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(Graded) Deep Dive #1 - Beneath the Vancouver Whalers
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With just a slight glimpse at the current SMJHL standings, you can clearly see that the Vancouver Whalers are superior compared to every other team in the league. Their lead their own conference and the league in general with 7 points, the Anaheim Outlaws tailing them. Whether its their astonishing scoreline of 27-7-0, their win percentage of .794 or their massive goal differential of +47. Thats just whats on the surface, but we will be looking things deeper than this.

One of the reasons why the Whalers have such incredible goal differential lies beneath the fact that they can score with all four lines of forwards. Other than Sarah Burke and Lonnie O’Donoghue every player on their team has double digits in points. Both of these players are defenders who arent expected get points. Thats two out of six defenders and two from a total of 18 players – now that’s impressive. During the preseason the Whalers seem to have managed to balance their potential with every line and pairing, marvelous I say. They have also scored with every player on their roster. Leading their inner statistics is their star forward Daniil Nikiforov with 16 goals, 23 assists and a total of 39points. After Nikiforov, things get insanely close with other players. Next to Nikiforov there’s Bryce McMahon (27), Rotticus Scott (25), Jason Desrouleaux (24), Devin Basher (22) and Valtterri Kauppinen (20). All 5 of these players are within 7 points of eachother (20-27) which indicates only one thing: they all work together for a common goal. Whalers’ players dont have ego, only ambition which they will accomplish as long as they work together, and this has been made very clear by their GM and Assistant GM.

Vancouver Whalers also have arguably the best goalie tandem in the minors. Name Redacted and Jon St. Ark share the responsibility. Both of them are under great statistics with Name Redacted playing slightly more (19 games) than his partner Jon St. Ark (15 games) but this is only just a few games here and there, what matters more is their output. Name Redacted has 2 shutouts, .911% and 2.09GA in 19 games, while Jon St. Ark has 2 shutouts also, .929% and the lowest GA in the league with 1.66 in his 15 games played. It doesnt matter if one of their goalies is exhausted, they can put in another competitive goalie – or if theyre playing back-to-back games or even multiple games on the same day, they have an answer regardless of their upcoming workload.

With this being said, we cant forget their defenders. Without them, St. Ark and Redacted would be in a heap of trouble. In general, their overall balance in offense and defense is stellar, which takes an insane amount of work to be able to put up a squad like this. Therefore, a huge shoutout to the Whalers general manager duo.  If they can keep up their performances, the Vancouver Whalers are one of the top candidates for the cup this season.

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Doesn't deserve credit. I have 19 points. And he is making a big deal that 5 players are between 20 and 27? well it's 6 if you add 19, and depending on when you posted it that Sato has 18 or 20.

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10-16-2020, 05:24 PMmee Wrote: Doesn't deserve credit. I have 19 points. And he is making a big deal that 5 players are between 20 and 27? well it's 6 if you add 19, and depending on when you posted it that Sato has 18 or 20.
Yhy yhy, how you can live now?

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