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SHL Call Up/Send Down Transactions

As I understand it, this sort of activity is in a separate forum for HOs and GMs. I would like there either to be some way to access this or regular and timely announcements made when teams make those transactions. 
Mostly this is for my own selfish sake of being able to generate accurate media content. Also adds a bit of the transparency of what teams are doing rather than trying to find this stuff out secondhand. Hell, I'll even do the job if a position opens up.

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smart guy ham

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Agreed. I like doing roster analysis articles and I want to know who’s staying on the teams for upcoming seasons.

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So...some context.

In the GM area of the site HO posts a check list of what needs to be done in the off-season. Here is a example.
gM check list:(GM's change the no's to yes' when they are done. )
Lines Submitted: NO
Regression Done: NO
Budget Posted: NO
Contracts Deposited: NO
Send-Downs Posted: NO
Roster/Prospects/Update Forums Updated: NO

Of the above, only the lines submitted, and the send downs posted are in private areas of the server. The rest is all in open areas. Each team has a budget sheet in their team area they update, and this is then captured centrally as well in the transactions area of the site, the roster pages are literary the forum area where your player's page lives. And regression is posted centrally and contracts being deposited can be seen by looking at a member on that teams bank account and clicking the link to other linked transactions (or whatever it is called)

and the way lines are done is about to change for fHM anyway....

Soooo.... 80 percent of what you are looking for is already available. Just spread everywhere. Hiding in plain site (intentional pun? Maybe?).

Lol just reread the title... So the 20% is what you are looking for. Okay here is the work around go look in SHL team's roster page areas. There is a subforum in there called send downs. GMs need to make sure that area matches the call ups and send downs that they make in the private GM area.

@Nhamlet hopefully that helps?

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Player Page

As tomas said, more or less the info you need is and will be posted in the budget sheets for individual teams. I think the large budget sheet for the SMJHL is also available and RCD has done a great job with that this last season. Check the SHL budget sheets for callups as they will likely move them before the draft and FA so that they have an idea of cap numbers and such. Callups are posted in a specific subforum so that it is easy on the simmer to notice a change has been made and make the appropriate roster transaction and it should stay this way as we move forward to keep things centralized for the simmers and the file updaters. I understand the desire to have this easily available but to be fair, if you are doing this now there are teams that still dont know callups and send downs yet.
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Thanks for the responses guys, it does help a little bit in that there are places I'll have to dig through and look. It does seem like regardless of whether my suggestion is implemented or not, there will be a need to deal with some uncertainty because not all GMs have either posted their transactions right away, or they're tentatively made. Must feel for SMJHL GMs if they don't know who they're going to have until later in the offseason. 

I'm not wholly satisfied with for a couple reasons though. 

  1. The available information in the general SHL Budget spreadsheet and the individual teams' forum for their Budgets are SHL-centric. Obviously they would be catered to the needs and focused on the SHL league but looking from the SMJHL perspective, trying to find who was on which Junior team is possible...just requires more work. If I want to look at a SMJHL team specifically and who they lost to callup, again I could find it by referencing which they were drafted to, see if their Budget Sheet is updated and reflects that change and do that for every probably ever 500+ TPE/3 year SMJHL veteran to make sure I'm not missing anything. 
  2. The lack of readily available information feels like it only promotes each team being in their own bubble rather than getting to learn and know about the rest of the teams in the SMJHL. I don't doubt that I will get to the level of familiarity in a couple seasons where I will more knowledge than I do now. It feels like right now as a newer user if I want to know these things about a team, it's a matter of hoping I know somebody on that roster and being able to pester them for that info. I do think that having these transactions as readily available public knowledge only promotes discussion and engagement with the rest of the league, specifically the SMJHL. 
Ideally even reposting the transaction posts in a public forum/thread would be good enough from what I've seen. There is some level of redundancy but I think we can agree that having more data and information only makes the content we create and consume richer and more interesting. This feels like it should be the bare minimum for us.

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