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QCC GM Calls NBB Player motivates him to lead team in points for preseason
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With the SMJHL preseason ending, we were able to catch up with Nevada Battleborn points leader Tanjiro Kamado. When asked about why he was so motivated to score and not only lead his team with points but also with shots on goal he had this story for us.

"In the middle of training camp, I woke up a strange voicemail. It had a Quebec City area code because I remember it from when I had interviewed there with their GM before the draft. When I looked at my iPhone for the transcription of the voicemail, it looked like a combination of English and French and had way to many ellipses to understand what was said so I had to listen to it. Because of that I listen to it before every practice and every game, I will play it for you now."

He took out his brand new iPhone complete with their promotional "Desert Dog" promotional cases. If you don't know what that is, you can't afford it.

The voice of QCC GM @Evok was unmistakable:

"Hello asshole! I heard from your GM's that you have been quite the little worker bee out there in Nevada. You know why I didn't draft you? Because your poop! I had this whole plan of drafting you at 68 overall because you don't even deserve to get to say 'I was the 69th Overall pick haha.' No You don't deserve that. You are dog doo, wait no! You are lower than dog doo, you are like cat piss outside of the litter box. You know how I told you that you would be a higher round pick and that some team should take you there? Well I wasn't talking about us that's for damn sure. Yes there was a possibility that I could have moved up in the draft. In fact all 7 other teams in the league offered me deals to move up so I could take you in the top 20 because they thought I wanted to take you. Hah! I told them I'd rather have a bag of packs and a new zamboni then a future bust in the making. Anyway I miss you, don't get corona. Call me back."

So we had to ask him did you call her back.?

"I did," he started "But she claimed it wasn't her and that night she went out she said that she had to be a Designated driver for the intern who she was showing the city so who knows if it's true or not. Granted when your team was bound to lose to us anyway I would probably be out drinking if I knew I was going to be last in the league."

We all found it funny, and so far head to head, the Battleborn seem to have the edge. Will they be the better team in the end? Will Kamado stay fired up and be a great player this season. Or will he be the bust that the General Manager of QCC thought he would be. We start our journey Monday.

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I'm sorry i will try to not drunk call again :(

also your translation skills sucks

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wow evok smh

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Well .... are you poop?

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