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Quebec City Joins the league
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Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to finally reveal our team. Feel free to ask questions and @Faelax or I will answer. I'll keep it short and sweet.

The City
It was no doubt in my mind, when i choose to apply for a SMJHL team, that it would be in the Quebec Province. I was not sure exactly which city, as there's many great city in the province, such as Gatineau, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières and so on. I was inclined to pick my (almost) hometown, Montreal, but knew of it's history in the SMJHL. On one hand, i wanted to see Montreal in the big league, and on the other, i wanted a fresh start. I wanted a city that never had a SMJHL franchise and something that could easily be located on a map. Quebec City was the perfect choice. It's the capital of the province, home to 500,000 people and ready to enter the league.

The Name
Quebec City holds a lot of history and inspiration for a team name. There's, however, a name that always resonated to me and that's the first i proposed during my application. Quebec City has the oldest military installation in Canada, situated atop Cap Diamant. Adjoining the Plains of Abraham, it's part of the fortification of Quebec. The Citadelle of Quebec is a National Historic site of Canada and was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1985. It's by reviewing Quebec City History that the name struck. The Quebec City Citadelles. I understand it's the name of a team that existed in the AHL. I'm not going to claim it's totally unique, but it won't be a first time in the SHL that a name already existed in the past or currently exist.

The Logo
Snowy Owls are Quebec Provincial animals. This is an emblem that has been with the province since 1987 and demonstrate the true resilience of the province. The Snowy Owl is one of the few Owls that are not exclusively nocturnal. It's uniquely adapted to the life in unforgiving Canadian Winter and short Arctic summer. It's an extremely patient animal, relentlessly hunting his preys. It was an honor for me to select this animal as our logo. The Diamond on it's chest represent the Cap Diamant, on which the Citadelle of Quebec is built on. It hold in itself the letter of the team's name with a QCC easily identifiable. Lastly, the whole logo is shaped alike the Citadelle of Quebec, which is a design i'm extremly happy the logo maker managed to represent.

[Image: S6VKait.png]

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bird I love bird

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I fuggin LOVE those jerseys GODDAM!

[Image: iBvwVxF.png]

If you squint, it looks like the Winnipeg Jets logo

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Keep on Skankin'

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that logo is fire

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Thanks to @rum_ham, @suavemente, @sulovilen, and @tweedledunn for the sigs!
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way better than nevada

[Image: nokazoa.gif]
[Image: BB_Sig.png]
Sigs by: Wasty, Turd Ferguson, Geck, and Me
First SHL Goal:
[Image: first_goal.PNG]

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YES!!! Well done @Evok

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Renegades Militia Canada  

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swagger on a hunnid million

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Low key love the 3rd jersey, even if it does look like the Jets

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