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Buffalo extends Lizzy

[Image: Buffalo.png]

The Buffalo Stampede are pleased to announce a 2-year contract extension for star goaltender Elizabeth Doyle!

G - Elizabeth Doyle
S56: $4,000,000*
S57: $4,000,000* (Player Option)


@Evok had a stellar rookie season where she smashed Buffalo records and secured her place in league history with 35 wins and a Honcho. She is also a favorite for the Jesster and a contender for the McBride. We hope to watch her continue to have great success in net, she deserves all of it and more! Thank you for your continued dedication to the Stampede Blush

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Evok GOAT goalie

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she save

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o right gotta accept

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Best goalie <3 love you evok

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An amputee could've won a honcho behind that defense

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Player option ?

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Hell yeah

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I thought this was gonna be @lizzywho

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pride syndicate Raptors Czechia


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