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S54 SMJHL PT #6 - MVPs

The Maine Timber had a season slightly above expectations. We were in the chase for that playoff birth until the very end. Some big reasons for this are the individual talents being put on display. MAS, Capt. Kalasnikov, Lucas Hellqvist, Konrad Danke, Leo BLOOMEY. But there was one line that stood out as a great one. The Alex Line.

With Alex Oscarsson on the right, Assistant Captain Alexander Roach in the middle and with Kyle 'Alex' Sutton on the left, this line started off really hot. We don't talk about their +/- stats, but we do talk about the way that they cycled the puck offensively while showcasing some good point totals. Roach had the most points on the team, and Sutton found himself with a respectable amount. This line also clicked very well in the locker room.

On the final day of the season, knowing Alex Roach was leaving the team for Quebec, he was 2 points off the 30 point mark. The Alex line did his best, and helped him net 4 points to get his total up to 32. The line ended on a fantastic note, and even though Roach will be leaving we have a lot of other Alex's in the pipeline coming up.

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Throughout Ryan Rieley's first SMJHL season, the hardest line or trio that Rieley has had the displeasure of lining up against has been the power trio of Jaska Seppala, Rocco Berni, and Rotticus Scott from the Kelowna Knights, who all play the game with tremendous skill, puck possession play, and a fair bit of bite as well. Playing in the same conference for the Colorado Raptors, Rieley had a front row seat to the trio's dynamic offensive performance throughout the season, which vaulted the Knights to the top seed in the conference. Leading the way for the Knights, Jaska Seppala scored 27 goals and 49 points for Kelowna, while his linemates Berni and Scott each secured 47 points and 45 points respectively, all while playing in all 50 of Kelowna's games. Between the three of them, the trio generated a staggering 58 goals, 83 assists, and 141 points, while also generating a combined 436 shots and bruising bodied with a combined total of 182 hits on the season for Kelowna.

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We have some great players in Colorado Raptors offense, defense, and goalies. But the players that stand out are the Raptors 2nd line skaters. The trio of Carlos Brown, Jean-Uhtred Ragnarsson-Tremblay, and Chris Cerullo are an absolute defensive line unit. They all play extremely well together at stopping opposing offenses. You can see how good that line is by looking at their advanced stats. Their GA/60 is 1.9 which is top 20 for individuals each not to mention as a line. Their line average for SA/60 is best in the league sitting at 20.1. Their Corsi For Percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For Percentage (FF%) both are above 60, once again both top of the league especially for a line unit. 

The line proves each night that they are a difficult task to play against. They play a physical game as they have racked up 307 hits and 164 shots blocked collectively. All while scoring 30 goals and totaling 64 points. This line is one of the best, if not the best, line trios in the game right now. 

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I tend not to look at what the other players in the league are doing or how they are performing as the only players that truly matter to me are the guys that I share a locker room with. No two players represent the MVP moniker on this team better than Bryce Turner and Aumy Jr. This D pairing played extensive minutes (Turner with 24 minutes and Aumy with 21) and were the only DMen on our team to finish was a positive +/- with 1 and 3 respectively. Both players put up 20+ points while also playing both on the power play and the penalty kill. More than anything they were great for a young player such as myself, helping me to calm down and adapt to the increased speed and skill the SMJHL has to offer. The top 4 D were great as a collective but Turner and Aumy were the biggest two contributors to this team as a whole.


The best line this season in the SMJHL was easily the Kewlona Knights top line of Jaska Seppala- Rocco Berni- Rotticus Scott . All three of them finished the season with over 45 points. The league was simply unable to figure them out. With Seppala being the scorer of the bunch and Berni the main setup man there was really no weakness to this line. Defenseman like myself where left choosing between covering Berni's dekes, the dish to Seppala in the slot and Scott hanging around the net looking for garbage points. This line also killed it on the powerplay, combining for 20 goals there. The 4 man PK units where left with no recourse as the three of them cycled the puck with easy before finally scoring. To make things worse there was no help even if the defense got the puck- Scott was 16th in the league with 82 hits.

