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S55 SMJHL PT #1 - Season Goals

What are my goals for my new player, Slava Petrov, in his true rookie season in juniors? Frankly, I'm not too concerned about his point production or anything like that. I just want to help my team win games & hopefully another Four Star Cup. Having won 2 of those with my first player back in the early S30s, I know firsthand just how satisfying it is to hit the ground running & succeed with your first team. If I was concerned about his offensive numbers, however, I'd probably shoot for about the same as my first player, who average about half a point per game in his rookie season with Kelowna. With that being said, I have no idea what I can really expect from our new sim engine, Franchise Hockey Manager 6, as well as getting less minutes this time around despite being leaps & bounds ahead of where I was the first time around TPE wise.

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My goals for Mikhael Petrov are simple. I want to help my team win a championship or two while I'm in the SMJHL, while also solidifying myself as the steal of the SMJHL draft. I want teams to realize they missed out big time on a great earner and great locker room presence, showing teams that letting me fall to pick 48, being the final Petrov taken even though I was in line with my Petrov brothers, was the biggest mistake of the draft. I want to help Kelowna win at least one four star cup in my time as a defenseman for the team, helping in whatever way possible. I want SHL gms to not make the same mistake that SMJHL gms made, as I plan to be around for a long time and to earn as much as possible in that time. Sleep on Mikhael Petrov if you want, but he is ready to be a mainstay of the league and turn into a force that every team will regret missing out on.

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My main goal with Kynwyl Pearce is, of course, to be succesfull in his first SMJHL season so I have some value for the draft, but it's also mainly for me to redeem myseklf after my last failed recreate. I never has been trully active for a long period, even with my first player so it is more a goal for me as a user than for the player himself. As for Kynwyl, as long as he his able to hide the goalies faces and bring some goals for his team, he will be happy. for the long term, being drafted to a team he will like to play with, being drafted higher than Eric Pelletier (I don't have a lot of hope for that with this draft class) and helping the Knights to win a cup or two while he is in the juniors are all on his list.

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My goals for my first season are simple : win and be the number one goalie for the Carolina Kraken. I know that I have the potential and the hardwork to become the main goalie for my team and I assume that I will become it at the end of the season. I will do all I can to be the number one goalie and help my team to win a back-to-back championship! As a Finnish player and the little brother or JURT, I always been pushed to be the best player as I can. As personal stats, I hope that I can maintain a save percentage of .900+ and a GAA of < 3,00. I hope to play a minimum of 15-20 games at the end of the season and be the starting goalie for the playoffs! I also want to show to the other GMs that they made a mistake to not selct me in the early rounds! LET'S GO KRAKEN

As Kenji Sugimoto makes his transition to hockey, his goals are straightforward, and he has them hanging in his locker so he can be reminded of them constantly.

His first goal is to get more familiar with the game. Kenji has the raw talent to succeed eventually but not a ton of experience. This is something he can achieve if his team has patience and a good development system.

Another goal is to get stronger and to be better balanced on the ice, as more physical defenders will likely cause the speedy winger trouble. Whatever team picks Kenji up from waivers will have to start him on a strict diet and exercise regiment immediately.

The third goal Kenji has up on his locker is that he wants to make the sport of hockey a bit bigger in Japan. In doing this, he also wants the Japanese national team to start eyeing him as a potential candidate to make the team a few seasons in the future.

Finally, Kenji’s goal is to win a championship. The honor that comes with something like that is what pushes him to wake up every day.

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