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the chicago s47s

@SDCore asked me like two months ago if I would make a sig for our s47 syndicate crew and hey better late than never right?

[Image: 5b3nK4R.png]

[Image: gunnarsoderberg.gif]
[Image: B93SIA.png]

syndicate syndicate syndicate

[Image: selm.gif]
[Image: sig.gif]


Best class! Also good job.

[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: egAspOO.png]

[Image: carpy48.gif]
most sigs are my own + special thanks to @Wasty, @Turd Ferguson and @rum_ham
Stars Lions Berserkers
[Image: p1gG0LD.png][Image: DKMMlC3.png]
my portfolio | my sig shop

A couple of cuties in this pic eh

[Image: 41373_s.png]
[Image: 7MO9RpC.png] | [Image: gdppv5N.png]


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