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S53 SMJHL PT Claims Thread
(This post was last modified: 05-12-2020, 04:22 AM by Gwdjohnson.)

We congratulate the Detroit Falcons with winning the four star cup in 6 games. The following may claim 1 TPE for participating in the SMJHL finals prediction, plus the number next to their name for their correct predictions.

.bojo 1
Bongo 1
bordon23 1
Cobbenstein 2
CrazyMojito 1
Dextaria 1
eMLBCommish 2
Evoner 2
Fantobens 1
feeler 1
FleshBagSoup 1
Frick_Nasty 1
GeckoeyGecko 1
hockeyiscool 2
honkerrs 2
Jericson 2
leafsftw1967 1
lespoils 1
Matty7478 1
mdubz 2
MN_Moosey 2
moonlight 1
MrRuihu 0
Murtsi 1
MyLittleHexx 2
peej2189 2
Rabidsponge21 2
Renomitsu 2
RotticusScott 1
SAwful 1
Skeleton Party 1
Snoopdogg 1
Snussu 2
Steve 1
thevoicelesscreator 1
Toast 1
Turd Ferguson 2
Wally 1
Zaitsev 2

This task was for S54 SHL class people only, so anyone from the S55 class who did the task isn't included.

[Image: Skree.gif]
Falcons Switzerland Switzerland Falcons
[Image: EbSl82f.png][Image: cAxsuvN.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png][Image: 3j3edy5.png]
 [Image: 60208_s.gif]
Credit for the images goes to @Carpy48, @soulja and @Wasty

No TPE or anything you need to claim for this one, but just for visibility these are the winnings for the S53 SMJHL Playoff Bracket task. Congrats to @Brandon who had the standalone most accurate bracket of the bunch and takes home an extra $3 million as a result!

.bojo 1.4mil
AdamS 1.9mil
AgentSmith630 1.9mil
asts 1.5mil
Bongo 1.7mil
bordon23 1.9mil
Brandon 5.2mil
CaptainCrazy 1.9mil
CrazyMojito 1.4mil
DaftRaincloud 1.5mil
Dextaria 1.5mil
eMLBCommish 1.6mil
Fantobens 1.4mil
feeler 1.4mil
Frick_Nasty 1.5mil
Frostbite 1.9mil
Gooney 2.1mil
HanTheMan_ 1.6mil
Hefe4711 2mil
hockeyiscool 1.5mil
honkerrs 1.4mil
Hoovuh 1.7mil
iamslm22 1.9mil
Jericson 1.3mil
Jogurtaa 1.8mil
kylecorbett42 1.1mil
leafsftw1967 1.5mil
lespoils 1.5mil
Mack 1.7mil
Matty7478 1.6mil
Mazatt 1.4mil
mdubz 1.4mil
mee 2mil
MegaSkuci 2mil
MN_Moosey 1.5mil
moonlight 1.8mil
MrRuihu 1.3mil
Murtsi 1.8mil
MyLittleHexx 1.7mil
Noah Johns II 1.3mil
Obsidian311 1.5mil
peej2189 800k
Puljujarvi98 1.7mil
Rabidsponge21 1.6mil
Renomitsu 2.1mil
RotticusScott 1.6mil
rum_ham 1.4mil
SAwful 1.5mil
Skeleton Party 1.7mil
Snoopdogg 1.2mil
Snussu 1.5mil
st4rface 1.4mil
Steve 1.2mil
ThatDamnWalrus 1.8mil
Toast 1.5mil
Turd Ferguson 1.6mil
Tylar 1.6mil
Vorshayla 1.5mil
Wally 1.7mil
WannabeFinn 2mil
Zaitsev 2mil

One person who did the bracket was an S52 player therefore ineligible, and the other one not on the list who posted in the thread didn't show up as having submitted a bracket...sorry Undecided

[Image: gwdjohnson.gif]

First SHL Goal:
[Image: unknown.png]

The following may claim  the number next to their name in TPE for Championship Week, please PM me with any possible mistakes I made:

.bojo 10
bbp 8
Bongo 8
Cobbenstein 10
Count Chocula 8
CrazyMojito 6
DaftRaincloud 8
Dextaria 10
Evoner 10
Fantobens 10
feeler 10
Frick_Nasty 10
Frostbite 4
GeckoeyGecko 10
hockeyiscool 10
honkerrs 10
Jericson 8
leafsftw1967 10
lespoils 8
Matty7478 10
mdubz 10
MegaSkuci 10
MN_Moosey 8
moonlight 2
MrRuihu 4
Murtsi 10
MyLittleHexx 10
peej2189 10
Rabidsponge21 10
Renomitsu 10
RotticusScott 10
SAwful 10
Skeleton Party 10
Snoopdogg 10
Snussu 10
st4rface 10
Steve 10
thevoicelesscreator 10
Toast 10
Turd Ferguson 10
Wally 10
Zaitsev 6

[Image: gwdjohnson.gif]

First SHL Goal:
[Image: unknown.png]
(This post was last modified: 05-22-2020, 09:12 PM by Gwdjohnson.)

Hey, remember me? Well here's the last S53 TPE for you recent SHL draftees to claim before you graduate to SHL PTs. The following may claim 3 TPE plus the amount next to their name for their WJC Predictions (0.5s round up to 1 TPE). This was a, uh, rough one as the literal last seed of the tourney won gold.

.bojo 0
asts 0
bbp 0
Bongo 0
bordon23 0
Cobbenstein 0.5
Count Chocula 0
CrazyMojito 0
DaftRaincloud 0
Dextaria 0
Evoner 0.5
Fantobens 0
feeler 0
FleshBagSoup 0
Frick_Nasty 0
Frostbite 0
GeckoeyGecko 0
hockeyiscool 0
honkerrs 0
Jericson 0
leafsftw1967 0
lespoils 1
Matty7478 0
mdubz 0
MegaSkuci 0
MN_Moosey 0
moonlight 0.5
Murtsi 0
MyLittleHexx 0
peej2189 0.5
Rabidsponge21 0
Renomitsu 0
RotticusScott 0.5
SAwful 0
Skeleton Party 0.5
Snoopdogg 0
st4rface 0
thevoicelesscreator 0.5
Toast 0.5
Turd Ferguson 0
Wally 0

The correct answers were as follows:
Gold Medal: Canada
Silver Medal: Sweden
Bronze Medal: UCORCAL
Leading Goal Scorer (during the medal round): Morgan Forestier (CAN)
Who will score the gold medal winning goal: Renji Atake (CAN)
Top Goalie (based on best Game Rating): Olli Saarinen Jr. (FIN)

If you were from a class other than S54, your answer was not accepted, and no TPE can be claimed. Let me know if I made any mistakes!

[Image: gwdjohnson.gif]

First SHL Goal:
[Image: unknown.png]

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