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Bork Wants to Make Bank

So Iguess Bork Lazer is directing this to all the General Managers of the Simulation Hockey League. Bork Lazer is letting you know that he intends on being a Restricted Free Agent after this season. Talking with General Manager @JKortesi81 we have come to the agreement and allowance of you General Managers to either talk to to him or talk to me. What you would be getting from Bork Lazer if the price is right, is a max earning defense first player. Next season I should be in the 700 total points earned and counting. More than enough for a team in a rebuilding stage or older players getting struck by regression. I think snagging Bork Lazer would be the right move for your locker room as he has dealt with rebuilds before and will not get down when the going gets tough.
There are two things Bork Lazer is looking for.
1. Nice paycheck, not everyone can get a job in the Simulation Hockey League. Even when Bork has the qualifications. Bork Lazer let's his actions do the talking for him on and off the ice. Bork Lazer gets the job done no matter what it is. However you have to pay the right price for good service. You know what they say. You buy cheap you buy twice. 
2. Bork Lazer will be above 700 total points earned more than likely which means he would like to make his way to the big leagues. Bork Lazer has enjoyed punking out simps in the J but now it's time to start punking out simps in the bigs. 
This media is not here to make money. I'll take the money given do not get me wrong but this is more of a message. If you want Bork Lazers talents and are willing to pay. Contact New Orleans Specters General Managers and myself to see what we can get going.
Ready to be graded

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Bork is a Chad and will get paid like a chad

pay this Chad the Chad-like money he deserves

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2 mil, take it or take it

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@Frick_Nasty Bork more like Dork

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08-01-2020, 10:54 PMGeekusoid Wrote: Hmmmm
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