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SFP Offseason Announcements
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1) Offseason Acquisitions
2) S53 Rookies
3) Captains
1) Offseason Acquisitions

Sven Svenson - Coming off of a challenge cup finals appearance in S52 the Pride are hoping to continue to compete at the top level of the SHL. One thing comes with a finals appearance, however - a low draft pick. The Pride, having lost in the finals, were faced with drafting at 15th overall in the SHL entry draft. Sven had been on the top of the board for @Grapehead and I for pretty much the entire season. We have had great success with Colorado draftees thus far, and Sven is already showing to be another Colorado to San Francisco pipeline pickup that will be a part of our team success for seasons to come. We were iffy on whether or not Sven would still be available at 15, and were delighted that we were able to add him to our roster. Sven, along with fellow Raptor Simothy Drunkebird comprise the "Bird Bros"TM.

Trevor Johnson and Patric Twist - The Pride did not have a draft pick in the second round, but we did have two picks in the 40s. With these picks we acquired Trevor Johnson and Patric Twist. Both prospects did join the locker room and were active, which was a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately as a team that is in win-now mode the Pride did not have the cap space to sign these two prospects. Trevor Johnson was traded to Buffalo for a fifth-round draft pick. We wanted to facilitate his movement to a team that I know has a good locker room environment and some place that he can hopefully prosper. Following the conclusion of the off-season we released the rights to Patric Twist.

2) S53 Rookies

Ian Venables - With the retirement of Chris Partridge the Pride were facing a situation where our former backup, Patrice Nadeau, was our only active goalie on the roster. Venables was drafted in S50 from the Anchorage Armada. Budgie is a valued member of the team and we are excited to see him getting games in net for San Francisco this season. After expending all of his eligible years in the SMJHL it was time for Venables to make the leap to the big leagues and we are expecting him to be a staple in net for this season and many more seasons to come.

Henrik Lekberk Osterman - Another S50 draft acquisition, HLO got some run in the playoffs for the Pride last post-season but it's time for him to make his regular season debut for the team. Osterman is an electric scoring threat and even as a rookie expectations are high. Osterman will be playing on an extremely offensive line alongside Bo Kane and Jonas Larsen and will have many opportunities to shine in the Pride's tactical system. We expect big things from HLO this season and beyond, and I have full confidence that he will deliver and then some.

3) Captains

Alternate Captains:

Jack Tanner and Vince Reaper -
Jack Tanner has been a constant energy for the Pride on and off the ice for seasons to come. He was the captain of the team for many seasons, but a mutual decision was made between management and himself to pass the mantle of the "C" to someone else and for him to become an "A". Tanner is a valued member of the organization and has been a reliable contributor for as long as I have known him. Vince Reaper has been an assistant captain for many seasons now, and he has proven to us constantly why he is deserving of that role. Vin is always active in the locker room, quick to help when he can, and always encouraging of his team mates. On the ice Vince is an elite scoring threat for San Francisco and is always expected to be towards the top of the team leaderboard for points. We are very excited to have Jack Tanner and Vince Reaper as alternate captains

Head Captain:

Dominic Montgomery -
Dom is a newcomer to the "C" and we are very proud to award Bilbo with this honor. Bilbo has been extremely active in the team locker room and a welcoming presence to everyone. On the ice Montgomery is a part of the strong defensive core that the Pride banks on for overall success and has been a key contributor on the team for many seasons. Wearing the "C" this season we know Dominic to be a face for the franchise and a strong representative of the team.

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@Grapehead when is the Cleo Green tribute article coming out?

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