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S53 SHL Entry Draft

03-17-2020, 08:47 PMSDCore Wrote:
03-17-2020, 12:31 PMChris-McZehrl Wrote: by the way its really the best membership in charge since I was arrived in January 2012

I thought you quit

your reaction is nice to the public!
in other way ... I am just here to mention shit from corrupt members in charge!

[Image: McZehrl.png]

Challenge Cup Wins:
S18 - Riot Seattle Riot (with Chris McZehrl)*
S23 - Wolfpack New England Wolfpack (with Chris McZehrl)*
S27 - Dragons Calgary Dragons (with VLAD McZehrl)
S34 - Rage Manhattan Rage (with VLAD McZehrl)
S37 - Jets Winnipeg Jets (with VLAD McZehrl)
S46 - Stampede Buffalo Stampede (with GOD McZehrl)*

Four Star Cup Wins:
S24 - Whalers Vancouver Whalers (with VLAD McZehrl)
S39 - Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (with GOD McZehrl)

*first ever Challenge Cup of Franchise History

post updated with trades and selections!

[Image: cAxsuvN.png][Image: cAVF6C6.png]

[Image: Skree.gif]
**First GM in SMJHL history to win 3 Four Star Cups back-to-back-to-back**

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