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[S55] Right Wing - Asclepius Perseus Flitterwind TPE: 1476
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Player Information

First Name: Asclepius Perseus
Last Name: Flitterwind
Position: Right Wing
Handedness: Left
Recruited By:
Player Render: Rūdolfs Balcers
Jersey Number: 27
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 213 lbs
Birthplace: Rīga, Latvia

Player Attributes

Points Available: 9

Offensive Ratings
Screening: 13
Getting Open: 19
Passing: 16
Puckhandling: 18
Shooting Accuracy: 17
Shooting Range: 11
Offensive Read: 19

Defensive Ratings
Checking: 16
Hitting: 11
Positioning: 15
Stickchecking: 15
Shot Blocking: 11
Faceoffs: 5
Defensive Read: 18

Physical Ratings
Acceleration: 17
Agility: 15
Balance: 17
Speed: 16
Stamina: 17
Strength: 16
Fighting: 5

Mental Ratings
Aggression: 5
Bravery: 11
*Determination: 15
*Team Player: 15
*Leadership: 15
*Temperament: 15
*Professionalism: 15

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.

Welcome back! You might consider lowering the shooting accuracy from 15 to start but feel free to reach out if you have questions

Welcome back @CaptainCrazy !

Even though you might want to edit your build based off of what Golden Apricot said above, Your total TPE looks good though so your player is ready to be approved if you decide to go with that still! Just one question I need to ask though on when we should approve your player... have to decide between two options currently. Option A...We are currently about halfway finished through S53, and a few days away from the Trade Deadline (Sunday 4/19 at midnight). If I approve your player now, you will be considered a Free Agent and will be eligible for the S54 SHL Draft coming up in a few weeks. SMJHL teams will contact you and you will be assigned a team to join in the middle of this season as quick as possible. Option B is for you to request me to hold off approving your player until AFTER the Trade Deadline. This would mean that you would become part of the S55 SHL Draft Class and would be also eligible for the S54 SMJHL Draft. Please let me know which option you prefer.

Definitely feel free to hop in Discord and ask the rookie mentors for any help or post here as well any questions you have. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. Thanks!

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Welcome back!

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A pre-me Raptor is back! Exciting!

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04-15-2020, 11:23 AMhonkerrs Wrote: Please let me know which option you prefer.
I want to be a part of S55 SHL draft class.

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@CaptainCrazy messaged received! Your new build though does not add up to 155 TPE. Please edit it and post when you have finished. THank you !

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Good luck with you’re winger Cheers

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coming to the SHL sooner then you think


04-15-2020, 11:57 AMhonkerrs Wrote: @CaptainCrazy messaged received!  Your new build though does not add up to 155 TPE.  Please edit it and post when you have finished.  THank you !
Now it should be fine

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Welcome back!

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@CaptainCrazy your build checks out now and look for your approval after this coming Sunday! Just a reminder that you can't earn TPE until after you are approved next week. Thanks!

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Hi @CaptainCrazy

Your strengths and weakness check out as well as your total TPE. Your player is approved!

Because you signed up after the trade deadline but before the start of the playoffs, you are considered a player of the S55 class (you will be drafted into the SHL in season 55). However, for the remainder of season 53 you will be able to sign with any SMJHL team on Apr 21st at Noon EST.

Once the current season ends, you'll be eligible for the upcoming SMJHL Entry Draft!

Please also note that as you joined after the trade deadline, you are affected by the SMJHL Rule II.E.2:

"These players CANNOT do Team Training Camp, Point Tasks, Championship Week, Play-by-Plays or purchase equipment for the current season. They MAY do weekly training and activity checks."

In the meantime, make sure to review the comprehensive rookie tutorial here or the new video rookie guide here and also make your update thread!

Keep an eye on your inbox for a message from the mentors!

Have fun and good luck!

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