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Playing defense for the Maine Timber this season was truly an honor, and Bjerg can't wait to get back on the ice next season. It's hard to talk about the Timber and not mention the defensive wizard and brick wall in front of the Goalie, Will Windsor. Will led the team (and the entire SMJHL) in shots blocked with 185 over the season, almost 100 more than the next closest person on the Timber (Kalashnikov with 88), and 65 more than the next closest in the league (Bork Lazer with 120). Windsor also had the highest defensive game rating average on the team (72), which placed him in the top 5 in the league. Bjerg watched Windsor play alongside Mikkel Asmus Sondergard almost all season, which allowed him to see how the two meshed when it came to playing both offensive and defensive hockey. MAS was one of the defensemen that Maine leaned on the most during the Power Play (3 PPP) and while Short-Handed, putting in an average of 2:51 SHTOI, behind only, you guessed it, Will Windsor, who averaged 2:58. 

Playing with these two defensive studs has allowed Bjerg to up his game significantly over the course of the season, taking shot-blocking lessons from Windsor and learning how to keep a cool head when facing down an opponent's Power Play. He can only hope to live up to the expectations they have set in Maine when it comes to defensive gameplay.

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When looking at season 54 and trying to name an MVP of the season will be hard. There are many great players that could take home the award, so instead we will look at one of the best lines in the SMJHL. For this we need to go to Newfoundland, with the great 1-2-3 punch of Patric Twist, Mathew Forrester, Ryuuji Minamino who put up 39, 44, 53 points respectively. This line would lead NL to win the eastern conference this season. Minamino also leads the league in points(tied but had more goals) as well as power play points. Forrester who showed off his great passing led the league in assists with 38 compared to the next highest at 32. Twist was a bit more of the muscle on the line putting up 91 hits while still being great offensively. All three were great in the advanced stats too posting +5% or higher corsi relative and 60.9% corsi this season. I view them as the top line in the league.
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In a season that has gone less then ideally and was one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. As a result some might think it’d be hard to pin down a single player, let alone a complete line that was considered note-worthy on the Timber. There were some bright spots, the top pairing of Baranov and Kalasnikov was one. Their left appointed second goalie in Will Windsor was another. But topping them all was a trio of players that were called the ‘Alex’ line by their teammates. Alexander Roach (14 Goals, 18 Assists), Alexander Oscarsson (6 Goals, 12 Assists) and Kyle ‘Alex’ Sutton (11 Goals, 15 Assists) were a consistent threat when they were out on the ice in addition to being a very positive influence in the locker room. It’s unfortunate that with the depature of Roach, we won’t be able to see their magic again next season but for this one, they were the most valuable players of the Maine Timber.

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Daniil Nikiforov spent the entire season moving around the Vancouver line. The squad was very young and a lot of it's talent was still adjusting to the new league. So it's a given that a fresh new center like Nikiforov would get chances as the season marched forward. He eventually found his footing more when he got plunked onto a line with William Hartmann and Jason Desrouleaux. Finally able to play with players that complimented his style meant that Nikiforov finally had a chance to put up points. While his point totals did increase on this line the most telling stat is that the top line of H-N-D had the majority of chances for the Vancouver Whalers. While the team struggled to score in general these three took over games at points. Showing that continued growth of these three players could lead to one of the deadliest lines in S55 is a given. Hartmann plays a type of game that Nikiforov can see himself playing in the near future. Offensively destructive, defensively sound, and technically abusive of those on the ice. Hartmann has extremely good vision of the ice and reads plays well while also having a sick wrist shot. His passing is also a strength and this is something that Nikiforov has seen as a strength of his as well. So more time with these two together, and adding a sniper like the deadly Desrouleaux onto the line, means that these three could be a wrecking crew in the near future. Scoring won't be a problem in S55. 

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Playing with the top defensive line on the Colorado Raptors really was something special this season. Bradley Barkov and Anris Asts are by far, in my opinion, one of the best pairings in the league. Now people might look at their regular stats and see that Barkov had 7 goals, 16 assists , 23 points this season and ended with a +/- of -2. Likewise Asts had a record of 3 goals, 13 assists and 16 points this season and ended with a +/- of -3. This is not a reflection of what they actually did for this team this season and how they kept us competitive. To really appreciate the two players you have to take a look at the advanced stats. Asts did not have any luck this season ending with a PDO of 96.7, however had CF% rel of 2.7 and a FF% rel of 2.0. Barkov was also unlucky this season ending with a pdo of 96.8 however also boasting a CF% rel of 3.3 and a FF% rel of 2.9. Both these players were unlucky this season but still managed to be assets to this team and the team played better when they were on the ice based on advanced stats. Colorado was not a top team in the league this season but they were also not the bottom of the league this season. Being middle of the pack, if the luck had swung the way of these two top defenders then the whole league would be on edge, you can guarantee that.

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