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S56 PT #3 - Subscription Service

As you know, LPLL is one of the most feisty players in the league. He is top 5 in the league in penalty minutes and hits, as well as top 25 in shot blocks in just his third year, the first with his new team. A good product that would represent him is something that has the same kick as he does on the ice. For that reason, it makes sense that LPLL is sponsoring a monthly subscription for hot sauces to try out.

The Hot Sauce will come with from all over the world with exotic flavors. They will also come with suggested recipes so you can best experience the flavors of the hot sauce. In the end, this is probably not worth the exorbitant subscription cost, it is pretty obviously a terrible cash grab. However LPLL badly needs money so hes going to go ahead with it anyways. Hopefully enough people will buy it so he can afford more training

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Colin Lambert uses every SHL related subscription service, but he rarely uses the items that he receives. Sign up for the Lambox and for the measly price of $3.00 a month you will receive every SHL subscription service that was once mailed to Colin Lambert, but is now re boxed and sent out to you nice people. He's just going to throw this shit away, so might as well give it to a lucky fan for a much smaller price. One lucky member will receive a giant box outside their door every month of Colin Lambert's discarded SHL subscription box items. Colin will also hand-deliver this box to your door every month. He is too poor to hire someone to send it too you. He also reserves the right to ask for the box back so he can live in it. Don't waste your money buying all of these services from these other clowns. Buy all of it in one Lambox.

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Pavel Kharlamov presents the Kharlamov film club. When you subscribe you will be mailed a
physical or if you prefer emailed a digital copy of a new movie each week. There is no limit to the genre or theme. Inside the box will come with a quick synopsis and the reason why this is the movie of the week. You can also upgrade your package to receive a code to a discord server where you can join in the weekly live stream of the movie and chat with other fans as well as a chance to vote on the movie of the month bonus movie that will be delivered to you. Together we will explore both modern films, classics, Russian cinema and fill that share a special connection to Kharlamov himself. Lastly if you choose the premium level you will get a signed copy of the monthly movie and will have access to a chance to meet kharlamov at the end of the year when we book a theatre for the viewing of a film.

My subscription service is going to be Adam's last minute PT reminer's. As i am so good as literally writing my PT at 8:59 PM (when it closes my time) as i am doing right now, i will offer a service in which i will remind my subscribers precisely 5 minutes before the PT is due if they have not completed it yet. this should give them plenty of time to write a super creative idea in order to get their sweet 3 TPE. and in no way did i come up with this idea because i am doing exactly this and need this myself. the subscription will cost $10 a week with a bonus cost per PT is helps remind you of at a cost of 3 dollars each. but there are no refunds if you arent able to complete the PT in time and dont receive credit

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