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Tracking of SHL/SMJHL teams' front office members

In the light of the recent conversation about NOLA, I think it would be beneficial if HO had more insight into who exactly sees and communicates about team decision within respective teams in the league, who has the option and the rights to change the lines/has the password to the file, and in general have more of an idea who might have responsibilities lied upon them within team structures. Unfortunately, unless someone comes up with some very smart solution, it would rely on the teams to be truthful about it, which is a bit unreliable, but down the line I think it would be just for the better if we had an idea not only about GMs of the teams, but also their scouts, advisors, player development people, coaches etc.

Just a thought.

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SMJHL used to do this during the "autodraft all your managers" phase in the late 40s. It was a roster requirement as a part of preseason GM tasks. Not sure if they still do.

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Much in support of this per our previous discussion

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Or, and here’s a controversial idea, just actually punish teams for breaking rules.

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05-01-2020, 02:49 PMFordyford Wrote: Or, and here’s a controversial idea, just actually punish teams for breaking rules.

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Or, you know, both.

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I really like this idea.

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For those who can not see the SMJHL GM area of the site: this was something that I implemented in the late 40s and was removed last ssn with rosters no longer being an offseason task with the move to FHM. I’ll be more then happy to reimplement if that is something the GMs would feel beneficial. [Image: image0.png]

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