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The Player's Tribune | "Let's Dance" | By Jimmy Wagner [RMB2]
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[Rookie Bonus Media 2 (first 1000 words x1.5), 728 words x 1.5 = 1092 words, ready for grading]

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This is the fourth entry on The Player's Tribune in an ongoing series following hockey prospect Jimmy Wagner through his journey of playing professionally. You can read his first piece “Hey Dad” here, or view the index of his entries here.

If you’ve never been to Charlotte, you should definitely add it to your list.

A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what part of the country it was in, let alone anything else about the city. No bias, this place is insane, and they love hockey. Every single game is a sold out sea of orange and black, and they pack Spectrum day in and day out. I’m so happy I ended up in a city so passionate. The city itself is so beautiful too, I love getting to see the skyline on my way into town, and it’s still just as breathtaking as when I first saw it. Uptown is always bustling, and the number of Kraken jerseys always makes me smile. The nightlife is incredible too, so many places to listen to music and dance. I love dancing, and we had some places in Perg we could hit up at night, but man do the Carolinas like to eat, drink, and dance. Cities like ours make playing this beautiful game so special.

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Getting to finish out the regular season in front of you guys was perfect. We may have been down early, but we were never lost or out of the game with the support behind us. When St. Louis made it 2-1 after Fiddler had just equalized, you got louder, and you stayed loud. We could still feel your energy coursing through the arena as we sat in the locker room before the third. You were on your feet for thirty scoreless minutes, willing us to take that Laurifer Trophy. You called us to action.

And we answered.

After so many chances, watching shots from all over get blocked or kicked away, Weston finally found space in the third, and I honestly thought the roof was going to fall in. It was that loud, and my voice blended with all of yours.

When that goal went in I knew we were going to win that game.

Unfortunately, we didn't win the regular season title. The locker room is pretty fine with that, but I'm a bit less superstitious than most of the hockey world. I don't worry about curses, but I also can say that knowing we have the best damn team on the ice every night.

Most of the hockey world will also say one game or one series at a time. I'm not gonna get ahead of myself, and all my focus is on playing whoever we get between Kelowna, Newfoundland, and Anchorage, but I also am not afraid to say this:

We're bringing that Cup back to Carolina. Period.

It’s been a long season so far, and we’ve been fortunate enough to ride a lot of highs this year. From winning our first five, to last night's shootout win to close out the season, every game has been a grind. Bruises pile up, you go to bed sore every night, and you get mentally fatigued from week after week of flights and bus rides, games and practices. The days run together so much it’s incredible how many great moments still stick out so clearly.

My first goal to kick off our season.

Alexei’s five point game against Newfoundland.

Hroch shutting out Halifax.

This team is special, without a doubt.

[Image: 6FtBKZO.png]

From the very beginning of arriving here; going camping before the season started, apartment hunting with the other rookies, and crushing the dance-off (and getting called a figure skater) in training camp, these guys have had my back and I’ve had theirs. These guys are family to me, and I’m going to miss the older guys when their SHL teams come calling this offseason. That just makes the will to win that much stronger though, you know? Not only is it such a good opportunity for us, but we all want to do it for them, this is the last chance they’re gonna get to win the Four Star and we’re gonna send them out on top.

It’s been a long season, and you’ve never failed to have our backs, Charlotte.
Shall we dance?
Jimmy Wagner
Carolina Kraken
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Charlotte does rock and they do love their hockey, BBQ and Beer.

Maybe we'll get to play a couple playoff games in Charlotte... see ya there!

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