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Season 56 Hall of Fame Ceremony

11-15-2020, 08:30 PMJumpierPegasus Wrote:
Sophia Bennett - 70 Votes

Sophia Bennett was a 6th overall pick of the Los Angeles Panthers in the Season 35 Draft and it wasn’t long after that they starting making a mark on the SHL, graduating from the SMJHL in Season 37. It took a few years to pop off, but in Season 40 Bennet hit the big time, putting up just shy of a PPG in Los Angeles and becoming a premier first line player who could notch a ton of points, but also eat minutes on the penalty kill. Season 43 Bennet would hit 29 goals, just shy of 30, but that was enough to secure them the Jay McDonald win (in a 3-way tie) for most goals on the season in the SHL. 7 straight seasons of 49 points or more, leading to 5 all-star nominations, Bennett would be an absolute force in their prime in LAP, but unfortunately was unable to secure a Cup with that team. The breakthrough would come through a midseason trade to West Kendall, who bolstered their phenomenal top 6 with the likes of Trevor Wilson and Alex Light, and added a force in Bennett to bring home the S47 Challenge Cup. They would bounce to Winnipeg and Manhattan for a season each, and then Hamilton where they would bring home the S53 Challenge Cup. A final season in Toronto was a send off for Bennett who would close out their phenomenal career in Season 54. One of the most consistent players of the S40s and 50s, Bennett will be remembered in the Hall forever. Fantastic career.

[Image: BennettHOF.png]

Career Stats:

GP: 899
G: 344
A: 436
P: 780
+/-: 108


S43 Jay McDonald Trophy
S47 Challenge Cup
S53 Challenge Cup

Ms Bennett!!!!!

[Image: OnGNB1G.gif]

#A-Rye Izzy Profile | #A-Rye Izzy Updates | M.Izzy Retirement

11-15-2020, 08:34 PMJumpierPegasus Wrote:
Beaujeaux Biscuit - 72 Votes

One of the most clutch players of all time, Biscuit was on another level when it came to performing for their team in the playoffs. This lead to two Razov wins, and being a part of one of the greatest dynasties of the S40s, the West Kendall Platoon. I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here for our nominees today. Winning Challenge Cups in Season 41, 43, and 47 as we have noted, Biscuit has the distinct distinction of being the driving force behind those wins. Biscuit would bring home not one, but two Razov trophies in Season 43 and 47 as the goaltender between the pipes backstopped West Kendall to those two victories with absolutely incredible performances. In Season 43 Biscuit would play 15 games and leave the playoffs with a .927 save percentage and a 2.29 GAA. The .927 save percentage was a clear 24 points higher than the next closest goaltender in Jordin FourFour. That was how dominant that playoffs was for Biscuit. West Kendall would only lose 3 games in the entirety of the playoffs, on route to 12 wins. In Season 47 Biscuit repeated the performance, notching an absolutely world beating .941 save percentage and a 2.00 GAA. Another year of only 3 losses in the playoffs, West Kendall would wipe away the competition and Biscuit would put up 4 shutouts in the playoffs. It goes down as one of the greatest playoff performances of the last 20 seasons at least, and one of the most memorable goaltending performances. Beaujeaux “Will Always Stop the” Biscuit will now be enshrined in the Hall for the rest of time, and will never be forgotten for those performances. While they were never able to bring home the McBride (though they were nominated twice) their career was phenomenal.

[Image: BiscuitHOF.png]

Career Stats:

GP: 679
W: 368
L: 252
OTL: 56


S41 Challenge Cup
S43 Challenge Cup
S43 Anton Razov Trophy
S47 Challenge Cup
S47 Anton Razov Trophy

Congrats to the french .Bojo!!!!!

[Image: OnGNB1G.gif]

#A-Rye Izzy Profile | #A-Rye Izzy Updates | M.Izzy Retirement

Gah.. you guys!

I didn’t expect all that <3 thank you guys and it’s a pleasure to be inducted with such a strong & storied class!

Thank you Boon, @vbottas17 @JumpierPegasus and the rest of the HOF Committee.

[Image: Jc95xPR.png]
[Image: vlPUU9v.png][Image: ammBPLt.png][Image: rnZeas5.png][Image: V9MXpXR.png]


11-15-2020, 09:13 PMWasty Wrote: Gah.. you guys!

I didn’t expect all that <3 thank you guys and it’s a pleasure to be inducted with such a strong & storied class!

Thank you Boon, @vbottas17 @JumpierPegasus and the rest of the HOF Committee.

<3 It was an honour to get to induct you after your lengthly and fantastic GM career. I realized the draft date was messed up because it should be S9 not S6, but it was so long ago, I get a pass.

[Image: 8PlNwDd.png]


congrats HOF'ers looking at your storied history here in the shl it is well deserved.

[Image: Snoopdogg.gif]
    [Image: d9J5DHT.png]        norway      [Image: d9J5DHT.png]
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11-15-2020, 08:13 PMMike Izzy Wrote: [Image: tumblr_oofhkfs9sk1rbjg0vo1_500.gif]

Retired Mike Izzy gets off his jet and into his reserved seat at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Smh a year into retirement and Izzy already walking in late

On a more serious note congrats to @Wasty and @goilers on the hall!

[Image: MR3enln.png]
Credits to Copenhagen and Wasty for sigs!

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Wow! Thank you so much! Congrats to everyone else inducted! Hope all is well with everyone Cheers

Rage [Image: D6T4tiy.png][Image: 9QVaMRC.png][Image: canybyK.png][Image: D6T4tiy.png] Rage
[Image: goilers.gif]

Wow! This is awesome! Much thanks to the committee and to the Wolfpack for making this happen by believe in Johannes! Congrats to all the other inductees as well! Much deserved!

[Image: HHzPjxe.png]

[Image: weee.gif]

Thanks! Proud to be selected

"I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results."

[Image: unknown.png]

11-17-2020, 07:39 PM.bojo Wrote: [Image: weee.gif]

Thanks! Proud to be selected

well deserved

[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
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