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PGS S54 Game #9 Detroit Falcons vs. Anchorage Armada
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Welcome to the Post Game Show and we are going recap the SMJHL Game against the Anchorage Armada vs. Detroit Falcons. We are seeing the Detroit Falcons coming off a Championship season last year, came into the year as favorites, but through 39 games this season they have a record of 14-20-3 adding to 31 points. So not the best. The Anchorage Armada has a similar record to the Detroit Falcons, sitting at 16-19-3 adding up to 35 points. We are going to talk about each period and how this game went down. Lets start with the first period. 

First Period: 
The first period was wonderful for one team. Hint it was not the Detroit Falcons. During the first period Detroit was playing good only had one penalty 2 minutes into the game, had decent shots on goal. The 15 minute mark is where Detroit Falcons game plan went out the window. The first goal of the game went to Chris de Siren of the Anchorage Armada, was his 9th goal on the year, Santtu Rasanen on the assist. It was a perfect pass from Thorbjorn Gunnarsen to give Rasanen a set up for de Siren to snipe it into the goal. In the next 20 seconds Zakkira Diporov bonehead slashing penalty cost Detroit a goal another 20 seconds after his penalty. Detroit was down 2-0 going into the second. 

Second Period: 

The second period was Detroit's chance to score and come back down 2 goals. Anchorage Armada had 3 penalty thought the 2nd period, and Detroit could not score on those power play chances. In the 4th minute mark of the game Sven Gunnar of the Anchorage Armada scored his 9th goal on the year with assists from Theo Kondos, and Bork Lazer. The goal was set up so perfectly for Gunnar, he put it right past Jobin. The Detroit Falcons offense was putting shot after shot against Scoochie Stratton the Anchorage Armada goalie and he was saving everything sent his way in the period. So Detroit was down 3-0 going into the 3rd period. 

Third Period: 

Anchorage came into the third period with a huge 3-0 lead and wanted to show the ex-cup champions that they are here to compete and not lose a 3-0 lead. The Detroit Falcons where matching shot for shot with the Anchorage Armada, but could not get anything past Scoochie Stratton the goalie again in this period. UNTIL in the 18th minute, with only 2 minutes left, Detroit scored a goal to bring it to 3-1. Burlok Sulfurgold scored his 4th goal on the year, with a perfect set up from Joseph Fantobens, and Zoltan Topalo set up Fantobens. But that goal was little to late for the Detroit Falcons to bring any hopes of a comeback. 


The Jet Blue Arena was quite since the second period started. The true fans were upset with the team and how the season was going, but they knew they needed to stick with their team! The final score in this game was 3-1 Anchorage Armada winning by flying colors. Even though the shots were 36 Anchorage to Detroit’s 34, it was still a game were Detroit felt like they couldn’t get anything past that pesky goalie from Anchorage. So the Anchorage Armadas Thorbjorn Gunnarson grabbed the third star of the game with a goal and assist on the night. The second star went to Detroit’s Burlok Sulfurgold who got a late third period goal, but also leading his team in DGR of a 75! The first star of the game went to Anchorage Armadas Santtu Rasanen, he had two great assists but also finished the game with a DGR of 83. His great efforts on that game gave him the first star! Anchorage walked out of Detroit with well deserved WIN!

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The wiley winger, Thorbjorn Gunnarson, notched his 6th goal and 16th assist in the 3-1 victory against Detroit. His 1st period goal ended up being the eventual game winner. Despite having a team leading 69 OGR in this game, Thobjorn Gunnarson only ended up with a 56 DGR. Luckily, his slightly shaky game defensively didn’t cost the team. Gunnarson also had five shots, two penalty minutes, and lost two faceoffs in his 19:07 of ice time.



The lone Falcons goal was scored by winger, Burlok Sulfurgold. Picking up his 4th of the year late in the game against the Armada d-pair of Matthew Sawful and Pojo Biscuit, Burlok’s goal was one of the only bright spots of the game for the Detroit Falcons. Surprisingly, it was his defensive game that stood out the most, however. Leading his team with a 75 DGR, Burlok proved his two-way prowess. A shooting percentage of 25% (1 in 4 shots) could show that Burlok deserves more chances down the stretch. Will the Falcons coach lean on him a little more going forward?



The first star of the game, Santtu Rasanen, picked up a pair of slick assists. His 14th, and 15th assists of the season were more than enough to propel the Armada past the defending champions. Rasanen finished the game with the best GR and DGR at 76 and 83 respectively. He won 50% of his face offs and had a 1:1 ratio of GV/TK. His 2 assists were a nice continuation of the good game he had the previous night against St. Louis.

