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11-18-2020, 10:02 AMDELIRIVM Wrote:
11-18-2020, 09:04 AMJAJA SWEG DINGDONG Wrote: Hmm, most people recommend to start with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, i think its on netflix too.

Death Note is another one that i think mitt be better to start  out with, it's not over the top with magic and stuff, lol. It also isnt overly long so it isnt too much of a comittment. Also on netflix im p sure.

I myself started out with the original Naruto series, i think it's good because it introduces the magic fairly slowly, but might feel a bit outdated today. First episode is epic end got me hooked from the get-go, given it was like 15 years ago or so lol.

There are a bunch of different genres, so it depends what youre interested in really. As a former wow player i watch a lot of isekais right now, which are series where people gets transported to another world that usually works as a video game.

Also, who knew a Volleyball anime could be so epic? I'm watching Haikyu!! Right now and im loving it, would definitely recommend.

I got hooked via Bleach but that was over 10-12 years ago and that series just keeps on going.

Yeah i watched bleach too, i only watched up to the fullbring stuff tho, i gotta watch that before the anime starts up again Smile

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Major is a decent one if you like sports based ones.

As far as sports anime go,I also really enjoyed Ace of Diamond, but I know not everyone enjoys baseball around here.

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Someone recommend me a show that focuses on adult characters without being something grim and depressing

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i really enjoyed the manga for assassination classroom

didnt really watch the anime

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