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(GRADED) Deep Dish #2
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Today we’ll be looking at the Quebec City Citadelles, more specifically their players who made a really strong impact this season and certain players who are expected to make a big difference in the upcoming Season 57 SMJHL regular season.

First let’s look at the forwards, leading the offensive attack of the team and helping to land them in a position to possibly go on a run in the playoffs (didn’t happen.)

Two forwards in particular led the team in offensive scoring, them being Stan Q. Next and Zdenko Beranek, both of whom are centers and had pretty amazing seasons compared to other 1-2 punch centers around the league. Next had the most points putting up 11 goals, 27 assists for a total of 38 points, and funnily enough Beranek wasn’t too far behind putting in only one less goal for 10 goals, 27 assists for 37 points on the season. Both of these players played about the same amount of time roughly throughout the whole season, the only difference being Bernaek leading Next with powerplay time whereas Next was one of the leading forwards on Quebec's Penalty Kill. Ryan Rieley, Jst Maro, Kev Kevens and William Salming are the other 4 leading forwards on the team, all putting goals and assists up in bunches to help the offensive leaders spoken about prior go above and beyond this season. Each of these players had points ranging from 27 to the low 30s, which wasn’t quite as explosive as the first two centers on the team but was much needed depth. Should all these players return next season, we’ll likely see a large increase in all these players attributes as well as stats.

On the defensive end the Quebec City Citadelles were led by the two dynamic players Teylora Petrov and  Jasper Maximov. Petrov contributed 28 points on the offensive end of the ice, leading the other defencemen on the team in goals, assists and points while also eating up the most ice time on the team. This just goes to show how much Quebec relied on Petrov this season, and are expecting to maybe ease the burden Petrov has next season allowing them to be less tired and to play their offensive styled game. Maximov, similarly to Petrov, was able to put up 11 goals, 16 points for 27 points on the season. Interestingly, Maximov was tied for 2nd on the Citadelles in goals which is impressive for someone who’s also relied on heavily to shut down other teams in the back end. Jari Heikkinen and Borris are also two defenders who had a strong impact on the Season 56 Regular season for the Citadelles, both playing strong defence while contributing here and there offensively. Borris, in particular, was a workhorse for the team logging a lot of minutes all while roughing up the opposition. He ended the season with 116 penalty minutes, many of which came from fighting other teams players and usually winning.

In the net Quebec had Tyler Ward and Mat Smith, they were good and won lots of games. Wow!

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