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Comment One: Defense?
Shots on goal where 36-34 in favor of the Armada. That is two very high numbers. Both of this teams would be better served if they could do a better job on defense preventing all those shots on goal. The goalies where able to do a great job keeping the shots out of the net but this is not a sustainable plan. If the Falcons want to right the ship and defend their title they should attempt to do a better job keeping the puck to the outside, and the same is true for the Armada. Keeping the pucks to the outside and blocking shots is a winning formula for hockey all across the world and the SMJHL is no different. We would have to expect that both teams will stress this important skill in practices over the remainder of the season. As we approach the playoffs this is an interesting stat to keep an eye on.
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Comment Two: Second Period Displine
To take a total of 3 minors in a game is not bad. But the Armada did just that but I'm still going to call out their discipline. In the second period, we saw three straight minors by the Armada giving the Falcons a real chance to get back in the game. At about 5 minutes into the period we saw Borik Lazar get called for hooking. And just 36 seconds later the Falcons where given a 5 on 3. Thorborn Gunnarson was called for slashing on the penalty kill and the Armada had to kill off a 5 on 3. Thankfully for them they were able to kill of both penalty and at 7:47 in the period they were back to five on five. But just 24 seconds later it was 5 on 4 for the Falcons again as Borak Lazar took another penalty, this time a trip. Taking penalties like that, back to back will tire out penalty killers and should be something the Armada talk about at future practices.

Comment Three: No Goals for the First Star??
What did Santtu Rasanen do to deserve the first star of the game? Two assists? That's the bar to get a star? With two goal scorers left off this is an interesting decision by whoever decides this thing. Chris de Siren and Sven Gunner both did not receive a star despite scoring a goal. Assists are nice but the normal rule is goals are better than assists. Perhaps it was Rasanen's stellar defensive play that gave him this star over the goal scorers, but this is still a decision that should be questioned. Personally, I am not sure Rasanen deserved a star at all. The second star, Burlock Sulfurgold and the third star Thorbjorn Gunnarson both scored goals as well and were more deserving of the top star than Rasanen. No disrespect to Rasanen's game but he did not deserve the top star in this game. A game with four goal scorers should not have a player with 2 assists get the top star.
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Comment 1: The Last Star
The worst effort of the day was presented by Falcons’ right defender Kolja Kekkonen. He was out there witnessing both Armada’s even strength goals from a very short distance. The first goal was a consequence of his bad pass in the neutral zone. Thorbjorn Gunnarssson intercepted the pass, and quickly gave it to Santtu Rasanen. Rasanen did a head fake to fool Kekkonen and then made a no-look pass to de Siren, who was left all alone on the far post to snipe it in. In the third goal Kekkonen got a bit unlucky, as he had broken his stick earlier in the shift and wasn’t able to block Sven Gunnar’s shot that went past Jobin. It was a game Kekkonen will surely want to forget quickly.
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Comment 2: The Invisible Man
The Detroit Falcons’ left winger Frederick Wanesly is The Invisible Man of the match. Despite getting great ratings across the board for his game, he almost managed to completely stay off the boxscores during his 27 shifts. He had one hit, one won faceoff, but managed to get a zero from all other main metrics, even though he played more than 16 minutes, including over a minute of powerplay and penalty kill time. Another great effort was done by his fellow Falcon winger Jmac Ncheese, who managed to get a zero everywhere except shots on goal and missed shots, both of which he had one of.
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Comment 3: Faceoff Specialist Vyskoc?
Armada center Cyril Vyskoc had a huge game in the faceoff circle. He won all but two of the sixteen faceoffs he took. Especially Falcons center Sammy Blaze was struggling with Vyskoc, who just seemed to win every faceoff in a clean fashion. The importance of faceoffs maybe a matter of debate, but obviously teams rather have centers who win them more than lose. While Santtu Rasanen, assisting two of the three Anchorage goals, was the first star, also Vyskoc contributed a lot to Armada having puck possession and thus keeping Falcons away from their comfort zone. Rasanen also had a good faceoff night, winning 10 of 15.
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Comment 1: Early Start

Detroit has to be able to get out to a better start than this. The Falcons allowed 2 goals in the first period, which does not sound that bad on the surface, until you look a little closer and realize that they completely collapsed towards the end of the period. They could have very easily went into the intermission with a tied game, or perhaps even a lead had they been so lucky, but instead they went into the break in play scrambling to find a response to what can only be described as a poor first period for the Detroit faithful.

Comment 2: Special Teams

The first period was clearly a special teams win for the Armada on the power play, and they continued to put their special teams prowess on display as they completely shut down the Falcons on the penalty kill throughout the second period. The Armada absolutely crushed the Falcons' hopes of making a comeback in the middle frame, extending their lead to 3 goals. For the Falcons, you absolutely can not expect to win a game when you can't keep the puck out of your net on the penalty kill and when you can't PUT the puck in the net on the other end of the ice when you have a man advantage.

Comment 3: Center Ice

Anchorage center Santtu Rasanen put on one hell of a show during tonight's game. He finished the game as the highest rated skater and notched a couple of assists. He was strong at the faceoff dot and was able to post respectable possession numbers. Another Armada center, Vyskoc, was a beast at winning the puck at the draw tonight. He won 14 of his 16 draws, helping the Armada secure the win. The Falcons have to be better up the middle of the ice than this if they want to have success.

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