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Actual S52 PBP Claims!
(This post was last modified: 04-03-2020, 12:58 PM by ErM.)

It's been an interesting ride with's to the last ones.

Everyone may claim the following uncapped TPE:

@roastpuff 8
@Mutedfaith 8
@Blues 8
@LordBirdman 8
@reid_sutherland 8
@Julio Tokolosh 8
@Mike Izzy 8
@Thatguy91 8
@charlieconway 8
@SDCore 8
@SlashACM 8
@golden_apricot 8
@RedCapeDiver 8
@NeonLime 8
@Smalinowski7 1
@sve7en 1
@ErM 1
@MarlinManiac4 1
@StamkosFan 8
@mastersheep 1
@Nhamlet 1
@Ace 1

[Image: TorTuck.gif]
[Image: sAx3Llh.jpg]

@ErM i did the rating, wheres my 1 tpe Smile)

[Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: nBgNUTY.png]
[Image: ErmcfJN.png][Image: tnlastatine.gif][Image: C9eUxOw.png]
[Image: S55BuffaloStampede.png]
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thank you for all the great seasons of work you did with the PBP's... they were much better under your time as director!

[Image: OnGNB1G.gif]

[Image: cgv4vCv.png]|[Image: 95lCCDx.png]|[Image: KgwtJeY.png]

Great job injecting creativity and excitement into a written forum, @ErM

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Love you for this, thank you for your service Cheers

[Image: 6kZUEps.jpg]
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Thanks Carpy for the sig!

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