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S56 PT #3 - Subscription Service

Ola Wagstrom is asked to partner with an up-and-coming sports streaming service called Fury. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all the others do not offer the chance to watch sports, live or on video. There is a new player in the field looking to take away the only advantage that cable TV has. The first major league to partner was the SHL, which has agreed to stream the S56 playoffs exclusively on Fury, and now Fury executives have reached out to Ola Wagstrom to be the face of their marketing campaign. If you are advertising a subscription service to stream the SHL playoffs, why not have your commercial star one of the best goal scorers in a generation? It was an honor to be selected as the only one out of the hundreds of players, so Wagstrom was happy to accept; for a fee of course. The filming was completed last week, and supposed went well. It is set to air during the World Series this week, so we will see if this marketing campaign and celebrity endorsement is successful in giving Fury a good start.

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Michael Scarn is the new face of Dunder Mifflin paper. It is only a natural fit because Michael Scarn worked as a regional manager at Dunder Mifflin for many years before pursuing his career as a secret agent and then as a hockey player. So Michael Scarn knows a lot about paper. In fact he also created his own paper company at one point. Now that Scarn is a hockey player, however, he is now sponsoring a brand new line of Dunder Mifflin paper, the Michael Scott Deluxe line of paper. This paper is much more high quality than normal Dunder Mifflin paper. In fact, it is untearable paper and is of such high quality that it's not made out of normal wood. It is actually made out of diamonds. Scarn's face is emblazoned on the packaging of each ream of paper, and it is selling like hot cakes in Staples retail stores.

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With the current state of the world currently, a lot of people are scared to go get their haircuts at the local barber shops. Because of this, Scoochie teamed up with them to provide local barbers a subscription service that can come weekly, monthly, etc. that will come travel to your house and cut your hair outside in the Anchorage community. Schoochie's been voted the best hair in the SMJHL 4 seasons in a row now so when local barbers started to formulate this idea there was no other person in Anchorage to advertise for them. The subscription started just last month and the barbers have been saying that with Scoochie's advertising finesse their sales have been better before covid. They are even going to start expanding to beard grooming as well, which is also very important to the local residents of Anchorage. As this is one of the first advertisement gigs Scoochie has gotten, he feels really good about it since it combines his love for the local community with something he is an expert in, hair.

A sponsorship for little old me? I guess they gotta sell something to the old people that live down in Tampa. The perfect service for Tampa would be a subscription that has these young successful men come visit the old people and talk to them just as their grandchildren would. See, the old people in Tampa are a bit lonely as they all moved down from Massachusetts to get away from their god damn grandkids and finally have some peace and quiet, only to realize that they get a bit lonely without them around. So, they pay money to this subscription service once a month to have a young, successful, athletic man like myself come visit them and have a chat for a few hours, maybe a cup of coffee, and just make them feel like they're connected to the younger generation for a bit. James Ronlain's Monthly Chat service is perfect for the older generation.

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Barracuda Chomp Chomp Water Dog Barracuda
Scarecrows Scarecrow Noises Scarecrows

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well when it comes to luffy and endorsements here has never really been one to sell out. But since we have to do this and we have to market something luffy is going to release a gaming platform with a sub based service. It'll be his top games for pc xbox and play station and every game will be free to download and play based on his picks and with your monthly sub. It'll be kinda like a twitch sub but itll be a bit more expensive probably 15 bucks a month. Access to a discord that luffy uses personally to talk about all the free games provided and a little community will be generated from this. Along with the hundreds of free games accessible to users with their monthly sub. For extra maybe 20 or 25 bucks all the mangas and top animes will be available to download also from luffys personal favorites.

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Sport stars are often part of a company’s advertisement and representing and give very big praise to the products of the company. Most of the time you don’t believe it or care about it. But on of the perfect fit for a hockey player is to be part of something that have to do with teeth. Hockey players often needs a third pair of teeth much earlier than every other person. So Wachter is now the represent of the DDA (Dallas Dentist Association). Alexander Wachter lost 3 teeth after a hit last season. His smile with the tooth gaps good pretty popular in Texas and so the DDA contacted him, to be the new face for their 3rd teeth offense they try to kick off. We will see his face with a before and after picture with the lettering: “Your dentist could help you too”. For Wachter this was a no brainer and he is very happy about the new teeth.

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Alexander Wachter, RW, S51
Carolina Kraken- Texas Renegades
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Thomas Bathory recently announced a new partnership with Juan's Taco shop "You can't have just Juan". Bathory has been eating a steady diet of In n Out since returning to Los Angeles despite the coaching staff telling him that it was hurting his progression on the ice. Bathory's new diet has already paid off as his stamina has greatly improved and his checks on the ice seem harder than ever. Bathory will be present on every taco tuesday to interact with the community and gorge himself with al pastor taco's. Juan's will be picking up the tab on his taco consumption as their part of the deal. However the taco shop will not be picking up the tab on anything else, so the community is encouraged to come down and buy Thomas some tequilla shots. Thomas feels that this new relationship is going to do wonders in reving his career and helping him be a more productive player for the Panthers.

