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Brayden Ennis Goalie
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From 5 to 7, it costs 1 TPE to improve an attribute by one.
From 7 to 9, it costs 2 TPE to improve by one.
From 9 to 11, it costs 5 TPE to improve by one.
From 11 to 13, it costs 8 TPE to improve by one.
From 13 to 15, it costs 15 TPE to improve by one. 
From 15 to 17, it costs 25 TPE to improve by one. 
From 17 to 20, it costs 40 TPE to improve by one.

TPE Earned
S53 Training Camp +10
Idk what's up with this next link. I couldn't fix it
[/url][url=]Activity Check +2
Weekly Training +3
Total TPE Earned: 15

Points Available: 15

8 TPE on 1 Glove
5 TPE on 1 Rebounding
2 TPE on 1 Puckhandling

Goalie Ratings 

Blocker: 10

Glove: 11->12

Passing: 9

Poke Check: 10

Positioning: 13

Rebound: 10

Recovery: 10

Puckhandling: 7->8

Low Shots: 10

Reflexes: 11

Skating: 10

Mental Ratings 

*Aggression: 8 

Mental Toughness: 10

*Determination: 15 

*Team Player: 15 

*Leadership: 15 

Goalie Stamina: 9
*Professionalism: 15

You said you wanted to spend 5 TPE on Rebounding, I'm assuming you wanted to go from 10 to 11 in that stat so that's what I've done. If that isn't the case, let me know. Otherwise, welcome and updated.

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