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We are about a quarter way into the season, and although it is very early to speculate on who goes where, we've seen evidence that Toronto (1-13-0), Tampa Bay, (2-11-0) and Minnesota (2-11-0) will likely have a chance at the #1 pick. The big question is: Who will that #1 pick be? I've compiled a list of every eligible prospect in the SMJHL, and have made a skill assessment on each player. There are A+ prospects to F prospects. The following 30 players have stood out as exceptional, with at least a "B" rating.  This is the official early draft ranking - all rankings are subject to change at any time - this will depend on performance, activity, and evidence of longevity in the SHL.

I have examined every A - B prospect, and will assume their projection based on my analysis - a Mini Scouting Report. Here are the top 30, sorted by team - at the bottom of the article, you will see my QUARTERLY report with all top 30 rookies ranked.

For the sake of a projection, auto picks will not be accounted for.

Switzerland Outlaws
RIGHT DEFENSE - Karl Schaufelberger - @dylanjj37 - Projection: Mid 2nd Round
- A protege of the highly touted Daniel Bischoff, Schaufelberger is a defensive unit who has actually managed to generate 5 points in 11 games. His ceiling is incredibly high - I'd put him top 10, but the reality is: IS HE MENTALLY READY to go the distance in his career? Bischoff was not.

Russia Outlaws
RIGHT WING - Long John Donair - @GCool - Projection: Mid 2nd Round
- Donair hasn't impressed too much; yet. He's projected to become an elite scoring threat. The celing is high for Donair, but we're unsure if he can reach his full potential. I'd say take a risk on Donair in the 2nd - especially a team that needs to fill a RW spot.

World (Serbia) Armada
GOALTENDER - Chimkin Tendy - @Ragnar - Projection: Late 1st Round.
- The 6'8 Serbian goaltender has a small 4 game sample size, serving as a backup for the Armada, but the big goaltender shows promise. The big question is: How valuable is a goaltending asset for teams with an early pick? Tendy may be the #1 goalie in this draft. A lot of upside here.

World (Iceland) Armada
LEFT WING - Halldor Ragnarsson - @Sleepy - Projection: Early 1st Round
- No, this is not Ragnar, It's Sleepy.
- He's registered one assist in 13 games for the Armada thus far, but this kid is young. At 6'2, 215 pounds, #69 has shown that he can hold his own in the J. With a Defensive Game Rating of 68 (in 13 games), You're looking at a great two way winger with potential to develop an elite offensive game.

Russia norway Armada
LEFT WING - Slava Petrov - @ckroyal92 - Projection: Top 10  - Early 1st
- Slava is tied for 3rd in points for all players with the surname "Petrov". He averages 2 shots a game - highest of all of the seven Petrov's. Once he matures his game, and generates offence, these shots will translate into goals. Definitely a highly touted prospect - I'd argue a top 10 pick. But, with a deep draft class, it's possible he sinks. Perhaps Anchorage reached on their #9 pick. We will see..

Russia  Kraken
CENTRE - Alex Kozlov - @FlappyGiraffe - Projection: Top 10
- Kozlov has shown blips of offensive brilliance. The Russian centre has amassed 3 points so far, (2 goals and 1 assist). At 6'2, I believe that when his offense develops, he will lead the SMJHL in goals (Bold prediciton for S57 SMJHL season)

Uk Kraken
RIGHT WING - Adrian Ayers - @gordieboom - Projection: Late 1st Round / Early 2nd Round
- Ayers has a high ceiling, but we cannot quite predict his longevity - other teams may let him sink. Any team looking for a right winger may have to choose Ayers, as quality Right Wingers are few in the S56 class. He's posted a respectable 4 points in 11 games on a very quality Carolina Kraken squad.

Canada Raptors
CENTRE - Rock Strongo - @Leafs4ever - Projection: Top 10
- He has 5 points in 13 games - A big 6'3 Canadian centre - A bonafide offensive threat. Im thinking Strongo gets picked Top 10. But with Kozlov in the mix - this begs the question: Which centre would you pick?

Canada Falcons
LEFT DEFENSE - Evangelos Giannopoulos - @JSS - Projection: Top 5
- Giannopoulos is already nearly 0.5 PPG with a 65 Defensive Game Rating. If you are Tampa, Minnesota or Toronto, you'll want to scoop up this Quebecois Offensive Defenseman. Perhaps .. the new Greek Freak.

