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S56 PT #3 - Subscription Service

For Leonids Balzams, the subscription service he would sponsor and create would be a monthly supply of any Latvijas Balzams drinks that the subscriber wanted. These would range from vodka to some of Lativa's classic balsam. Each would have been signed by Balzams, with the subscriber's name on the bottle. Balzams was in fact named after the traditional Latvian beverage, so he feels like its his national duty to promote the drinks. The drinks are quite versatile as well. They may be used as medicine to help with stomach pains as well, so he will also be spreading more than just alcoholism. Overall, Leonids hopes that he will be able to spread the Latvian love as much as possible. As for the price of the subscription service, it will be $15.99 for 1 bottle, $25.99 for 2. Hopefully all that pick up the "Balzam Bonanza" enjoy the products the subscription service provides.

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If Simon would have a subscription service, it would only be a maple syrup subscription service. He would probably do a deal with a french canadian company to get fresh maple syrup, because there's only either some fake maple syrup or that Maine one in the stores, and the Maine maple syrup is nothing like the Quebec maple syrup. He could use it for many things, like to put over pancakes or ice cream or even to make various desserts. The company could also provide products made of maple syrup, like those maple cones filled with maple sugar. It would help LeBlanc get the right maple syrup that he so desperately need, and it would also bring exposure to a small company that isn't well known outside of the country. It could also make LeBlanc actually perform better on the ice, because this season has been terrible for him and he desperately needs to find how to fix it, maple syrup might just be the juice he needs to perform.

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Poopity Scoop can sponsor a subscription to new Kanye West music on a periodici subscription basis - like for every time Kanye says he has a new album you will get one like 32.8% of the time on that date. It will be great because Poopity Scoop is a big Kanye fan and can also dance to kanye West's new song Nah nah Nah which is a good one. But Poopity Scoop will use this opportunity to push Kanye West to make even more musics now. And he will really push for a thing like a Chicago posse song where people like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco and Polo G and Lil Durk and Common and Chief Keef all come together on a single song and release it only to those who are subscribed to our special Kanye service! So all of us with the limited release access will be the cool kids around town while the rest will be sad because they can't listen.

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08-24-2018, 01:08 PMWannabeFinn Wrote: Ah yes, the veteran meme player. A surefire bet for maybe 400 TPE Tongue
05-23-2020, 02:25 PMWannabeFinn Wrote: Scoop AINEC
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The Smeb special subscription service is a monthly service featuring all the Smeb's that provides something different and completely random every month that is endorsed by the Smeb's. One month it could be a signed sock from Kit Smeb to all its subscribers and the next a custom made Khan Smeb flan. The subscription service has been growing in subscribers at a pretty steady rate all around the world as the Smeb's popularity increases. Sometimes its leaked however which months will feature a product from which Smeb and a distinct can be seen in a trend where subscriber count drastically drops when its Parker Smeb's month, meanwhile a heavy rise in subsribers can be seen in Daniel Smeb's yet alone Steve Craig Smeb's month which hits new records breaking subscriber months every time. With what a success the Smeb special subscription service has been maybe it will increase to a weekly basis now since its owner Chico Salmon is very greedy for money

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Hugh Jazz's Fart in a can. This product is made for people that have fart fetish. I have no idea if this is a thing or not but its probably a thing because people are fucked up. Its really the only thing that I could thing about and i am sorry that I am doing this to whoever is reading my pts. but the fart in the can is a great product and the can is made in a lab to make sure that the farts is smelling fresh and you can close the can shut to keep a fart in there. There is different flavours of farts which are made by our talented fart staff that eat specific things that will differentiate the flavors of farts. You can subcribe to farts in a can so you can get a weekly membership to it to get the hottest flavours of the week.

if theres one thing jason desrolleux feels strongly about it is milk! yummy milk. All good strong hockey players need to drink milk to grow their bones big and strong so that they will be able to perform well at hockey and other things. So jason desrouelx would provide people with daily milkings! Smile . you sign up for jason desrtoulex milk man service and everyday at 7 am a big strong lady and a milky cow will appear at your house. the lady will milk you a big ol glass of milky warm milk for you to drink for breakfast! this has many benefits such as you will get a FRESH glass of MILK every morning. you will no longer have to worry about how much milk is left in your fridge. no more midnight milk runs. this milking service will give you a complete peace of mind. you will never in your life have to worry about your milk levels ever again.

