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update thread: Luffy Richard #2
(This post was last modified: 03-23-2020, 10:18 PM by Moreorless89.)

Alright, let's hope I can get this right this time.

Training +20
plus the one I had leftover.
TPE 158+20=178

Adjusted attributes.

Agility 5+2=7
Acceleration 5+2=7
Getting Open 7+2=9
Shooting Accuracy 5+3=8
Offensive Read 10+1=11
Hitting 8+1=9
Screening 5+1=6

Alright, I think I did better following the scale this time. Hopefully, my sketchy math works out

Update Scale
6-7 1 TPE
7-9 2 TPE
9-11 5 TPE
11-13 8 TPE
13-15 15 TPE
15-17 25 TPE
17-20 40 TPE

So did I do this right?

Updated! The update itself looks good. However, To make an update you need to create a new post in your existing update thread, not create an entirely new thread.

[Image: 6fbIILa.png]
[Image: 15Ng51w.png]

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