, a beer after the game for taking those penalties. It's just not sustainable to keep putting your team shorthanded that many times on the actions of one player, and the Armada eventually paid for it.

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