Czechia Falcons
LEFT WING - Cenek Iqbal - @Samee - Projection: Late 2nd Round
- Iqbal is off to a 'not-so-great' start - but the experts have been talking- word on the street is, this czech youngster is hungry and a winner. If you have a late 2nd rounder, definitely take the chance. Just make sure you can keep him engaged. He may just pan out and make you look like a genius.

Japan Falcons
GOALIE - Valteri Aalto - @drodger91 - Projection: Late 2nd Round
- It bothers me that this kid isn't Finnish. The Japanese tender is a 2-1-0 so far, and things are looking up. Any team looking for goaltending depth should take a chance if Aalto is on the board in the late 2nd - definitely snag him if he sinks to the 3rd. There are a few skillful tenders in this draft, as is evident here. The "Late 2nd" isn't a statement about his skill, but rather the league market.

Sweden Falcons
LEFT WING - Yngve Simonsson - @JumpierPegasus - Projection: Top 10
- This kid is on fire - 8 points in 13 games is incredibly impressive for this young rook. However, the ceiling has been unidentified - This Swede is hard to read - I am projecting his career will go excellently, however, is he worth a top 5? Hard to say.

Russia Knights
LEFT DEFENSE - Mikael Petrov - @to12143 - Projection: late 2nd round
- Petrov is a staple on the Knights blueline - one of those players who I'd argue may or may not pan out - there are questions about his potential. I have him placed in the late 2nd round at this time.

Canada Knights
LEFT WING - Logan Wong - @Wongy - Projection: Late 1st Round
- This dude comes from a wong wine of gweat pwayers. I'd definitely take a chance on him in the first round. I'd say top 10, but teams looking for a quality LW may have their hands full - a lot of great LW's this draft.

Uk Knights
RIGHT WING - Kynwyl Pearce - @Shmurph - Projection: Mid 2nd Round
- On paper,this guy looks like a promising offesnsive threat, with a 0.5 PPG in the early quarter of the season - however, his lack of motivation concerns my scouting team. Im predicting a mid 2nd - if he's there by the third, definitely take the chance.

Ireland Knights
LEFT WING - Patrick Money - @Mooney - Projection: Late 2nd Round
- This young Irish winger is fresh and will most certainly serve as more-than a depth player. DRAFT STEAL ALERT. He's very new, but GM's would be lucky to steal this dude - trust me, you will look like a genius. Despite his projection, I believe he's more skilled than many mid-2nd rounders. We just need to see more.

Sweden Timber
LEFT WING - Lucas Johansson - @JR95 - Projection: Top 10 *EXEMPT*
- The Swedish winger hasn't produced very much so far, but the scouts report that his skill is off the charts, and as a natural born leader and absolute workhorse, you'd be a STUPID IDIOT not to take him with a top 10 pick - if he wasn't exempt.

Sweden Timber
CENTRE - Calvin Hobbes - @krazko - Projection: Late 2nd round
- The Timber obviously saw something in Hobbes, as he was selected 14th overall - however, the Swedish Centre may find himself looking at the clock this time around. Hobbes has a high upside but is unpredictable at this point. Don't let him sink to the third.

Germany Berserkers
RIGHT DEFENSE - Jonas Kahnwald - @Festinator - Projection: Early 2nd round
- If Kahnwald is still on the board come pick #24+, congrats, you've scored the steal of a lifetime. I have to see more of him before he he is higher on my radar. I assume GM's feel the same.

World (Italy) Battleborn
LEFT DEFENSEMAN - Tanjito Kamado - @Andy - Projection: Late 1st Round
- This Italian defenseman will surely be a staple on the leading Battleborn D pair in the years to come: Easily can be a 2nd Line Defenseman in the big show, hard to say if he will reach 1st line status on a contending team - you will see him develop into a great 2nd LD at worst.

Canada Battleborn
GOALIE - Philip Weaver - @W19eaver - Projection: Early 2nd Round
- Weaver has seemingly come out of nowhere and despite his 1-11-0 record, has kept a cool .906. He may be a stranger now, but get used to the name Philip Weaver - a definite SHL starter of the future, and a top 3 goalie in this years draft.

World (Tonga) Battleborn
RIGHT DEFENSEMAN - Vili Afalava [email protected]Wasty - Projection: Top 3 (EXEMPT!)
- Afalava is undoubtedly a top 3 pick so far. The sky is the limit for this Tongan right hander. (He will be the first Tongan drafted first overall if this occurs). Excited to see his development.


