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Jax Aittokallio - Rage

An old man's dream ended. A young man's vision of the future opened wide. Young men have visions, old men have dreams. But the place for old men to dream is beside the fire.
[Image: oB2iXro.png]
[Image: tjyuut.jpg] 
Thanks to Jackson, Copenhagen, and Harry Hans!


Elijah Jones

Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Anchorage Armada - Los Angeles Panthers
Player page - Update page
Toivo Kosonen - Defenseman - #33 Retired
Player pageUpdate Page
[Image: 2QNNdey.png]


[Image: Esso2264.gif]

Ursin Zimmermann Outlaws Stars

[Image: 15Ng51w.png] 

[Image: 1ZGeqzp.png]
Thank you @Carpy48


[Image: pvOiKu0.png]
 Player Page  |  Update Page

Jon Forty-One


Mr. 41
Season 48 Play-off Most Valuable Player + 4 Star Cup Winner
2. Great Britain , Jon Forty-One 2 (Jimmy Slothface 4) at 1:53
GWG vs Ireland in Semi-finals. Goal in the final vs Sweden
Uk Season 52 Gold Medal winner! Uk
[Image: jon41.gif]
Update page for Jon Forty-One
Blizzard The cultist wanting revenge on the SHL Uk

Blackwood Blizzard

[Image: MrStennett08.gif]

Scarecrows Usa Blizzard

First SHL Goal
5. Edmonton Blizzard , Barrett Blackwood 1 (Marc Hagan 2, James Truong 3) at 1:51

Commander Shepard Jets

[Image: shepard.png][Image: giphy.gif][Image: TFOzBaZ.gif]
Thanks to @FlappyGiraffe and @ToeDragon84 for the making these sick sigs!

Quote:                            First Goal (3rd Game): Commander Shepard 1 (Nick Brain 1, Noah Gallagher 2) at 8:48


meszaros Scarecrows

[Image: ml002.gif]
Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
 [Image: MM4nqx6.png] [Image: Niz2wua.png][Image: egAspOO.png] Knights
[Image: GZ9XvkA.png]

Michael Fox, Specters

[Image: 60859_s.gif]
[Image: specterspp.png]  [Image: spectersupdate.png]
Credit to @sköldpaddor & @Bruins10 & @caltroit_red_flames for the sigs

Eric Vanderberg Jets

[Image: VEQowVd.png]
[Image: ktrdATh.png]

Player Thread|Stampede|Update Thread

Hernadivic - STL

[Image: jfisherr.gif]
Thanks to Carpy, Cal, GoldenGlutes and myself for the sigs :peepoheart:

[Image: czechpp.png][Image: czechup.png]

Thomas Bathory Panthers

[Image: TqPRsIf.png]

Mathias Seger Chiefs

Outlaws Switzerland Chiefs  Mathias Seger #15 | Player page | Update page Outlaws Switzerland Chiefs
[Image: Segi.gif] 
Sigs by Donini and RainDelay

Adam Barron Canada Jets

[Image: txsnHNb.jpg]

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