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Adrik Baranov is approached by a company that wanted for him to be the face for a new subscription line of gourmet meals. The service he would be promoting would be ‘Baranov Borscht service’ in which people would pay for a monthly shipment of of two things: delicious borscht meal, recipe included as well as a bottle of vodka. Each shipment would have a different style of borscht as well as a different brand of vodka. The service would have tiers, the proletariat would get someone the borscht that would make them say “kak ran'she delala babushka “ while the more expensive, bourgeoisie would give them a more elegant type of meal. More akin to that one would find in a restaurant then what they would get at home normally. The vodka would be the same for both tiers, only differing in how much of it they get with the meal.

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Adrik Baranov (Current)
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Down in Winnipeg, some of the players are taking advantage of Canada's legalization of cannabis to start a 'Bong of the Month' Club. Fans who enjoy partaking in marijuanical activities are able to join this club, and once a month they receive a bong or a pipe selected by Goku Muerto or Ignatius Blunt. Whether it be something practical that you can use daily, or something more elaborate which you might want to display on your mantle, each bong has been carefully selected and pre-tested by these two public-minded civilians in skates. Not only will you receive a useful and/or artistic piece for your collection, you can rest assured knowing that the item was quality tested by people who know whereof they smoke. The items you can receive range from simple glass-blown one-hitters, to first nations-influenced wood pipes, to vapor-wave aesthetics to pop-culture references! All Jets fans can relax at home puffing slowly or hitting huge rips during the game, makes it a lot easier to relax and not get upset at how bad they play!

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Alright so ever since 5 time most valuable player of the whole simulation hockey league winner Flacko Lagerfield has retired, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) has had plenty of time on his hand to work on his business ventures. One of these multiple ventures he has started is an app based subscription service for movies and tv shows. This has never been done before in the world and many have called this a stupid plan whoever so far Flacko's app called Zetflix has had a lot of success and has over 5 million users to this day. The app costs about 7.99 per month and is available in over 100 countries today ranging from the United States of America to Fiji. Flacko is not the only owner of this new hit app, well known racist accountant JP is also a co owner along Mr. Lagerfield however it is not to be disclosed publicly because of JP's racist history.

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The Calgary Dragons hockey team features the illustrious BIG PARM BIG PARM special deal, where subscribers can take part in a wonderful deal at all home games. Visitors who partake in the deal are given a special BIG PARM BIG PARM, a ginormous and enormous and large chicken parmesan meal served at the one and only BIG PARM. This is of course following the fantastic BIG PARM creation challenge where people have to not only create the biggest chicken parmesan meal they can but eat it as well. These are fantastic ways for viewers and fans of the Calgary Dragons to take part in the wonderful traditions and spirit of the team coming out of the BIG PARM. The BIG PARM BIG PARM also features a program where every dollar spent is matched in donations to local foodbanks and charities so as to give back to the wonderful community that the team loves.

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It comes as no surprise to people who know Jukka to learn that he has been offered to be the spokesperson and face of a new Finnish alcohol conglomerate. His motto has always been shots, and it's something that he strives for greatness in both on and off the ice. With this new sponsorship, the two can now go hand and hand in fans all over the world. Fans who sign up for the basic subscription service will be delivered a monthly package of Juke's current favorite things to drink, and the first package after signing up will come with commemorative Rage/Berserker mugs, shot glasses, and other miscellaneous drinkware. That's not all however, as members will have the option to upgrade to the premium service, appropriately (yet disgustingly) named Juke's Pukes. With this package, every shot that Jukka attempts on the ice will add up to extra booze in the monthly delivery. And as an homage to how his play reflects that of a drunk beer leaguer, every shot he takes that misses the net will count double to the extra alcohol received.

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Gunnar’s subscription service is going to be the first and only meatball subscription designed specifically for dogs. (I don’t know if there are meatball subscriptions for people, but if there aren’t, there’s a free idea for you). The meatballs are not all made personally by Gunnar himself because he has to play hockey and doesn’t have time for that, but they are all based on recipes he has made up for his dog Maxim. There will be different size subscriptions for different sizes of dogs, and then different varieties of meatball depending on your dog’s preferences. There are chicken meatballs and beef meatballs and pork meatballs and even some more expensive options made out of more exotic meats for your exotic dogs with refined tastes. All of them are made from lean meat that is good for your dog, and some have vitamins added in case your dog is missing some key nutrients. The meatballs are delivered individually packaged and can be frozen if your dog doesn’t eat them right away.

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