Finland Battleborn
CENTRE - Raivo Helminen - @jRuutu - Projection: Top 10
- Helminen accompanies Afalava on the Battleborn's inaugural season - He's registered 3 goals but this kid is a devoted leader who one of the top European forwards in the draft in my opinion. Despite missing the SMJHL draft, he is legitimate. Expect big things from Helminen in the future.

World (Ukraine) Citadelles
LEFT DEFENSEEMAN -Jasper Maximov - @enigmatic - Projection: Mid 1st Round
- At worst, you're drafting a quality 2nd line LD. He is 5'10, and am unsure about how his size will contribute te to performance. If Maximov sinks to 20th+, you're making a mistake leaving him on the board.

Canada Citadelles
LEFT DEFENSEMAN - Max Goodman - @Smiley - Projection: Top 10
- Another surprise of the season - Goodman has a ridiculously high ceiling and if you have a pick in the Top 10, I'd take Goodman. He's on the upswing and many GM's around the league have been buzzing about him.

Russia Citadelles
LEFT DEFENSEMAN - Teylora Petrov - @Panda - Projection: Early 2nd Round
- The Russian Machine was selected 24th OVERALL in the J draft. I think he is improving his stock and will get picked before 24th in the SHL draft after the Challenge Cup is awarded. Early 2nd.

Czechia Citadelles
RIGHT WING - Zdenko Beranek - @ztevans - Projection: 1st Overall
- You would be silly not to pick Beranek 1st overall. The slovak forward will bottom out where most guys will top out. The dude is the real deal - IF YOU WIN the lottery... pick Z.

World (Iceland) Scarecrows
CENTRE - Xavier Doom - @JKortesi81 - Projection: Top 5
- Nothing to say - Best centre in the draft. Ridiculous Upside.

DOOM IS EXEMPT - APOLOGIES. However if he wasn’t, he’s top5.

Uk Whalers
CENTRE - Dee Centerman IV - @grok - Projection: Top 5
- This British lad is a stocky 240 LBS. At 6'3, you'll see this absolute unit develop into a defensive and offensive threat - definitely on my radar, as he is expected to play WJC for Britain as well. This kid... is a winner. Absolutely hungry.

RIGHT WING - KnockedOut ByOvechkin - @ddrector - Projection: Late 1st round / Early 2nd round
- ByOvechkin was picked 10th overall in the SMJHL draft. Definitely some upside, but I cannot quite predict his development. As the season continues, I will have my eye on him. If he sinks to the second round, scoop him up. If you have a top 10 pick, i wouldn't bother

Canada Whalers
LEFT DEFENSE - Sarah Burke - @Kyamprac - Projection: Late 2nd round
- I project that Burke will be picked 28th-32nd - Congrats, you made the top 30!

The A+ Class
1 Czechia Citadelles - Zdenko Beranek (RW)
2 World (Tonga) Battleborn - Vili Afalava (RD) *EXEMPT*
3 World (Iceland) Scarecrows - Xavier Doom © *EXEMPT*
4 Canada Falcons - Evangelos Giannopoulos (LD)
5 Uk Whalers - Dee Centerman IV ©
6 Finland Battleborn - Raivo Helminen ©
7 Russia norway Armada - Slava Petrov (LW)
8 Canada Raptors - Rock Strongo ©
9 Timber Sweden - Lucas Johansson (LW)
10 Russia Kraken - Alexsander Kozlov ©
- The A Tier
11 Canada Citadelles - Max Goodman (LD)
12 World (Iceland) Armada - Halldor Ragnarsson (LW)
13 Sweden Falcons - Yngve Simonsson (LW)
14 Uk Kraken - Adrian Ayers (RW)
15 Canada Knights - Logan Wong (LW)
16 World (Serbia) Armada - Chimkin Tendy (G)
- The B+ Tier
17 Germany Berserkers - Jonas Kahnwald (RD)
18 RussiaWhalers - KnockedOut ByOvechkin (RW)
19 World (Ukraine) Citadelles - Jasper Maximov (LD)
20 Russia Citadelles - Teylora Petrov (LD)
21 Canada Battleborn - Philip Weaver (G)
22 World (Italy) Berserkers - Tanjiro Kamada - (LD)
23 Switzerland Outlaws - Karl Schaufelberger (RD)
- The B Tier
24Uk Knights - Kynwyl Pearce (RW)
25 Russia Outlaws - L.J. Donair (RW)
26Japan Falcons - Valteri Aalto (G)
27 Russia Knights - Mikael Petrov (LD)
28 Ireland Knights - Patrick Money (LW)
29 Czechia Falcons - Cenek Iqbal (LW)
30 Canada Whalers - Sarah Burke (LD)
31 Sweden Timber - Calvin Hobbes ©

If you're not on the list, do not worry. The scouting report is subject to change as the season progresses. These picks were difficult to make. Leaving LaFlamme, Debrosky, Vermette, etc was a difficult decision.


