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Season 53 Hall Of Fame Ceremony

congrats @Ace and @cpetrella! s36 crow gang for life

[Image: FnFZCBh.png]
Specters Armada Switzerland

Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

“28 is fucking old you fucking moron” - @bluesfan55

05-23-2020, 04:04 PMbluesfan55 Wrote: congrats @Ace and @cpetrella! s36 crow gang for life
Thanks Bloos!

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Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken Wolfpack Kraken

[Image: updates.png] [Image: DaNnVpo.png]

05-23-2020, 02:47 PMhockeyiscool Wrote: [Image: image3.png]
Tigole Bitties received a total of 72 votes towards his induction.

He went from Edmonton wolf to wolf that just told a dad joke. Congrats

"I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results."

[Image: pojo.png]

What a bunch of beautiful. Congrats you guys!

Thanks to enigmatic, ckroyal92, iOBESE, Jogurtaa, dankoa, wasty, karey and Reynolds for the sigs!
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[Image: karlssens2.gif]

BlizzardKnights  Player Page || Update Page  Lionsnorway

Damn... not even a nomination this time. :(

Grats to all the new HoF inductees!

[Image: Zoone16.gif]

[Image: 9QVaMRC.png] [Image: canybyK.png]

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