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We ready ourselves begin anew. Good morning everyone and welcome back to the Anchorage Armada Hunger Games with Pauline Mieleg and Hockeyyyyyyyy; Right Now! Yesterday we had a rather eventful day. Five tributes got eliminated from the competition. The most we’ve had in one day so far. Is that a sign of things to come? Either way, we have some business to attend to. Honouring Apricot, Gunnarson, Pihl, TURG, and Sawful.

Apricot started in the GM role in Anchorage around S52. Despite the rather short tenure compared to his GM partner, Apricot made sure to be very well known in the locker room. From spelling mistakes to making fun of assclap, you can always rely on Apricot. Good luck wherever you end up next! You will be missed.

Thorbjorn Gunnarson has been with the Armada since S53 and is a strong leader in the locker room. You can tell all the younger players look up to him as a role model. Drafted at number 28 by San Francisco with a pick that was traded three times, Gunnarson is looking to prove to the other 3 teams that owned that pick why they made a mistake trading it.

Lemo Pihl is a Twitter god. No, seriously. Just based on his Twitter alone should put him on everyone’s radar. Add that with his long list of hockey skills and you have the recipe for the perfect player. Fantastic person to have in the locker room. A guy all his teammates love. That’s Lemo.

TURG TURG. The SMJHL’s resident caveman. It seems like every new thing that people learn about him only confuses them more about who he really is. Whether it’s crashing through windows to preach the gospel of The Brick, head butting teammates in goal celebrations, or hanging out naked on the team plane, you know TURG is down to clown around.

Matthew Sawful is another player from the same draft class as Thorbjorn Gunnarson. Picked up third overall by the New England Wolfpack, Sawful already has the pedigree of a champ. A player that will surely be missed when he departs for the big boy leagues.

Let’s check in on the competitors for night five.


Right off the jump in night 5 we see bloodshed.

[Image: Uzn7dXU.jpg]

Pojo Biscuit betrays Alexei Petrikov and ends his time in the arena swiftly.

Chimkin Tendy also stabs ml002 in the back. Literally. He stabs ml in the back with a trident and kills him. Brutal.

The remainder of the night goes rather smoothly. Bork Lazer continues his curious string of luck as Vladimir Petrov gives him a hand and tends to his wounds.


The feast has commenced! The cornucopia has been filled with food, weapons, and other supplies. As well as personal belongings of the remaining tributes. Let’s see what goes down next.

As expected, The Feast turns into a bloody mess.

[Image: xROtWz0.jpg]

Vladimir Petrov ends up going the Igor Victory route and drowning in a frozen lake on his way to the feast.

Taylor Gervais and artemis team up to fight Bork Lazer and Pojo Biscuit. Despite the assumed chemistry between Pojo and Bork, they are swiftly defeated and killed by Gervais and Arty.

Scoochie Stratton, Chimkin Tendy, and Slava Petrov have a three way. No, not like that! Slava Petrov takes out all his season long rage on the goalie duo, killing them both.


The sixth day is entirely uneventful with the four remaining survivors going in opposite directions.

[Image: K0vkBmA.jpg]

The sun begins to set and cannons ring out through the arena.

[Image: pEfJcip.jpg]
[Image: AGGH4me.jpg]

Of the four remaining survivors, only Bloos hasn’t committed murder. What a good boy. Taylor Gervais looks to be the front runner at the moment, having racked up five kills on his fellow Armada. But as always, we must say goodbye to those we lost.

Goodbye Alexei Petrikov
Goodbye ml002
Goodbye Vladamir Petrov
Goodbye Bork Lazer
Goodbye Pojo Biscuit
Goodbye Chimken Tendy
Goodbye Scoochie Stratton

Rest well sweet princes.

We near the end of our tumultuous journey. I would like to take the time to thank you all for being with us since the beginning. Goodnight to all. This is Pauline Mieleg. Thanks for being with us at Hockeyyyyyyy; Right Now.

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Fuck you arty. Bloos and I were holding hands for two days just for you to stab me in the ass

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