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With josh dolphin now in his second year with the colorado raptors he has been offered a great oppotunity by the colorado tourism office which he was happy to take.
to get more people going to the local zoo's and aquariums a new subcription service has been created and will be called Josh Dolphin's Colorado Adventures.
this service will offer unlimted access all year round for a monthly fee. From $30 a month you will be able to see over 3500 animals at Denver Zoo and see marine life
at the Downtown Aquarium. Also as an added bonus, each paying customer will recieve a welcome pack for joining this amazing adventure, and plushie of their choice! (clearly
the Dolphin plushie will be a sell out due to the fans supporting Josh Dolphin). So if your a colorado raptors fan and love animals, dont waste anytime, subcribe now and let
your wildest dreams come true!

It always comes back to Slip McScruff's beard. It's a constant theme when Slip has to design product offerings for his team or the league. You look at Slip's hairy face and you think, "Wow, how does he manage all that HAIR", (emphasis mine). Well, now Slip can use his hockey stardom (?) to sell his special beard product instead of selling it out of the back of his van.

It was an operation similar to the bulk section at an organic grocery store, except you walk up and scoop what looks like pig fat (spoiler alert, you aren't wrong) out of a painter's bucket into whatever container you brought. Now, the league hooked him up with a production company that designed professional looking tins that are modelled after hockey pucks. The actual product itself has not changed. Slip keeps the recipe secret, except on the need-to-know basis of the production company pumping it out to meet subscription demand.

Consumers are concerned on the lack of ingredient listing, but the saying "lipstick on a pig" seems suspiciously applicable.

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credit to Flappy and ToeDragon


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Do I even need to mention what Jmac NCheese's sponsorship would more than likely be? I mean if none of the companies approached him with a deal on mac n cheese then some marketer, somewhere needs to be fired, just saying. Lucky for Jmac, he has been approached by several them and the only question is, which of the companies that makes mac n cheese will he choose. Now according to Mr. NCheese, the number one mac n cheese brand is Velveeta, thinks that they have the best cheese and shells than all the rest. Kraft Dinner we know their offer is a higher amount but Jmac held off was approached by Velveeta which was one of the fastest yes' (or is it yeses? I'm am not sure, but I think the first one is right lol) in his life. Now Jmac still eats the same amount of mac n cheese he previously ate, like 4 or 5 times a week, but now it is a lot cheaper since it is delivered to his place and he doesn't have to go out and get it from a grocery store. Jmac stars in commercials for Velveeta, like not stealing his liquid gold and what not, and wears their merch all the time that says VFTW, Velveeta For The Win!

Monarchs (221 words) Monarchs

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PBE PT Affiliate

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Slap McShotty's Slap A Lot-y. Got your head in the clouds? Need to be dragged back down to earth every now and then? Need a more realistic perspective on life? A good slap in the face will work wonders. Subscribe now and Slap McShotty will personally slap you across the face at an interval of your choosing! Packages include:

Mother Teresa: even the best of us need perspective now and again. This is a once-a-year subscription for $100/year to help the good times of the year seem a little brighter.

Average Joe: at $10/month, this option will surprise anyone into a retrospective look at their life.

Local Asshole: for $3/week, Slap will slap the asshole out of you, making you more tolerable to your peers. More effective before Friday-night bar crawling.

CEO: need a constant reminder to not be shitty? This hourly slap package will be a frequent wake-up-call, for only $0.05/hr.

* Slap McShotty may be out of breath and/or sweaty from his frequent subscription fullfilments. No refunds.

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Career Stats

PT Pass

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Thank you all for the amazing sigs & player cards
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Eduard Selich Bojo Stats

3. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 5 (Maximilian Wachter, Alexis Metzler) at 16:25
5. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 6 (Steven Stamkos Jr., Brynjar Tusk) at 19:48
8. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 7 (Brynjar Tusk, Alexis Metzler) at 13:55
9. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 8 (Anton Fedorov, Mikelis Grundmanis) at 15:12
10. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 9 (Dickie Pecker) at 19:43 (Empty Net)

Josef Kubinec’s cooking show, Crockin’ with Kubi, was so successful he is allowing his fans and viewers the opportunity to try his award winning recipes at home. Now, for the low price of $59.99 a month, or $780 a year if you want to subscribe for a whole year up front, Josef will send you all of the ingredients (except the meat) to his crockpot meals. We’re talking pork BBQ, mac and cheese, London broil with potatoes and vegetables, cream of mushroom chicken, buffalo chicken dip, and countless more recipes. Each month you will get all of the ingredients, except the meat, for these dishes and instructions for how to prepare the meals. But that’s not all! Kubinec has developed his own app so you can watch his instructional videos on your smartphone for no extra cost. To subscribe, just go to and get your first month at 50% off when you sign up for a whole year.

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