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s56 mPT #3 - Trade Deadline

There's only one real answer to this question, the team is Hamilton and the player is Gabriel Johnson. What does he really bring to the team? Nothing is the correct answer. #fireGabe

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I figured that the Los Angeles Panthers would be an active team this season in the Simulation Hockey League's trade deadline. Although a large part of this has to do with hindsight, I do think their move was very warranted as they are in a strong position to succeed moving forward. I believe with a new pair of General Managers (Fuzz and TDZ) they will also be more active around this time as the previous GM (Wasty) as they will be looking to mold the team to fit their vision and to also move on from the previously failed regime that was unable to succeed for a long time.

One of my major reasons for putting the Los Angeles Panthers as active in the trade market also has the fact to do with their competition not looking like much in the near future. At best the teams are literally pushovers to them so as long as Fuzz and TDZ are able to acquire quality pieces/players moving forward they should have no trouble making the Panthers a force to be reckoned with in the next few seasons. If you look in their division the San Francisco Pride are bad. There is no beating around the bush here, they fit every definition of being a bad team. They have the worst record in the league, do not really have a strong prospect pool like other teams such as the Toronto North Stars or the Tampa Bay Barracuda and simply put, they do not have a lot going for them at the moment. I hope for their own sake that they can turn the ship around but for now, it looks like that ship is having trouble in some murky waters.

Although Texas is one of the strongest teams in the league right now and are probably one of the better put together teams in the league right now, they have also lost a good chunk of their pool of young talent and could still potentially lose more as the salary cap crunch gets tighter.

Aside from the Texas Renegades and the San Francisco Pride, the Specters are a team that I believe is sitting on the brink of a collapse. They had just lost another key piece (To LAP coincidentally) in Jimmy Slothface and their team appears to be extremely vulnerable at the moment.

I believe all of this leaves LAP with a chance to compete for the divison for a while if they make some good moves at the deadline and they should absolutely consider buying

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Nour is pretty hot ngl

All i know is that Chicago isn't a seller. We've got a strong group and i don't think anyone doesn't fit into the LR tbh. Sure we could trade for another anime watcher but really, who would be good enough to fit in?

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The New England Wolfpack should be looking to buy at the trade deadline in hopes of bolstering the roster a little bit better as they move into the upcoming off-season and into next season. The team has quite a few prospects who'll be able to be called up soon, but still have a few slots that need to be filled around them.

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The tampa bay barracuda should be active at this trade deadline, trading Tom Fiddler for a subway sandwich more specifically a footlong italian bmt. Definitely a win for the cuda @PremierBromanov

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Thanks to @karey and @JSS for the sigs!

Honestly, if I am Baltimore or San Fran, I would be looking to either buy or sell, depending on current assets and draft class quality. They both can sell off their high draft picks and look to acquire a substantial amount from them for the distant future. On the other hand, they can offload their high picks and hopefully acquire some talent that would get them both out of the basement.

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10-18-2020, 11:27 PMtrella Wrote: The tampa bay barracuda should be active at this trade deadline, trading Tom Fiddler for a subway sandwich more specifically  a footlong italian bmt. Definitely a win for the cuda @PremierBromanov

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I could see the scarecrows move one of their veteran players to a contending team for a pick. The team will not be competing for a trophy this year and should look to building for next season.

So the only team i can really speak to is Texas, and long story short we dont have plans on making any big moves, the previous GM's of Dan and Jay did an amazing job drafting a great team, and me and Puoli just have to run with it and Texas will do great things

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Kelowna should be buying, but also selling. Yes it's a fickle thing to do, but Kelowna should focus on selling off the major pieces (as they have) and trying to acquire younger players with a longer shelf life. Look for a team that needs SMJHL star power, and try to get picks to fill out the lower end of the team and look for a 2nd year guy or two who will elevate in cap next season, to reset the championship window.

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