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S55 SMJHL Playoff Index
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League Files

First Round
#12 Battleborn vs #4 Knights | 0-4
#11 Falcons vs #6 Timber | 0-4

#10 Citadelles vs #7 Outlaws | 4-2
#9 Scarecrows vs #8 Whalers | 0-4

Quarter Finals
#1 Berserkers vs #10 Citadelles  | 4-0
#2 Kraken vs #8 Whalers  | 4-0
#3 Armada vs #6 Timber  | 3-4
#5 Raptors vs #4 Knights | 2-4

Conference Finals
#1 Berserkers vs #2 Kraken | 4-3
#4 Knights vs #6 Timber | 3-4

#1 Berserkers vs #6 Timber | 0-0

Four Star Cup Champions

Simming Schedule
Afternoon Sim: 3pm EDT
Evening Sim: 8pm EDT

Good luck!

[Image: Kalakar.gif]

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Let's go! Battleborn

[Image: m3W7VGX.png]
[Image: 8yB62LM.png]

[Image: iXI1ET6.png]


Adam Friedland [Image: image0.jpg]


[Image: lgKBu7b.png]


Timber tree team dream team Timber

[Image: WTzBDvM.png]
Maine Timber | Head General Manager
[Image: coa.gif]
D | Manhattan Rage | Player Page | Update Page

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Well this was my last SMJHL stream. It's a bit of a bittersweet moment as I had completely forgotten about the extra round when making plans to leave this weekend, but now that everything's booked I won't be able to sim the finals. It's been an incredible journey, I've loved almost every second of it from the STHS days to switching to FHM. I hope I could make the streams fun to watch. I leave you in very capable hands for the finals, @Flareon will take over to finish the season. Thanks everyone.

[Image: Kalakar.gif]

                                    Player Page | Update

Thank you for all your work @Kalakar. I didn't get to experience much as I just returned but from my experiences this season you did a fantastic job and it's a very tough job to fill. Looking forward to your sims when I make the big leagues.

[Image: m3W7VGX.png]
[Image: 8yB62LM.png]

[Image: iXI1ET6.png]

Thank you for all your hard work @Kalakar - and know that we enjoyed your streams thoroughly here in the NL locker room. Can't wait to see you work on the big leagues' games now! Smile

[Image: KlusteR.gif]

Chiefs Monarchs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

[Image: qGhUIfY.png]    [Image: e0LuHwa.png]    [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Geekusoid and @Turd Ferguson for the signatures!

@Kalakar you did an amazing job simming for the SMJHL! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, it is much appreciated!

[Image: NAycn1v.png]
[Image: S55FourStarCupChampions.png]

Berserkers Dragons  Dragons Berserkers

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