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S57 Interested Prospects Thread

b]Do you have any previous sim league experience?[/b]

How much time do you think you'll be able to make for the SHL on a weekly basis?/size]
2-3 hours?

What do you spend time doing on a daily basis? Favorite games? Favorite chips? What NHL team are you into?
I know just about nothing about hockey, but I'm hoping to use this league as a way to get into it/understand the game a little more! I also joined the league because I've enjoyed the ISFL a lot.

You can spend 1-5 seasons in juniors. Most elect to spend 2-4, but you may want to spend more time because you actually like juniors, or you might spend less because you are ambitious and want to make it to the SHL as fast as possible. How long do you think you'll spend in the J?
However long my junior team's management thinks I should stay down

Our team typically uses Discord to communicate, do you use Discord? If not, are you open to using it?

If you're new to the site, we understand that you may not have a preference on which team you end up on just yet, so what are you looking for in a team locker room? For recreates, do you have any interest in being a Falcon?
Helpfulness and activity

Anything you'd like us to know going into this draft?
I'd prefer to go to QC/Newfoundland but I'll play for whoever drafts me

Who is your Smash Bros main (if applicable)?
Piranha plant in the newest, but kirby/ice climbers in melee

Share your best joke or meme
A woman is sitting at her recently deceased husband's funeral service when a man in the pew behind her leans forward to ask, "Do you mind if I say a word?".

"No, not at all", she replies.

The man stands and clears his throat.

“Bargain", he says, and sits back down.
"Thank you", the woman responds, "it means a great deal."

[Image: kBkNrmu.png]
Armada Aurora

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