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Season 52 Hall of Fame Ceremony

[Image: 220px-Hockey_Hall_of_Fame_Logo.svg.png]
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2020
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: 2:00 P.M. (EST)
Salutations everyone. Dwight Knight cordially inviting you on be half of the Hall of Fame Committee to come together for an afternoon of celebration. 

Eligible members for the Hall of Fame are: 

Ronnie Westbrook
Kelly Rivet
Viktor Vorkampfer*****
Pietra Volkova*****
Isaac Cormier Hale*****
Jon Ross*****
Jordin FourFour Jr.*****
Jean-Luc Reflieux*****
Leafer Rielly****
Mia Landvik****
Eduard Selich****
Noro Wozy***
Toivo Kosonen***
Xander Green**
Crossfit Jesus**
Connor Tanner**
Toivo Kosonen**
Finn Krüger*
Corey Bearss*
Max Weber*
Adam Kaiser*
Richard Physt
Walter Hobbs
Joseph Lombardi
Oisin Fletcher
Alex Light
Éric Pelletier
Conklin Owen
Dani Forsberg
Jason Visser
Cédric Moreau
Cory Knouse

Italics=first ballot
*=second ballot
**=third ballot
***=fourth ballot
****=fifth ballot
*****=sixth ballot
Seventh and final ballot

With Covid making his presence known in the league. We ask if you have come in contact with a someone that has played for or against the Vancouver Whalers within the last 14 days, that you remain home. 

Cheers and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

[Image: tumblr_oofhkfs9sk1rbjg0vo1_500.gif]

Mike Izzy is coming out of isolation to walk from the west side of his mansion all the way to the east....
where he will take a seat in his movie theatre room to watch this season's HOF ceremony.

[Image: MikeIzzy.gif]


Played Van recently, stream available?

[Image: Snoopdogg.gif]
   [Image: I3BTEQc.png]         [Image: canada.png]       [Image: 16PgOBm.png]


StampedeGermany  GermanyStampede

[Image: rmpratt.gif]
Thank you @karey the god, @tweedledunn, @Benson and @sköldpaddor  for sigs! 
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The Ceremony will be streamed on ESPN 8: The Ocho and NBC Sports

Hall of Fame ceremony is as good a reason as any for Saturday afternoon beers

[Image: MJ7oFkM.png]

[Image: dankoa95.gif]

As the clock hits 1 hour before show time eager attendees start to file in, they are handed a Molson to stay hydrated.

We're all just here to see who joins @ToeDragon84 in the Hall, right?

[Image: nikevans.gif]
Sigs by @Good_Ole_Kimmy, @JSS, @King and @Wasty
Zach Evans
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Nikolai Evans
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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the 52nd Annual SHL Hall of Fame ceremony. Before we get started with the main event let us take a moment to continue the fight against Covid-19 there are bottles of hand sanitizer placed under everyone's seat for everyone to use and take home. 

*short pause for everyone's response*

I am honored to be your host to such a momentous occasion. 

These nominees of the S52 Hall of Fame class have made great contributions to the game of Hockey but to be inducted into the Hall of Fame one must be at the pinnacle of the sport.

Here are the Nominees:

Oisin Fletcher

Adam Kaiser

Alex Light

Jason Visser

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