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Symmetrik 02/16

[Image: qSID6Ia.jpg]

[Image: symmetrik.gif]

Prince George Firebirds GM (S34-S36)
Toronto North Stars GM (S37-S43)

Hi, Symmetrik, thank you for your submissions. Your signatures have been graded by a panel. Values and comments were privately submitted by a panel of 6 graders, and have been aggregated below. The comments are selections from anonymous comments made by the graders in regards to what caught their eyes, potential improvements, or other things that factored into their decision making.


I don't love how the text interacts with the stocks - it gets a bit messy - but the concept is there.
the render's lighting seems like it could have used a bit more contrast, but the shadows match the background so at least there's some cohesion. The flare overlays are pretty heavy, but they work over the background and render (iffy on the overlays affecting the text).
From a stock point of view, you did great with it. I think the text could use some work as it looks a little too 2D. The render needs a bit of lighting as well, but I think this is going in the right direction
Good job here with the red effects over the player. Only issue is that the render looks a bit LQ. Make it a staple next time to use a higher quality render. Background here is also really well done.
3 / 5 - 750k

Total payout: 750k

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all sigs made by me + special thanks to @Wasty

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