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FHM File Issue Reporting Thread

Just making sure this player replaces Jaeger Jones in my roster.

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. ... There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.”

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[S68] Right Defense - Philip Fry - File is listing stats as "No Info Available"

Foil Up Boys

Brennan Kennedy III - Missing from SEA Roster

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sigs by me bitch



Dragons roster changes

Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Liam Logger

Boom Stick
Gravy Train

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[Image: umZ0HLG.png][Image: VGl3CB4.png]
Sig credits to @sköldpaddor @Possum Queen
2;717;William Hartmann receives the pass in stride and he's in on a breakaway!
2;717;William Hartmann makes his move...

2;717;It's across the line!
Game 2, S56: TOR @ EDM
11:52 2nd: William Hartmann (1) assisted by FR Finn-Rhys (3) and Karlstrasse Scholz (2)

Updated to here.

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Thanks to sulovilen for the sig!
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Hi Fileteam <3

Just copying this from index issues as they said this is a file issue Smile

Just a small minor fix if possible for one of the EDM players:

Jack St. Clair

Where is the issue occurring?
Missing punctuation in player name - SHL -> EDM -> Jack St. Clair (missing the ".")

What is the expected behavior?
Should be listed as Jack St. Clair, not Jack St Clair

What is actually happening?
Jack St Clair

Please provide steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Go to player profile, or team roster.

Apologies if this isn't the right spot to post this, still learning my way around the site. If it isn't where/who should I talk to to get this fixed, it's just bothering Mojito, lol.
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Thanks in advance!

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Alvin Wong - #9 - Yukon Malamutes (Captain S71-S72) 
Edmonton Blizzard Co-GM
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Jonny Tsunami on Calgary:

Offensive Ratings
Screening: 5
Getting Open: 15
Passing: 15
Puckhandling: 15
Shooting Accuracy: 15
Shooting Range: 9
Offensive Read: 15

Defensive Ratings
Checking: 15
Hitting: 12
Positioning: 14
Stickchecking: 14
Shot Blocking: 5
Faceoffs: 5
Defensive Read: 15

Physical Ratings
Acceleration: 13
Agility: 14
Balance: 15
Speed: 14
Stamina: 16
Strength: 16
Fighting: 5

Mental Ratings
Aggression: 5
Bravery: 5

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Binko Koivu still listed as D even though i changed his position to LW idk maybe one of you guys will have the magic touch

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thanks @Carpy48 and @frithjofr and @rum_ham and @Julio Tokolosh and @Briedaqueduc for the sigs
Armada Inferno norway

according to the Analytics tool Isaac Forty-One has a few attributes under 5, should be just a simple scouting error but pls double check.
James Lutz is similar with Fighting + Agression being 4 when it should be 5 (Shooting.Range,Faceoffs,Bravery should be 9 but show as 8) so please double check that player as well

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Thank you all for the amazing sigs & player cards
Germany Citadelles  Stampede [Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: Raptors.png][Image: gs89eGV.png] [Image: eE2UQZC.png] Stampede Citadelles Germany

3. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 5 (Maximilian Wachter, Alexis Metzler) at 16:25
5. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 6 (Steven Stamkos Jr., Brynjar Tusk) at 19:48
8. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 7 (Brynjar Tusk, Alexis Metzler) at 13:55
9. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 8 (Anton Fedorov, Mikelis Grundmanis) at 15:12
10. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 9 (Dickie Pecker) at 19:43 (Empty Net)
(This post was last modified: 06-01-2023, 02:59 PM by spooked. Edited 3 times in total.)

Dominik Froste has incorrect shooting accuracy, should be 20, is 12.

Bastien Primeau had 16 Strength and 14 Stam, it should be 16 Stamina, 14 Strength. He also had 1 extra point in hitting, should be 13. Player page is accurate now based on the incorrect update, but will need to be fixed in the sim.

Updated to here.

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Thanks to sulovilen for the sig!
Adam Prpich - Updates

Check out past episodes of Rich and Luke!

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