Czechia Citadelles - Zdenko Beranek (RW)
World (Iceland) Scarecrows - Xavier Doom © *exempt*
Uk Whalers - Dee Centerman IV ©
Finland Battleborn - Raivo Helminen ©
Russia norway Armada - Slava Petrov (LW)


World (Tonga) Battleborn - Vili Afalava (RD) *exempt*
Canada Falcons - Evangelos Giannopoulos (LD)
Canada Citadelles - Max Goodman (LD)
Germany Berserkers - Jonas Kahnwald (RD)
World (Ukraine) Citadelles - Jasper Maximov (LD)


World (Serbia) Armada - Chimkin Tendy (G)
Canada Battleborn - Philip Weaver (G)
Japan Falcons - Valteri Aalto (G)
Canada Raptors - Marcel LaFlamme (G) @HydroRaven
Finland Kraken - Ragnar-Alexandre Ragnarsson-Tremblay (G) @larry

Word Count:2265

Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Love this! Also don't forget that GM's do get auto'd to their teams Tongue

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[Image: andybj18.gif]

08-01-2020, 10:38 PMAndy Wrote: Love this! Also don't forget that GM's do get auto'd to their teams Tongue

damn yea i forgot - the skill projection still stands!

Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Lol definitely leafs and flappy over grok

[Image: fLv9204.gif]

UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard | [Image: DrbPYHV.png][Image: spectersupdate.png] | UsaScarecrowsSpectersBlizzard
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Gotta make my way into that A range  Berserkers

[Image: BTimLSb.png]
Sig by @teztify

A+ Blush Thanks!

Cool to be part of such a solid looking draft group, S40 was not as good if I remember correctly.

[Image: Gs1Fpqo.png]

[Image: hWWMfG4.png]

Yesterday, 12:48 AMSlashACM Wrote: Lol definitely leafs and flappy over grok


Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Yesterday, 06:38 AMjRuutu Wrote: A+  Blush  Thanks!

Cool to be part of such a solid looking draft group, S40 was not as good if I remember correctly.

This ... Group ... Is ... DEEP.

Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Some people getting overlooked here...

[Image: 58254_s.gif]

[Image: jcjcF7J.png] [Image: nHs4nH0.png] [Image: GATPRRX.png]

S50 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7
[Image: gNFVjT6.png]

Knights General Manager Kelowna Knights Knights

Yesterday, 08:07 AMBongo Wrote:
Yesterday, 06:38 AMjRuutu Wrote: A+  Blush  Thanks!

Cool to be part of such a solid looking draft group, S40 was not as good if I remember correctly.

This ... Group ... Is ... DEEP.
That is awesome! Towel

[Image: Gs1Fpqo.png]

[Image: hWWMfG4.png]

Yesterday, 08:54 AMKatth Wrote: Some people getting overlooked here...

Please let me know who, I was afraid I’d miss someone.

Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Yesterday, 09:42 AMBongo Wrote:
Yesterday, 08:54 AMKatth Wrote: Some people getting overlooked here...

Please let me know who, I was afraid I’d miss someone.
Mikhael Petrov

[Image: 58254_s.gif]

[Image: jcjcF7J.png] [Image: nHs4nH0.png] [Image: GATPRRX.png]

S50 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7
[Image: gNFVjT6.png]

Knights General Manager Kelowna Knights Knights
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Yesterday, 09:51 AMKatth Wrote:
Yesterday, 09:42 AMBongo Wrote: Please let me know who, I was afraid I’d miss someone.
Mikhael Petrov

You are correct - I will make adjustments on my halfway point rankings. Apologies @to12143

Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]

Great article thanks for the shoutout!

[Image: Qfss7w7.png]      [Image: 8yB62LM.png]
[Image: W19eaver.gif]

Nice write up!

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