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Noah Brusky Renegades

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Olli Saarinen, Jr - Specters

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Bradley Barkov Raptors Dragons

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Selected #14 Overall to the Colorado Raptors
Selected #9 Overall to the Calgary Dragons
Finland Dragons Raptors
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Jeff Brogen pride

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Poopity Scoop Stampede

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08-24-2018, 01:08 PMWannabeFinn Wrote: Ah yes, the veteran meme player. A surefire bet for maybe 400 TPE Tongue
05-23-2020, 02:25 PMWannabeFinn Wrote: Scoop AINEC
[Image: Skree.gif] [Image: Skree.gif] [Image: Skree.gif]

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^^^^^ Thank you JSSSSS
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^^^^Credits to Snussu^^^^

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Kolja Falcons

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Sometimes plays nice with others
Keep on Skankin'

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Proud Member: Knights Barracuda


arigato to everyone for the dope sigs <3

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Matthew Forrester  Berserkers

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Elwulf Jericson  Scarecrows Barracuda

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Samat Latebitzhanov Rage

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kalevolaripaavo kaspertommevisnapuu Barracuda

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Pavel Kharlamov Scarecrows

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